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Reason #105 why YBBG does not drink

Passed out with nothing but cheetos and hot sun to keep him company.  This morning my pal, Arel G. tweeted that he walked outside to find this man lying in front of his neighbor's door covered in Cheetos. Arel G  ‏ So I walked outta my apartment today, some dude was laying on the ground in front of my neighbors door covered in Cheetos......... Expand   Reply     Retweet     Favorite 7h Claire Huxtable  ‏ @ CM_Writer PUH-LEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE tell me you snapped a pic LOL Expand   Reply     Delete     Favorite 7h Arel G  ‏ @ CM_Writer  i tried.. He woke up from my footsteps tho hahahah   Hide conversation   Reply     Retweet     Favorite 8:22 AM - 29 Jun 12   via  Twitter for iPhone  ·  Details 7h Claire Huxtable  ‏ @ CM_Writer  LOL. That's so crazy Expand   Reply     Delete     Favorite Although Arel didn't get a pic, his roommate did. Now y'all...the temp reached

Everlast boxing bag

My Everlast punching bag purchased from Wally World. EVERLAST CARDIO STRIKE BAG I've been dying to start boxing. I went to a work out session at Dyme Boxing a while ago, and planned to start training there, but then life happened, and I started working for myself permanently. ( Not to mention, I had to get in shape to get in shape...I liked tah died in that hotbox facility--country grammar LOL ) I still plan to go, once my money starts making money for me! Ha!  But to sustain my desire to get it together like my celebrity twin ( or so my homeboy, Noa, says ), Laila Ali, I bought the Everlast Cardio Strike Bag from Wal-mart.  I put it together myself.  It comes with a stand that you fill with water or sand. I filled it with about 7 and a 3/4ths gallons of water.  EVERLAST CARDIO STRIKE BAG parts Photo from ebay It is really like those punching clowns that bounce back up, because the bag is filled with air. Last night I used the little wrench that cam

Facebook is the devil

From Eurweb article: Preacher says Facebook is the devil Yep! I said it! Facebook is the devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him... In 2008, I signed up for Facebook...many years after it had first popped on the cyber world scene.  My best friend repeatedly nagged me about getting a Facebook page...until I relented. Initially my Facebook page had nothing on it....not even a picture. Slowly I began my fall to hell... In four years on Facebook, I have witnessed relationships begin, relationships end, people arguing, people making up, people having babies, people losing spouses, people getting promotions, people losing jobs, people spreading motivation, people spewing hatred...yes a combustible mix. Then I was lured into the abyss...daily postings about my life...wait what? How did that happen? I am a really private person. No one knows my business.  I found myself posting weekly. Showing pictures of my travels and hanging out.  Then I would get the sensation

A picture every parent should have

Please print this picture out and post it on your refrigerator. The message purportedly from now deceased Judge Michael Haas , is what I try to give my clients.  It should be a reminder to everyone how precious, fragile, and subject to influence children are.  Children are a gift, not a possession.  Take care of them, cherish them, and build them up, don't tear them down. 

Be a gentleman, and you will be treated like one

My homeboy spoke at church yesterday. His sermon was about maturing in the natural and in the spiritual. I rarely hear my homeboys who are COMPLETE GENTLEMEN (I'll be honest...not all of them are LOL...) complain about being investigated like they are trying to become Navy Seals, having women show out on them, being blatantly disrespected or having their manhood questioned. Whether we want to admit it or not, a man has the power to set the tone for the house. His lack of presence will show up, just as his presence will show out in how his household rises or falls. Not many of my gentlemanly homeboys complain about carrying out their gentlemanly duties. Like being a lady, it is difficult to describe what it means to be a gentleman. I'm a woman after all, and would prefer that my homeboys explain this to you...but hopefully they will chime in.  From What He Said, T. Woodbury   shows the  proper  way jeans should  be worn. DRESS LIKE A GENTLEMAN I must admit, t

Be a lady, and you will be treated like one

What does it mean to be a lady? This question is more difficult to answer than it seems. So I'll try to break it down. DRESS LIKE A LADY A lady dresses in a way that she feels her most beautiful, without feeling uncomfortable. A lady dresses in a way that will draw respectful approaches. A lady can be alluring without letting it all hang out. If your attire is see through, have the proper undergarments to address it (yes, I too have been guilty of not doing this). If you are showing skin on the top, cover the bottom.  Just because it is made in your size, does not give you leave to put it on.  Adorn your body in a way that hi-lights your best features, your curves, your great legs, etc.  First Lady Michelle Obama carries herself like a lady in her conservative yet oft flirty attire. ( Book cover by Margina Graham Parker ) My mom and I had an interesting conversation that somewhat inspired this conversation. She told me about how inappropriately a coworker dre

Hi-lighter nails

Hi-lighter nails via YBBG  Remember I got gel nails two weeks ago. I went to Sally's to buy some acetone nail polish remover to take it off, per instructions from the manicurist.  Let me tell you...getting those things off was difficult!  So difficult that I still have two gel nalis. LOL While at Sally's, I picked up this Orange Knockout (Neon) nail polish by China Glaze. I thought it looked pretty dope. Actually, there were several colors I liked.  Those are actually my real nails in the pictures. Oh, and by the way...I'm learning to use Instagram. You can follow me CMWriter. I'm quite technologically challenged, so it is taking me a moment to get it. Ha! Back to the nails. I don't think I will do the gel nails again, unless I plan on spending fifty bucks a month to get them put on and taken off and reapplied. When I tried to peel the gel pain off, it scruffed up my nails. Yes, the manicurist told me to scratch it off instead of peel...but I soaked my n

Priscilla Dang kicks butt

The Huffington Post reports on the beat down given by Priscilla Dang to two teenage boys who could not keep their hands to themselves. Priscilla happens to  be a trained martial artist. Ha!  Maybe the fellas can explain to me what goes through the minds of  SOME youngins when they just reach out and grab women. It is not as though Priscilla Dang is the only woman this has happened to over time. In this case, it became a real life battle of the sexes, with Priscilla handing out the butt whooping. I remember in middle school boys used to run around grabbing girls butts like it was a rite of passage. Then it gradually increased to strangers grabbing and pulling on women as they merely walked by. In college I was out with my girls one night when a man grabbed me by my hips and began pulling me backward... Now what he did not realize was...I had no problem fighting ( I know it was wrong of me...and stupid...but hey...we all have a past... ) So I swung around, and gave him a two pie

Sandusky GUILTY

The jury found Sandusky GUILTY... and the crowd outside of the courtroom is cheering.  Guilty on 45 of 48 counts.  I'm watching on HLN (Head Line News/CNN). I didn't follow every bit of testimony in the Sandusky trial because I just couldn't bear hearing it. I heard something tonight that ripped my heart out, and made me sick to my stomach.  I am crying as type this.  The testimony of Victim 9.  He is 18, and just graduated from high school. He said he was raped to the point of bleeding, and would throw his underwear away.  He repeatedly told his mother he did not want to go back to Sandusky, but she would force him to go. The mother testified that she would make her son go with this sick bastard because he didn't have a father, and felt that he was privileged to have this man paying attention to him.  I pray strongly that this poor child will be healed. And parents you need to pay attention to your children...stop ignoring them...this could

Chris Bosh's champagne celebration

Chris Bosh after Heat win 2012 Championship... WTH?! Photo from Facebook pal T.W So, I'm still thrilled by the Heat taking the 2012 Championship and Lebron "King" James, getting his ring. But last night...something disturbed my spirit. And when I woke up this morning there was a pic of it on my Facebook news feed. After the game, the big three, Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, were all in the locker room popping bottles... Then all of a sudden, Chris Bosh opened a bottle and began to seductively pour it on himself. It was bad enough to see the Bosh champagne pour live, but this still pic just made it worse.  O_O SIR!!!! What are you doing?! People already question his manhood as it is...I try not to get all into that... you will see things on other blogs calling him zesty, sweet, and other derogatory terms... Not I. It has already started on Twitter. Photo from 102JAMZ personality @BDAHT But the champagne celebration will definitely be fodde

Heat in 5, Lebron scores triple double

Print screen from ESPN Miami Heat are 2012 NBA Finals Champions Remember those predictions I had earlier ? Heat vs Boston---> Heat in 7, Lebron with a beastly game 6... Heat vs OKC---> Heat in 5, OKC poor on defensive match ups? Guess what....ahhh shoot... You know it already!! Check out the recap on ESPN . Miami Heat are the 2012 Champions of the NBA Finals. The Heat took down OKC, in Game 5 at home in Miami tonight. And Lebron messed around and got a triple double:  L. James  26 Pts, 11 Reb, 13 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk .  Not only that, but Mike Miller rained down threes almost reminiscent of Reggie Miller or Ray Ray from Boston... The Heat had a shared effort with several players scoring double figures. Lebron also captured the Bill Russell MVP award. Everyone pulled against Miami Heat winning, but the team, led by Lebron proved them wrong. Stuart Scott asked Lebron what the one thing was written about him last year that bothered him the most. Lebron said, it was tha

Karen Marley, the serial mistress

Straight from the UK, Karen Marley, the bragadocious serial mistress.  I'm watching Dr. Drew on HLN. He started out the show talking about the Sandusky trial with Marcia Clark ( yes...from the OJ trial ). Then he moved into a segment discussing infidelity. I bet when most people imagine mistresses, they are pretty young thangs... However, the reality is probably closer to Karen Marley.  Overweight, dowdy, and rather plain looking. Why? Easy access. Most cheating men don't have the type of money it takes to keep a beauty queen. Dr. Drew had a relationship expert on named Simone, who basically called the woman a whore. A caller chimed in that her first husband cheated on her and gave her an STD. There was a guy on named Steve Santagati, who said all men will cheat if they could get away with it.  Both Dr. Drew and Simone disagreed with him. ( As do I...some folks are bound by their morality...others not so much. ) Then he told Karen that she's basically easy...and

Sandusky punks out and does not testify

Jerry Sandusky Photo from  CBS via AP I could not stomach keeping up with all the details of the Jerry Sandusky trial. The young men were threatened with their identities being revealed and that hurt me. I feel they have gone through too much as it is, especially with the gory details of the case.  Thankfully the media did not go that route, despite the judge's ruling. Apparently Pennsylvania does not allow expert testimony on the side of the prosecutor in cases like this, but because Sandusky's attorney called an expert to make a claim of histrionic personality disorder. From Montgomery : The defense expert, Elliot Atkins, testified that Sandusky suffered from histrionic personality disorder, an affliction marked by attention seeking, excessive emotionality and sexually seductive behavior. The prosecution expert had something different to say about Sandusky: O’Brien said Atkins’ diagnosis was, in short, nonsense. He said test results indicate that Sand

Wal-mart gets the natural hair memo

Shea Moisture (bottom) and Taliah Waajid products (top) More products for natural hair at Wal-mart I am a dedicated Wal-mart shopper...but I could never find anything in the ethnic hair aisle to use on my hair, except for an occasional jar of gel. I shop at Wal-mart because it is convenient, and I've always shopped there. Yes, Wal-mart had products for natural hair, but they were not of the quality I liked. Target is the "target" of many of my friends however. I don't shop there...I just don't feel as at home... lol  The bad thing was, Target had all the natural hair products that I couldn't find at Wal-mart, like The Great Detangler by Taliah Waajid and the Shea Moisture line.  I heard a lot about both, and my stylist recommended the detangler.  I stopped by Wal-mart the other night for something wholly unrelated to hair products, but took a trip down the aisle anyway. Much to my shock and pleasure, they had new products on the shelf.

Front Porch ice cream giveaway

    FRONT PORCH, CAROLINA CHURNED ICE CREAM IN 15 FLAVORS Front Porch Carolina Churned Ice Cream in fridge at Food Lion. I tried out two flavors of Front Porch Carolina Churned Ice cream today, and one at Taste of Charlotte...I want to share their ice cream with you. Keep reading for the giveaway...

#29 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: Reginald B. Claim to fame: Daddy to daughters How I know him: We post on a discussion board Topic:   Daddy issues This is a different "What he said" in that it didn't come by way of an interview, but a question I posted on Facebook. Often we hear about women having "daddy issues", but girl children are not the only ones who have fathers, are they? How do men handle not having their fathers around, or having strained relationships?  ME:  Daddy Issues: Do men have "daddy issues"? If so, how do they manifest? What he said : While its not necessarily true that all of these items listed apply to all men that grew up without a father or strong male presence in their lives, a lot of this is true and evident in certain people.  What happens when fatherless boys gr ow up and become men? Most often, the emotional challenges they faced as kids follow them into manhood and play a major role in their self-esteem, relationships

Color block party for your closet

Color block options from Ivy & Leo 2010 cameron st., Raleigh NC (cameron Village) 100 N. Tryon St, Suite 330  (Founders Hall) &  6401 Morrison Blvd #13  (Speciality Shops at the Park) Charlotte, NC & now open in Greensboro Shops at Friendly ( 336-676-5282 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting                 336-676-5282         end_of_the_skype_highlighting ) Summer is here, and block parties are dropping from borough to borough, ward to ward, and city to city. Impromptu fashion shows happen at every summer gathering. The real party begins in your closet. The color block trend started a few fashion seasons ago, but it is seemingly here to stay, for a while. There is something extremely freeing about this fashion look. It is whimsical and bold. Undoubtedly color can always perk up an otherwise drab look. You can make color block work in a myriad of ways, from pairing basic black with bold colored shoes and clutches, to grabbing one piece that pairs great colors toge

Heat vs Thunder heads to South Beach

Photo from Shaq's Facebook page. Look, I am partial to Lebron James. I think he's a good dude. He seems to have a serious love for the game of basketball, and I dig that. Lebron is also a team player. That is both a blessing and a curse. LOL Okay... So I called all the rounds for the Heat so far. You should see the trash talking that goes on between me and some of the fellas LOL. I have been deep with basketball since my uncle would lift me over his head to shoot on our backyard goal. Growing up in a house full of boys, you either joined in or sat on the sidelines...cheering. Not so much my thing to cheer, I would rather be in the game. Last series, I had the Heat in 7 versus the Celtics, with Lebron going big in game 6... Yep. I was right. This series I have the Heat in 5... Yeah...I know you think I'm crazy...but there's logic behind this. 12 Jun omar tyree  ‏ omartyree It's almost Heat and Thunder time, baby! Who you got tonight? And who g