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Tar Heel Nation

The look on Jabari Parker's face after the game. TAR HEEL NATION AFTER THE GAME The UNC-Duke rivalry is serious! My friends and I are split. dad is a dook fan and we go at it...which reminds me...I have to call him on his way to work... When we go at don't know who is saying what...We go all the way in throwing verbal jabs and uppercuts...but why you blaming the refs though, Pop? "Y'all have to come to our house..."SMH.... Go on 'head and say "congratulations..." LOL After dodging us last week...Dook could not blame the weather for this L they took last night. Although we, UNC, are unranked we came from 11 down to take down the Dookies. About last week...Dook decided not to leave for Chapel Hill to make the game until 6 p.m., knowing there was winter weather in the forecast. I was a student at UNC Chapel Hill in 2000 when The Triangle received one of the largest snow storms it had ever seen with upwards

Guy Secrets: He goes hard for what he wants

Being the best friend of a guy is a blessing and a curse. I happen to be amazingly blessed and cursed lol. I love my guy friends dearly. I mean dearly. The hard thing is...when my best guy pals find themselves in love, I have a hard time on my hands...especially when the desire of their affections gives them a hard time.  We would have long conversations into the night, if I'm available, about what they are going through and need to do to woo this lady. Now the funny thing is...when they were not that into a chick, she would barely have a name. She would be the chick from the club or the "you remember the one I told you about who kept blowing up my phone...yeah...she was crazy." Yeah...basically she did not matter. Now let this be a woman he wants and adores, he will go beyond his limits to be there for her, take care of her and protect her. I mean, the chicks who meant something got royal treatment. The woman he wanted didn't meet the male whore...she

Cancel your Valentine's Day dinner reservations

This is LOVE   I know people love getting photo shoot fresh for Valentine's Day...I know this...You want to go and stunt at a triple diamond location. Besides a couple of overly priced plates...what are you really getting? I know...I'm killing your vibe...kinda like this: But work with me here...I'm going to show you good alternatives for some prime time love... It's winter down here in the South. We have been snowed in and it's Valentine's Day. As night ice tends to creep up. I want you to be safe...and save some money... APPETIZER: ROASTED VEGGIE RELISH DINNER:   GET YO' MAN CHICKEN FROM DOWN HOME WITH THE NEELYS For lower carbs you can exchange the rice for seriously...check out the recipe from DESSERT: STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKES W/FUDGE SAUCE DURING AND AFTER DESSERT...FROM   SpendwithPennies defined by YBBG

The Mask You Live In  is a documentary about manhood in our society. This film is a good starting point for discussion. There must be a balance. Teaching boys the strength of manhood is not wrong. Teaching boys to not accept not wrong. Respect does not have to be linked to violence. On the flip side, boys should feel secure enough to express themselves. Since this is merely a trailer, I won't assume I know everything in the film. That being said, I have a very traditional view of manhood. I don't like feminizing men. I'm not for dudes crying all the time. I feel like men have masculine roles and that should not be frowned upon. So, I see the benefit of teaching boys how to fight and allowing them to explore the world without constraining their thirsts for figuring things out on their own. I understand why people tell boys to not cry and to get up and dust themselves off.  However...there's another side that is sometimes missing...I will call it t

If you love her...

Having the close friendships with guys that I have, means I often find myself giving the woman's perspective on any number of issues.  I'm often the voice of reason when I talk to my guy friends about issues they have in the relationship realm, as they are for me.   Although I cannot recall a time any of my homeboys have cheated on a lady, I am fully aware that it could have happened and I wasn't told. Had I been told I would have gone off. But I believe I have stand up guys in my circle so I won't even dwell on that.  One thing I find to be a relationship sin some guys commit is giving another chick power over the lady he says he adores. If you're with a woman, no other chick should be able to come at your lady with current information that will have her defending her position in your life. I just saw some stupid social media back and forth between TI's wife Tiny and some random heiffa goading Tiny about Tip creeping with the random's f

Guy Secrets

Guy Secrets ... The things he traps within his heart and only tells those who will not use them against him. Y'all know I love men. Not just the physical aesthetic, but the essence of their being. I study them. Talk to them. Crack away the rough exterior and get to know the little boy who became the big strong man. That's what I've been doing. Although this blog has taken many twists and started out as an exploration of my friendships with guys. It then spun off into my thoughts and what I get into on a daily.  Now...I'm going back to the roots of the blog. On instagram and twitter, I've started using the hashtag #guysecrets where I will reveal some things I've learned about men over time.  Follow it if you want the inside scoop on what men tell their best girl friends that often no one else will ever know. 

What does your Instagram say about you?

YBBG Instagram   I don't have a lot of followers on my blog's instagram yet because I have a personal one that I started before it. As I perused my account  today, I noted that my IG tells you a lot about me without a million and one "selfies". My IG says the following about me: I have natural can tell by the logo. I'm a UNC alum...there are a few pics of The Old Well. Sports are my thing! You'll see games I attended as well as sports figures. My sense of humor can be a little mean at times. I watch reality tv. My style is my own...but I like fashion. Food is good and not just life sustenance to me lol That said...I don't take too many selfies...I'm just not all into that. What does your instagram say about you? Are you a selfies addict? Can people look at your IG or other social media and get a sense of your personality? Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discus