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RnB Divas LA and Bruno Mars

I know I've been sporadic in my blogging, but I have been busy with the world outside of YBBG. For the past few months I've had the pleasure of reviewing shows at TWC Arena in Charlotte. Most recently, I checked out Bruno Mars and his opening act, Fitz and the Tantrums...but I will get to that later.  First let me get into something else related to music... RnB Divas LA. Y'all know I am a reality show junky, but since I don't have TV, I have to catch everything online. The only thing I will say about RnB Divas LA is the following: 1. My sister was right all along about Chante Moore...That lady has an amazing voice! 2. Lil Mo aka Cynthia can go to TEN quick, but she's funny as heck on the way there. 3. Maybe Claudette Ortiz is B. Scott's long lost sister...side note B. Scott and I went to college together, and when I knew him he had a bald head and went by his government name. 4. Dawn worries me...something is a bit unsettling a

THE STRUGGLE: But what if I don't want a broke(n) dude?

"If one more person tells me to think of his potential and in the same breath says 'you can't bank on potential' my head will explode! Shut up already!" What sistas are thinking So I received the below message from a successful go-getter of a sista. And I knew immediately where she was coming from: Just saw your article about be careful from whom you receive relationship advice!...weren't we talking about this before regarding Steve Harvey? I got a chuckle out of that. I also cannot stand that black women are "required" according to these experts to lower their reasonable standards (ie, education, good credit). I think that we are probably the only race of folks that promote "settling" for a life mate. People relentlessly deliver mixed messages to Black women about love. One minute they tell us: I don't want you if you weren't shootin' in the gym with me.  The next minute they tell us: You oughta raise your st

No he didn't! Robin Thicke sues Marvin Gaye's estate

American Idol 12 contestants perform Blurred Lines in Charlotte Let me tell you something, Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrell ... You have crossed the line! All you had to do was approach the Gaye family with your desire to use "Got to Give It Up", and it probably would have been cool. But how are YOU... Going to sue THEM???! Let me get to the real. Apparently Robin Thicke, TIP Harris, and Pharrell were in the studio playing around for Robin's new album. While they were getting inspired, someone had Marvin Gaye's song playing in the background. The next thing ya know... Blurred Lines was created. Blurred lines has been a smash hit with its nonsensical lyrics and controversial video. When a single scores like it has scored over the summer, you better believe some heavy hitters and heavy dollars are in rotation! So what's really going on? The issue at hand is one of intellectual property infringement. You know people never think of this until after a

Joell Ortiz vs Kendrick Lamar: Hip Hop Revival?

Let me go ahead and tell you...I'm not a huge rap or hip hop fan. Not in the least. I'm posting this for the sake of the fellas who read this blog. As a matter of fact, I just told my homeboy that I preferred Jay Electronica's verse in Control over Big Sean and Kendrick's... From Anyway...  Did Kendrick revive the Battle rap? Do y'all remember when L Cool J and what's his face had the rap beef on wax? Maybe that's what Kendrick aimed for? I still don't think Kendrick is dope...but who am I to say... LOL... Anyway... Joell Ortiz responded to Kendrick's bars from Control: Who's next?  Well.... And then there was Lupe... Cassidy popped up outta nowhere Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

Hook me up

My name is not Patty! I ain't hookin' nobody up!  "Hook a brotha up!"  Ummm... Naaaww... You got it! So my good guy friend just reminded me of something. I typically hate playing matchmaker with friends. Associates? I can deal with that...but not friends. My home girls used to lament the fact that I know all of these guys, but never introduced them to anyone. You darn right, I didn't! There was no point. I tried it before and the outcome had me caught in the middle. The best I can do for you is put you in a situation to meet the person yourself. I am going to at all times be hands off. Do not ask me about what he thinks of you or if he's interested. Why? Because I know the truth! Yet it is not my truth to tell. The same goes for my male friends. I would never hook them up with anyone on purpose. I refuse. My friends are great people, do not get me wrong. However, I typically know the good...the bad...and the down right humiliating about them.

College Life: How to not gain the freshman 15

Me in the middle...sophomore year of college So my college boyfriend posted this throwback pic the other day. I said, "Wow! Is that me?" LOL I'm not sure what semester this was, but I think it was sophomore year for a number of reasons. Anyway, I have not been my college size in a long time. One of my friends calls it putting on grown woman weight... It was more like a lifestyle change...LOL

#36 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: The Late Dr. Julius L. Chambers How I know him: He was a Civil Rights legend and at one time my professor Topic: The life of Julius L. Chambers I wanted to pay tribute to a tremendous man I had the pleasure of meeting in my final year of law school: Dr. Julius LeVonne Chambers. When I was a 3L, Dr. Chambers served  as the  Charles Hamilton Houston  Distinguished Professor of Law at North Carolina Central University.