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MY FIRST BOOK: 100 Common Sense Dating Tips

100 Common Sense Dating Tips (color version) 100 Common Sense Dating Tips by CM Writer | Make Your Own Book I've been promising you a book for some time now.  My first book was supposed to land in the public domain in January.  I'm still working on that book.  I think it is for a good reason.  My original book has been very therapeutic and revealing for me.  Maybe that was all it was meant to be?  I don't know. Well a week ago, I sat working on my original book and it hit me!  Why not put my Dating Tipsof the Day from Twitter (#datingtipoftheday) into a book and share it with people? I continuously come across these discussions about dating and what to do and what not to do.  What this means and what it doesn't mean.  Why people change once you commit.  When is too soon to get intimate.  Etc. I honestly never meant to write any type of "self-help" book because I don't necessarily like them myself.  Ha! I do not consider myself a dating expert or