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Keeping tabs: Concern, Suspicion, or Crazy?

How do you feel when there are time lapses in communicating with your significant other? A few years ago, I wrote this post about keeping tabs on your significant other . A couple of days ago, a gentleman posted a comment to the post that recieved interesting feedback.  How do you view "checking in" with your significant other? Is checking in a good or bad thing? #relationships #dating #blog #ontheblog #datingadvice #issues A post shared by YBBGBlog (@ybbg_blog) on Jun 27, 2017 at 6:54am PDT In light of this comment, how do people view checking in with or on their significant other? "Depends if they are married. Or if they are exclusively dating. Or if they are just casual acquaintances. If they normally communicate a few times throughout the day. Then I can see his point and his concern."- CC, gent "Her phone was in the back seat? She took issue with him wanting to know what she was doing? Hmm......I would need more details abou

Curving or playing hard to get?

Will she curve you or play hard to get? Men cannot figure out when a woman is interested.  You meet someone... attractive, seemingly interesting and available. Everything is cool. You exchange numbers...and then the games begin. The games ...Who should call whom first? How long do you wait between number exchange and using the number? Is sending a text appropriate? How many texts are too many? What time do you call? What if you call and the other person does not answer? Should you immediately answer? What happens if you always answer? Do you seem too available? Are you not available enough? So on and so forth. Within a couple of weeks of each other, two of my best guy friends hit me up to talk about the obstacles they face when first getting to know women these days. Obstacle 1: The real you He said: I woke up and did not know who I was lying beside.  He also said:  I had to let her dry cleaning bill was becoming too expensive and I had to keep buying new shirts.