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YBBG cooking quick and healthy eggs

Eggs are a great  source  of nutrition.

I tend to be on the run daily. When I peeped this quick egg recipe, I knew I would like it. I grabbed my ingredients quickly.

+Earthbound Farm  Spinach
+Harris Teeter Brown eggs
+Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa
+Harris Teeter Shredded cheese
+Philadelphia Cream Cheese  (chive & onion)

Spices:  +Goya Puerto Rico , pepper, +McCormick Spice garlic powder.

On the left side is spinach and one whole egg. On the right are mini omelettes. The omelettes are simply scrambled eggs with some Philadelphia Cream Cheese. There's Earthbound Farms organic baby spinach and Hillshire Farms Kielbasa at the bottom, with cheese on top.

I spiced both sides with Goya, garlic powder, and pepper.

I greased the muffin pan with a little butter...When they were ready, I popped them in a 350 degree oven for fifteen minutes...

I think they turned out great and are tasty. I had one on a bagel thin with a thin spread of whipped cream cheese.


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