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Final Four 2013

Michigan just beat Florida to secure a spot in the Final Four So far Syracuse, Wichita State and Michigan have secured spots in the 2013 Final Four. Duke and Louisville play in a few minutes for the final spot.  March Madness was crazy again this year. Basketball season is one of the best sports' seasons there is, don't you think? How's your bracket looking?  Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

Easter memories from YBBG

Easter OOTD Getting up early for Sunrise Service and seeing all the colorful Easter Sunday fashion, is just the superficial part of the holiday that makes it special. Then there are the Easter baskets of my youth and the breakfasts eaten at church. I remember one year I had the chicken pox and I could not eat the candy from my basket. It was awful! I actually remember who gave me the chicken pox... I think you owe me an Easter basket, Eric and Hasson! Oh, and let me not forget the Easter speeches. My Sunday school teacher always gave me some of the longer speeches to memorize and recite, growing up. Which I found completely unfair when my older cousin got up and merely said: "Jesus wept". O_D The main event of Easter and the Spring holiday season is the Resurrection for Christians. It is the event that changed the lives of many who follow the Christian faith. So for us, the holiday is not supposed to be about outfits and Easter baskets or bunnies, but a truly HOLY

Your boyfriend's best girlfriend knows everything about him

She's his best friend, and he tells her everything. Being a guy's best girlfriend comes with some advantages. For example, if you have a flat tire, there is always someone to call. When you need a male opinion on something, he's the best person to go to. Oh...and the honesty. The best thing about being a guy's best girlfriend is the honesty. Guys tell their female friends things they don't tell a soul else including their homeboys and, oftentimes, their girlfriends. So, your boyfriend's best girlfriend may know everything about him that you don't. March 26  via mobile Are there some things a man will reveal to a woman he's only friends with that he won't tell a woman he's romantically involved with?   Heck yeah. You may tell a female friend about other women you may have been intimate with; no way in the world would you share that info with your significant other. Lol. March 26 at 7:37pm  via  mobile  · yep,

Black Enterprise spearheads education reform event

Recently, I was invited to a symposium on Educating Tomorrow's Workforce. It was sponsored by Black Enterprise Magazine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It took place in the Grand Ballroom at the luxury hotel, the Westin, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Speakers included Mayor Anthony Foxx of Charlotte, Dr. Charles Ogletree of Harvard, and Dr. Robert Carter of Johnson C. Smith University. The event touched on the crisis of the underdeveloped, under-skilled, and under-educated workforce, as it currently exists. My mom recently told me that there are new manufacturing jobs coming to North Carolina, but they are for skilled workers, and they won't have enough people to fulfill the positions. Allan C. Golston touched on this issue during his segment at the symposium. He said by 2020, there will be 153 million jobs available, but only roughly 50-60 million high school graduates to fill them. And with African-American students, only about 65% are graduating on the who