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Becoming Your Boyfriend's Best Girlfriend

The name of my blog is usually alarming to people.  On last Monday, Money Talk with Atiya Harris interviewed me about my book 100 Common Sense Dating Tips . (Congratulations to all who won a preview copy!) As is usually the case when people hear the name of my blog, the questions start.  The host said, "I don't know if I want my man having a best girlfriend!" Most often people giggle about the title, and some, like Wendy Raquel Robinson , give me the "WTH do you mean, my boyfriend's best girlfriend?!" LOL Usually they ask me how did I come up with the name.  Well, as I have blogged before in my earliest blogs, I grew up as a tomboy.  Instead of playing with dolls and playing dress up, I played outside with the fellas.  Got into fights. Bloodied my knees. I was never on the sidelines in P.E. And we just got along.   Noa  As I grew older, I maintained friendships with guys, and I talk to them as much as I talk to my gal pals (actually more... Sho

Centino "Centinio" Kemp outed by Atlanta news station.

Centino "Centinio" Kemp Centino Kemp is only 22 years old.  Do you remember being that age?  (Maybe you aren't that age yet...well this is what will come LOL) Kinda carefree.  Still trying to figure out where you want to go in life.  Having fun along the way. So at 22, what would you do if you became a millionaire?  Would you buy out the mall? Grab a few hundred pairs of shoes?  Take a trip around the world?  Get your career started?  Quit your job? Would you take that money and find a way to become rich AND famous? Well allegedly, Centinio Kemp is using his new fortune to push his music career.  According to a news station in Atlanta, Centinio got a come up from a lawsuit.  Oh, not just any lawsuit.  But the Bishop Eddie L. Long suit.  The one that settled for what some say was over twenty million.  Oh you didn't know anything about Centinio? Me either...nor did anyone else because he was not part of the lawsuit.  But according to Fox 5 Atlanta, he was inst

Men at the spa

Men invading the it a good thing?! Yesterday I went to get pedis for my homegirl's birthday.  While we were there, we noticed a bunch of couples coming in (families too) for mani-pedis. (Well one guy refused to get a STAND STRONG BROTHA!!...he just got his nails cleaned up...LMBO) It was still cute seeing a daddy in there with his little girl on his lap as he soaked his feet for a pedi. Meanwhile his wife received a mani, while their son sat by her watching.  Although I stand strong with my view on the whole metrosexual thing...I think couples who find ways to enjoy each other's activities will (and do) get along better. What say you? Fellas do you just send your girl to the spa? Or do you go with her? Ladies would you prefer going to the spa with your girls or would you like your man to come along sometimes?

Men vs Women: Power in relationships

Do you think men have all of the power when it comes to relationships?  Who do you feel holds the power?  The one with the money? The one who controls intimacy? Or is there a spiritual power that is above all else? I asked the question: Who has the most power/influence in a relationship? How and why? Check out the video above for the responses people gave. Add your own to the comments.

The Boondocks is coming back for a 4th season!

John Witherspoon, aka Pops aka GrandDad is in Charlotte this weekend for a five show comedy diddy at Comedy Zone in NC Music Factory.  John Witherspoon is the voice of Granddad Freeman He was on Power98FM this morning and let the audience know that The Boondocks has been picked up for a fourth season.  Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks The animated series, created by Aaaron McGruder, comes on Adult Swim on Comedy Central and is as much a cult classic as some of Mr. Witherspoons other J-O-B-s!  Like Pop from the Wayans Brothers, Craig's dad in Friday and "you got to coordinate" from Boomerang... GrandDad is a character cemented in our funny bones!

Rich Hil... Is Hip Hop becoming a joke?

"I never imagined I'd make it to 21..." says Rich Hil (Tommy Hilfiger's baby boy) to ... Really?! Pray tell what travesties visited your life in the Hamptons to cause you to go down such a dark path?  Did y'all go for days without filet mignon or wait your remote control system for your house had a short so your power was cut off for a couple of minutes?  Oh I know the noise from the skeet shooting in your backyard had you hitting the floor?  Thought it was a drive-by huh?  Did this fool really say he was caught with 3 ounces and went to rehab?  I almost died laughing because he is so serious with it.  Isn't that like going to summer camp for rich kids?  That's the thing to do...Heck! Who in your neighborhood has not gone to rehab? Here's my thing... This young fella comes off like he read a book called "How to become a hip-hop star for dummies"  Step 1:  Get tatted up Step 2:  Smoke some weed Step 3:  Do a bid (no m

Basketball Wives: Evelyn vs Jennifer and YBBG Topic

The other day I asked the following question: If it came down to it, who would you choose? Your mate or your friends? my comentary on the question Some people had very interesting responses to the topic question.  One that I found quite interesting was from a guy who asked: WHY WOULD YOU EVER HAVE TO CHOOSE? According to him, "real" men would not interfere with your relationship.  Oh we go with that obligatory "real" label...apparently the definition for "real" is a very loose definition... Hmmmm... here is the thing... Maybe you will never have to choose.  You may have friendships and relationships where the two are never at odds... That would be great!  All of the people in your circle may be very respectful and want what is best for you.  (This is the way your circle should be...).  However, that is not the reality for a lot of people.  As with any thing, I say it is better to be proactive in handling a situation than pretending that

I am not my blog...or am I?

"I've visited your blog/website, but I'll chill. I know you're not serious enough about your brand for me to take you seriously." Today I learned something that I did not know.  I am supposed to have a brand.  Or I am a brand. Wait...I'm supposed to BE A BRAND. Something.

Relationship Fears

Do fears block your happiness?

Common sense that may save your manhood!

Woman cuts off husband's manparts and grinds them... Fellas, I try to look out for you as much as possible.  Now...after seeing this video, there are a number of things you should have digested. 1.  When a person shows you who she is, believe her! You know good and well this lady did not just kirk out and cut off her husband's family jewels!  She was crazy when they met.  A sane woman MAY threaten to do it, but she'll never go through with it.  But a crazy chick? Oh yes!!  But y'all like those crazy chicks.  The kind that are down for "whatever".  The type who wild out and don't care... See those right there? They will put your reproductive organs down a garbage disposal.  2.  If you are done. I find this often in my family law cases.  Guys go tipping back to the baby mama or the ex girlfriend.  Cut that mess out.  Playing with emotions will have you strapped down to a bed kissing your parts good bye!  Why? Because as buddy said in Bab

What will men do without football?

Remember that year when the NBA had a lockout? either. But it did happen.  It was 1998.  I was a sophomore in college.  And from July 1998 to January 20, 1999, there was no NBA action. ( Source ).  Back then, I was an avid basketball fan.  I mean I remember it, but I cannot remember what I did to make up for the time spent watching NBA games.  I was at UNC and I'm sure my focus was on the Tar Heels, so I didn't miss it too much. But the NFL is different.  Sundays and now Thursdays and of course Monday nights are reserved for football.  And seeing as the football season is nowhere near as long as the basketball season, it will surely be missed.  (I mean the NBA came back that season to play 50 games.) So I was wondering... What will my guy friends do without football?  Hmmm... They could take up futbol Do more shopping with their girlfriends/wives Read more... (you can still purchase 100 Common Sense Dating Tips ) Hmmm... so guys.. What are you goin

How do men deal with broken hearts?

People tend to think men are all these non feeling robots.  But men get hurt too.  Having been a shoulder to lean on to more than one of my guy friends as they went through bitter break ups, let me tell you how they deal.  Some things won't surprise you, some will.

Cheating double standard- A man scorned!

Tags: Single Ladies , Christina Carter , Keisha Greene , Valerie Stokes VH1's show Single Ladies deals with a myriad of relationship and dating issues. From break ups to make ups to game playing and cheating.  One of the main issues dealt with is the relationship of Darryl and April.  They had been married for several years.  Darryl married April when she was fairly young, and by all accounts he loved her dearly.  Early in the season April began creeping with the mayor of Atlanta, played by Common.

Single Ladies- "Man Junkie"

Cast of VH1's Single Ladies Tonight Stacey Dash's character on Vh1's Single Ladies, Valorie went on a "man cleanse", because she has always had to have a man.  She had had a boyfriend at all times since 7th Grade.... Ummm so...does anyone have any confessions to make?  Are you the type who cannot be without a mate, boo, side-piece, jump-off, boyfriend or girlfriend?  It's okay.  You can admit it.  Some people just CANNOT... REFUSE TO IMAGINE... RARELY FATHOM BEING ALONE... Are you one of those people? Do you replace the one person you're dating, with someone who is always waiting in the wings?  Have you had trouble cutting people off? So you can always go back and pick someone up? I call it the "two and a possible" theory.  No it is not a game of spades... More like "Just in case" this does not work out, then I have something else in store. So I guess it works in many different ways.  I have homeboys who ALWAYS have to