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YBBG Fitness Giveaway

Do you have a fitness goal? Let's get started! It is almost the first of the new year. People always say they will get fit, do better, work out, eat right...blah blah blah...when the new year comes. Well...YBBG is going to help you get started with this giveaway. Here's the deal. I'm going to pick one lucky winner, randomly on Saturday January 5, 2012 (which happens to be my cousin's birthday and 9 days before my birthday) to win a fitness bag.  IN THE #GetFitStarterKit (a Go Frush Red drawstring backpack): A jump rope (jumping rope is great for the heart and melting pounds). A water bottle (staying hydrated is essential) Some hair care samples from Organics (healthy hair is good hair) A pedometer (they claim that walking 10,000 steps a day is good for ya! ;) lol)  A VIP pass for a free bottle of Frush yogurt drink (which can be used as a meal replacement or snack)   A copy of my pocket sized book 100 Common Sense Dating Tips ( can get your love life in

Shawty Lo's sister-wives...errrrhhh babymamas

All My Babies Mamas FINAL 10.1.12 by dm_50db96d297d08 Someone sent me this story about D4L founder, Carlos Shawty Lo...whatever his last name is... Mr. Lo is 36 and has 11 children by 10 women. The "babymamas" all have labels like "crazy", "fighter", and "bourgeoisie". These former paramours and their seeds are set to take to the airwaves via Oxygen in a reality show. Peep the clip and tell me what you think. LOL Someone asked "What's the difference between them and the Sister wives?" Hmmmm...



Buffie the Body, where is she now?

Seeing as I do have really close guy friends and we talk about absolutely everything, sometimes I have to hear about these "urban models". My one homeboy is in love with some girl named Bria Miles. He says she is the perfect woman... Ha! I'm sure he's talking about physically and that's all... But anyway, I was surfing YouTube and found a fitness video by a former "urban model", Buffie the Body. She has a fitness program called Bodynomics or something like that. I actually knew a guy who trained her back when she was a video chick. Anyway, this video she posted was very long, but interesting nonetheless. She is from Athens, Georgia ( I wonder if she knows Nene and Phaedra ), and she talks about how the video girl industry changed over time. I have to say, I was surprised by her depth. I remember when people used to talk about her they would malign her character along with her intelligence. Initially I felt the video was too long to watch, but I&

Love it..let it go...

It's not what you think... This is not about a man... It is about something I hold near and dear to my heart... My black slouch boots. I loved them into oblivion.   I plum walked a hole in them.   No... Seriously. Yes, they were an inexpensive pair of boots. I am not Imelda Marcos... Those boots were so comfortable, and I wanted to keep them forever, but alas it could not be. I remember the day I got them. My mama bought them for me. I could just slide them on and they would make any outfit complete. Oh how I loved those boots. Then one day, I felt a piece of the rubber sole give way. Sure, I walked everywhere in those boots. The tread probably pounded several hundred blocks.  But I loved them.  I did not want to see them go.  Maybe I can still get the sole replaced. I laughed at a colleague who had a similar affinity for his black shoes. He walked everywhere in them. He wanted to get the soles replaced but the shoe repair in the buildi

RoomieLoverFriends: Caught between the two

Austin, Tamiko, and Jay from RoomieLoverFriends I always tell you about the web series that I watch. RoomieLoverFriends is definitely my favorite, with the Unwritten Rules coming in a narrow second. The season finale was posted on yesterday. I'll post it below. Anyway, in the series, Tamiko rooms with Jay, but just started dating Austin. The chemistry between Jay and Tamiko is the center of this web dramedy! Check out the last episode below. Also, give the group who independently produces the show some support by dropping a donation at their indiegogo page . Why did Austin show up without a dang Christmas gift? Maaaan if you're going to be Tamiko's man, I need you to show up with some kinda trinket for the holiday, ya hear? But I knew he would not be cool with her shacking up with Jay after confessing what has gone down between the two of them. Men are territorial if they are anything... And they are smart enough to know they cannot trust another man's

Personal warning labels

The other day my former stylist (Hey J.S.!!) instagramed the pic below: So I asked some folks what would be on their warning labels. I received some interesting answers. I picked a few for the collage below: One of the six above is my warning label. Pick the correct one and you just might win a prize! Tweet your answer to @YBBG_Blog or email cm[at]cmwriter (dot) com. What would be on your warning label? 

YBBG on hot lips

From Fashion's Facebook page You know I told you before I don't wear makeup hardly at all? Well something I do go all in for is lip color, mostly with lip gloss. I am digging these vibrant pink hues in this pic above. Lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint, lip tar, you name it... I like it!  I like to think I was blessed with big lips. LOL. No lip plumper needed. Now, when you're a kid with grown up sized lips it ain't such a blessing. You know folks find all types of things to tease you about ha!  I have not been too daring with my lip color, but I'm willing to try some new things out. I usually stay in the natural tones as much as possible.  Ladies, what are some good lip products you've tried lately? Men... do you like lipstick or lip gloss on a lady? Or does it even matter? 

Claire Huxtable, a smart man's dream woman

Claire Huxtable was THAT CHICK in the 80s and 90s. She was the epitome of fabulous. She was Michelle Obama BEFORE Michelle Obama was Michelle Obama. I know many guys who swooned over Mrs. Huxtable on the Cosby Show back in the day. And let me tell you, if there was ever any woman, besides my own beautiful mother, that I wanted to was Claire Huxtable, Esquire. Claire was the sultry voice having, smartly dressed, quick witted, stern but affectionate grande dame of television.  She could whip up breakfast, comb her baby Rudy's hair, file a brief ( sidenote: I have a brief I need to work on and have in court soon...oh joy! ), sing a jazzy tune, and put a smile on her man's face, all without missing a beat. I saw this pic on a college classmate's Facebook page, clearly he had a crush on Mrs. Huxtable, and thought I would pay homage to my Twitter alias namesake. How many of you wanted to be like Mrs. Huxtable when you were growing up? How many of you guys

YBBG Christmas wish list

I play Ms. Santa Claus every year. This year I'm making a Christmas list! For MYSELF! Uh uhn...don't judge me...shhhhhhhhh and keep reading lol The big thing about Christmas is not Santa or Gifts, but the love of Jesus. People receive and feel love differently. I try to go out of my way to bring about smiles to people's faces during the holidays. I have done this for several years no matter what my own financial situation was at the time. I often made sacrifices that people did not know I made in order to bring joy to them on birthdays, holidays or whatever the case may have been. I always want the people around me to feel loved by me. I haven't been big on receiving gifts...due to people being oblivious to my wants. LOL The funny thing is I don't really complain about either not receiving gifts or getting things I don't want. But, I do remember... Look...I'm a Capricorn and we hold grudges...LMBO...  It is rare that you find anyone who can sa

Dropping the bags off as 2012 ends

Before I start to write, I always think.. hmmm who's going to read this? Then I think... who cares...I'm writing this ish anyway... What most people who know me know about me is how busy I always am. Well, that is going to come to an abrupt halt. "Busy" keeps me distracted more than productive. "Busy" allows me to keep one foot in a situation and one foot all times. So as this year comes to a close, I'm dropping off my "busy" bag.  Your girl will not be "busy" anymore.  Another bag I'm dropping off is my "I take that ish personally" bag. I am seriously a principled person. I have done some jacked up stuff before, but I accept my consequences, and deal. What I have struggled to deal with is people doing jacked up stuff to me and not owning it. I take that ish personally .  There are some things that I am hardcore about. The biggest thing is my loyalty to people. I am fiercely loyal. It'

Goodell says goodbye to kickoffs?

Roger Goodell is trying to make a permanent mark on football, but thus one may have him kicking himself. Goodell is allegedly considering eliminating kickoffs. I've seen this from several sources including local sports radio WFNZ and SB Nation. (photos from SB Nation)

Michelle Obama in hot black and orange striped dress

This dress worn by FLOTUS Michelle Obama is definitely eye-catching! What do you think of it? Fierce or FAIL?  I must say this dress is fiya! But I'on know how I feel about Mrs. Obama channeling sassy Eartha Kitt hotness from when Ms. Kitt played Catwoman. Now don't get it twisted, she is WEARING that dress and giving it life! But ummm I kinda like her more understated and less... well LOL Clearly I cannot see... the dress is black and orange...and she had it on for Halloween.

Sudanese basketball players in Batavia, Illinois

So these three guys from Sudan sought refuge in Batavia, Illinois. As you can see from my homeboy's comment, they are now dunking on everybody at their high school...the kids, the coach, the How old do you think they are? I remember playing basketball as a tall little kid in elementary school. One of the parents from another school demanded the birth certificates of all my teammates. We were just really tall nine and ten year olds. LOL

Hornets buzz in Charlotte

I knew about this a little while ago, but forgot to blog about it. The New Orleans Hornets are dropping the name "Hornets" next year. Word on the street is they are going to pick up the name "Pelicans" which New Orleans natives hold near and dear to their hearts.  The name "Pelicans" is owned by the owner of the New Orleans Saints. The Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana and was the name of a minor league baseball team there. I think the name "Brass"(one of the names under consideration) is better...but I don't know what the mascot would look like exactly! LOL I mean...who would fear a pelican? Most folks don't even know what a pelican looks like... But surely this is not the reason for this post. I could care less what New Orleans names any sports team.  What I, and most, North Carolinians care about is the name "Hornets". I remember the Charlotte Hornets from my childhood with Kendall Gill, Mugsy Bogu

Is Tennessee trying to poach UNC's football coach?

Tennessee is in search of a new football coach. Word on the street is they are eying first year Tar Heels coach, Larry Fedora. Could UNC lose their coach after one season? *UPDATE* As rumors tend to go...they can change in an instant. You know how women may gossip about celebrities? Men gossip about sports.  No sooner than the Fedora rumor heated up, the tide turned in the Tennessee coaching saga:  Andy Lyons/Getty Images Charlie Strong (pictured above) has emerged as the  leading candidate  to fill the vacant head coaching position for the Tennessee Volunteers, according to SEC  blogger Chris Low. In my opinion, this is neither a surprise nor anything less than terrific news.-- Bleacher Report UPDATE...again... Charlie Strong may be staying at Louisville...they are making a hard play to keep him. 

Lady sings Mary J Blige song at funeral

Ma'am!!!! This is just wrong... OMG... it is so wrong! Okay...this is a funeral! Not just a funeral, but a funeral in a church....And Miss Katrina from Detroit's singing is some foolishness!! Okay... look, I don't know what the deceased did while he was alive, but if he was doing it with this woman up here murdering a hit... I just can't! And whoever videotaped this is the devil! ( I cannot lie, I would have videotaped it too...I feel bad about that, but I would have.... ) Okay Miss Katrina (that's what the videographer said her name is...) you should not sing a song about fornicating in the middle of a funeral service. But then again, we can't put people away with crowns and wings and act as though they were saints while they were amongst the living... so ummm...I guess. This goes to show that some folks do not go to church except during particular times: weddings, funerals, homecoming, and Easter. Someone should have sat her down earlier...but

DYNASTY: UNC Women's soccer

UNC Women's soccer is one of the most winningest collegiatey sports programs in NCAA history! The ladies just added another chapter to their storied history, winning their 21st NCAA Championship title!

Rules do not change after you enter the game

There is a certain gentleman with whom I often have very deep and stirring conversations. To the outside listener these convos may be off-putting. But if you listen closely enough to what is and is not being said, you will get it. Today the subject of people getting into situations, specifically romantic situations, and then wanting to change the rules was our hot topic. If you go into a "relationship" under undisclosed pretenses but verbally commit to the rules of the road prior to entry that are not in line with those pretenses, you are setting yourself up. Basically, don't write no checks that your butt can't cash... You know...don't get into something you don't really want to be part of. As a matter of fact, just the other day a lady asked: What if you're in an open relationship ( WTH IS THAT??? ) and then decide you want to be committed and monogamous? Can you make that happen? Do you think your partner will go for it?  I wanted to say...s

RoomieLoverFriends Episode 8: Romantic rivals

I waited forever and a day for this episode of RoomieLoverFriends. I am all in with these web series on YouTube. Since I'm not watching regular TV, I get my fill with these productions. They are done so well. I actually watched one from the UK called Spin the other day. Anyway...this series with Tamiko, Jay and Cherise is everything to me! The acting is actually very well done. You will have to watch the series to know what's going on...I won't spoil it for you. But I do have questions... How do you handle romantic rivals? What happens when either a guy or a girl cannot choose who he or she wants to be with? Do the two rivals duke it out or make the person choose? I have been in the position as the rival and the rival-ee? I don't know what you would call it, but being the one who cannot choose between two and being the one wanting someone to choose. Yep some ol' Chrihanreuche type stuff. I think it typically happens when you're young and just trying to

Gabriel Aubry's face

Gabriel Aubry's face after Thanksgiving fight I know y'all heard about the Thanksgiving day fight between Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy, Gabriel Aubry and her fiance Olivier Martinez... But who took a freight train to Aubry's face?! Gooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd Gracious!!! Whew!!! Now you know Gabriel is   was  used to be a pretty boy. Olivier put dem paws on him, as Lil Scrappy would say. Yeeeeeeeeesh. I saw some pics a few weeks ago, but nothing as ghastly as this! Buddy looks like a corpse! Fellas, would you fight over a lady? Would she have to look like Halle in order for you to get to scrappin'?  Apparently Olivier comes from a boxing family. CLEARLY HE KNOWS HOW TO THROW THEM THANGS!!! “Boxing is the “noble art” -- that’s the name of the game. It’s savage, but with rules, discipline and a high sense of morality. At times, it seems like society has no morality, so I’ve always liked boxing because it’s hard, it’s violent, but i

Larry DePrimo: To protect and serve

A picture of 25-year-old Larry DePrimo kneeling down to place socks and shoes on the feet of a homeless man in New York has spun around the web. DePrimo is a NY police officer. One cold night, he found a homeless man sitting on the pavement with no socks and shoes. In the video above, DePrimo describes hearing people laughing at and joking the old man. DePrimo went to a shoe store and purchased the elderly man a pair of thermal socks and some all weather boots. Police officers often get a bad rap (sometimes deservedly so), but the purpose of police is to protect and serve. DePrimo epitomized this motto. As I think of it, men in general, get a bad rap. Women are seen as nurturers and those who care heartily about the welfare of others. Men are often seen as rugged individualists, who only care about themselves. That notion is so far from true, that it is utterly ridiculous. Men are loving, warm, caring and even nurturing in their own way. There is a passage in the Bible that