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Surviving Compton told us a lot about domestic violence

Surviving Compton: Lessons on Domestic Violence Every year, for over ten years, I have done something volunteer wise about domestic violence. I've volunteered as a legal advocate, spoken out on radio shows, raised money, collected items for shelters, written think pieces...spoken directly to victims... This year, I was at a loss. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I honestly did not know what else to do. For two years now, statistics have shown a decrease in domestic violence. DV stats are populated from a variety of sources including police reports, hospital reports, and self reporting through the use of DV shelters and services.

Donald Trump is not an anomaly

Billy Bush, Donald Trump and actress Arianne Zucker You knew who he was. All of the hand wringing and "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" commentary coming this morning after the Billy Bush-Donald Trump tape was released by the Washington Post, is so disingenuous. In the tapes, from a 2005 Access Hollywood interview, Trump can be heard discussing how he went after a married woman, how he has his way with women because he can't control himself, and how he does whatever he wants to do because he's famous, and the women let it happen. Bush starts egging him on saying an actress walking by is "hot as **it!" Then he cheers and rallies as Trump continues on talking.