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#21 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Ok you guys, I'm back with the conversations.  Now I'm going to do as many via video as I can.  So if you have any guys in the NC area, who would be good for a topic, let me know!

Today's Guy: D. Lee
How I know him: Our mutual friend suggested we talk about an issue D. Lee was having.  He introduced us at church.
Topic:  The dreaded FRIEND ZONE

So D. Lee and I discussed the friend zone.  Do you feel that the "friend zone" is the place potentially good mates go to fizzle out?  How often have you placed a guy in the "friend zone" because you just didn't feel a "spark" or "chemistry"?

Guys, do you think women miss out on good potential mates by placing guys into the friend zone?

Or is the friend zone not so bad after all?  Is it not better to be friends with your mate first?  Or is the friend zone totally different than being friends leading to mates?
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