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#22 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

Today's guy: Churchboy from Power 98

How long I've known him:  I used to listen to Churchboy on the radio when he first came to Power 98 back in the day.  I met Church and the rest of the No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse show about a year ago, at a fan meet and greet.  Then again at a fundraiser for the Center of Hope.  Later they were kind enough to invite me on as a guest.  And with the assistance of bribery by way of Panera cinnamon crunch bagels, they allow me to come through on occasion. LOL

Topic:  Dating single parents.

This topic is a follow up of sorts to a Battle of the sexes topic from the morning show, some time ago. (Listen to it here.)  I think it was the first time I was on the show.  And we discussed the subject of dating single parents.  I brought my list of pros and cons out. (I was serious about that thang! LOL) 

My point was basically: Are you prepared for the package deal? The mother/father, the child, and the child's other parent? If may not want to do it.

The issue being, if the parent you're dating is not over his child's other parent, you may be in for a hot mess!  So the thing about "language" coming into it was: If the parent you're dating refers to the person as "MY babydaddy/mama," then they speak with respect to their continuous relationship with the person.  If the parent you are dating speaks in terms of "my child's mother/father," then the language shows a disconnect between him/her and the other parent. 

Of course some folks weren't feeling my grammatical breakdown! LOL

So what say you? How do you feel about dating single parents?  Single parents, how do you feel about dating people who do not have children?

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