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Pink toolkits and the chasm between men and women

My favorite new thing. A #Pink #toolkit.  So I grabbed this at @target yesterday. The lady ringing me up said, "This is too cute! We ladies need to show these men we can do it all and don't need them for a thing." 
My response (with a laugh) was, "Now wait a minute. I bought this because I wanted it. It has nothing to do with showing men Anything. And YOU may not need a man for anything, but I sure do! And always will." 
Let me tell you something. I have always had men in my life whom I needed and I'm not ashamed of it. I don't know why people think it's cool to not want and need each other in their lives. Yes, I know the #Target associate meant this as a compliment, but I don't fit in the box she was trying to put me into...a box that a lot of people create and try to stuff people into. Men need women and women need men. The chasm between many of us was formed by someone else and we have to stop feeding into it.
I know it is normal, somewhat n…

Confession: I like my guy friends more than guys I date

Wait! Before you think this is something scandalous and that I've been secretly pining away for one of my homeboys...THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

Let me explain...
My homeboys are a motley crew...or have been over the years. They are a combo of personalities, ethnicities and lifestyles. A couple are parents...some never had kids...a couple are married (I will do a blog about being friends with a married man 😱) a couple never married. 
There's an array of friendship levels...some are acquaintances, a select group are like brothers (we even argue like's funny.) 

Problems with opposite sex friendships

Hey! It's been a long time...but I'm back!

I've been busy and thinking about what to do with this blog, now that the book is out. So I've decided to go back to the roots and dive back into male-female friendships.
To kick it back off. Let's start with the problems that come with opposite sex friendships.  
If you're like me, and have had opposite sex friendships since will understand.
1. Confusion with the friend zone.
It is virtually impossible to have a genuine friendship with someone who thinks he/she has a chance to be more...ever.
It changes the whole game. You cannot be friends when the other person thinks he's just waiting in the "friend zone." It is not the same thing. 
2. You forget how to flirt or pick up on flirting.
There's something about having opposite sex friendships that dulls your flirty senses. If you're around testosterone as much as I am, you don't even get a hint of the pheromones a good brother m…