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Dating 20s vs 30s: The good, bad, and ugly

Dating in your 20s For some, dating in their 20s was carefree and fun. For others it was crazy and confusing. Dating is almost always a topic. There are so many avenues to turn when going down the path of the twists and turns of dating and romantic life. The other day I started thinking about how much dating has changed for me, now that I am over 30. I am not one who thought I would be married by now. Not at all. Being married was and is, a product of developing the right kind of relationship with the right kind of person for me, not something you do at a particular stage in life.  Anyway, I cannot say dating has changed a whole lot for me from when I was in my 20s, other than I do not date as much as I did back then. A good chunk of my 20s I was still in school...from college to law school.  It is funny, I always dated the kind of men whom I hear a lot of women say there are so few of... I dated guys who did not drink or party,