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So you want to be an attorney without going to law school?

I cannot tell you how many people pull this type of stunt. The type that Rafiq Bey pulls in California. But I can tell you many people think they know the law better than attorneys. They will hear something from someone they know who has been through a "similar case", and believe wholeheartedly that they know better than the attorney. There are plenty of people who feel they can be an attorney without ever touching a toe in law school. Honestly, it is annoying. Granted, law school does not teach you every law known to man. Laws are created all of the time. However, law school trains you to know how the law operates, how the court operates, and tests your mental will and aptitude to prepare you for the practice of law. I have run into a few of these people. As Judge Pirro stated, they always think they are smarter than you. ALWAYS, no exceptions. What they may be is more "slick", or at least they think so. If they were smarter, there are hundreds of law schools

Front Porch Ice Cream's New Flavor Competition...and the winner is...

This pic collage captures my day on Friday attending the Front Porch New Flavor Competition at Johnson & Wales University in Uptown Charlotte. Thrilled does not even explain how I felt when I received an invite to the Front Porch® New Flavor Competition at Johnson & Wales. When I watched TV, I was a huge fan of FoodNetwork and all of their culinary competitions. So this was pretty dope! I wanted to dress somewhat festive for the occasion. So I mixed colors with stripes. It happened to work. Ironically, I wore yellow which happens to be the color of the Front Porch® containers. I had not considered that. Laura (bottom right) has been my Front Porch contact for a while. We finally met IRL.  All of the contestants were impressive, and received $100.00 for making the top ten. I saw some really southern flavors represented including Shut Your Mouth Sweet Potato Pie, Harvest Pumpkin Spice and Marvelous Mississippi Mud Brownie.  Let me tell you, Mississipp

DMX and other men are not built for emotional discussions

Everyone has been in an uproar over DMX's appearance on Iyanla Fix My life. DMX blew up at Iyanla for what he considered a crock of BS and a set up. In his interview with JET Magazine, he says if Iyanla were a man, he would have punched her in the face. Cold blooded and a bit harsh right? Welp...not to me. I completely understand where he is coming from. Something I have learned over the years is that men are not built to have emotional discussions. Not in the same way that women are, anyway. If you go at a man the wrong way in a discussion, his self-preservation instincts kick in. Especially when he feels particularly vulnerable. DMX went on this show to deal with his issues. That's it. Not to deal with the issues he's caused someone else or try to mend fences. Check out what he says at the beginning of this video, "Every man wants to at some point be somebody's baby..." paraphrasing... Men are not raised to be emotional people, typically. They have

YBBG meets a reader

Flipbook of YBBG reader Yesterday was very interesting. From getting some work done to running all around town, I had a great day. Around lunch time I stopped over to talk to some ladies who have a charity that helps get kids interested in entrepreneurship. As I spoke to the ladies about how I might help them in some way, the topic of what I do came up. From telling them about law school and being an attorney, to the way I got into writing, we laughed and had a great conversation. Then I sheepishly told them about YBBG.  Do not get me wrong, I love running this blog. However, if you read it regularly, you know I can run off at the mouth about some mess...and sometimes get into my feelings about different things. I write that way because it is an outlet, both creatively and otherwise.  What's funny is, one of the lady's said "Wait a minute...That's you?!" I said, "What's me?" She said, "Your Boyfriend's Best Girlfriend!&qu

You chose it, I wore it...stripes

Ivy & Leo striped dress styled two ways Remember when I went on the random shopping excursion to Ivy & Leo during my lunch break the other day? Well, this striped dress was part of my purchase. Honestly, I did not know whether it was a dress or a skirt when I bought it. I figured it could work as either. And it does. Jewelry I got at a boutique called Bijoux Bellagio.  So I had an event to attend yesterday. It was an ice cream judging competition for one of the brands I've posted about here. How fun is that? Trust me, I enjoyed it! LOL I wanted to wear something fun and different. I am a lawyer by day, so quirky does not really cut it in the courtroom. ( Though I have been known to push the envelope .) I wanted to actually represent the blog on this outing so color was what I had in mind. When it comes to fashion, I do not go to the homeboys for their opinion. I go to the ladies LOL. I asked friends and readers which way I should wear the skirt/dress

Kenny Vaccaro, 2013's hottest draft pick?

Kenny Vaccaro Kenny Vaccaro on the right in the purple tie. Photo from KennyVaccaro on Instagram I love a self-proclaimed tomboy...but I STILL HAVE EYES! And I am a woman first and foremost. Last night I watched the draft for the sport of it and to see who the teams I root for would select. I also liked watching for the aesthetics of it all. Let's be real, I love sports, AND love how the athletes look. Shoooot... LOL So I had to check out who had the best suited up look. I liked the attire of some of the athletes, but Kenny Vaccaro?! Whew! From the suit to the hair to the smile. He was my Number 1 draft pick for the hottest of the night!  Vaccaro college days Typically QBs are the pretty boys of the draft and go on day 1. Not so this year. The first day of drafts was full of offensive and defensive linemen. They usually are the work horses and not much to look at...Save for a few D-Ends here and there. You definitely will not catch an

Central Michigan's Eric Fisher is KC's #1 draft pick 2013

Eric Fisher an offensive tackle from Central Michigan becomes the first non-quarterback #1 pick in several years. Kansas City selected him first overall in the 2013 NFL Draft . He played basketball in high school, and was a standout. More about Eric Fisher on wikipedia: 2ND Pick- Jacksonville Jaguars select Offensive Tackle Luke Joeckel 3RD Pick-OAKLAND RAIDERS WELP! DA RAIDERS TRADED TO MIAMI...  Everyone thinks another Tackle will go... Three in a row??!! NOPE!! WITH THE NUMBER THREE SELECTION IN THE NFL DRAFT...THE DOLPHINS SELECT.... Dion Jordan, a Defensive End from Oregon! Smart bow tie he's wearing there. Defensive end is my favorite football position. Why? Because they are quick and they beat the breaks off the QB. 4TH Pick- Philly gets Vick some coverage with a Left Tackle! Lane Johnson was first thought to go number 3, but he didn&#

CELEBS comfort food for lunch

Up top is the sweet potato biscuit that gets your meal going. Bottom is my turkey loaf meal from Celebs. Celebs is a somewhat new spot on W. Trade Street in Uptown Charlotte and has a menu with Southern comfort food. It's in a building that was formerly Prestos which offered Italian dishes. My friend and I went to Celebs for lunch today and really liked the food! He and I are both southern born and bread with discerning palettes... We both had the turkey meatloaf which was flavorful. I opted for sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes as sides. He went for the mac and cheese and collard greens. A sweet potato biscuit started us off! Although the mashed potatoes were a little lumpy, the flavor was delicious! I loved my food and it only costed about eight bucks. I has leftovers for later. My friend enjoyed his meal too and raved about the mac and cheese. That's saying something when you're from down here' I urge you to check Celebs out. Don't think you&#

Bad co-parents: Jermichael Finley and his 'babymama'

Chelsie Bellisle (left from Twitter) and Jermichael Finley, have a young son. Meet Chelsie Bellisle aka @ChelsieLovely. She went on a Twitter rant the other day over her son's father, Jermichael Finley, a tight end with the Green Bay Packers. Jermichael is married and allegedly the father of more children who are not his wife's. Finley and Bellisle are the latest examples of bad co-parenting since Sheree and Bob Whitfield. At least the Whitfields are trying to fix their lives with Iyanla . According to Deadspin, Jermichael Finley's son's mother went on a Twitter rant accusing him of cheating on his wife, not paying child support, and breaking her phone when she tried to snap a pic of him cheating. You can read her tweets here . Where did all of these hotblooded rants come from? Well according to Bellisle, Finley missed ONE child support payment. its Chelsie love   @ ChelsieLovely 14h These reports are ridiculous though. Jmike has never violently a