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Excuse me Blake Griffin...Vince Carter had the sickest dunk of all time

Everyone is super dope hype over Blake Griffin's dunk over Kendrick Perkins... But let's look at the tape. 1. He didn't dunk... it was more of a jump hook.  2. Kareem did jump hooks all the time.  3.  Seriously...this dude is over hyped. Compare Griffin's "dunk" over Kendrick Vince Carters ACTUAL dunk over a 7'2" player from France in the Olympics back in the day... Um yeah...THAT is a dunk... So Blake Griffin... SIT DOWN :)

Obedient Wives Club

How does faith affect intimacy? Malaysia's Obedient Wives Club. Read about them here .  ( Be aware, I'm going to get religious in this post...)  I know the guys were thrilled to read the title of this post! LOL.  Well the Obedient Wives Club is a group of Muslim women who wish to adhere to their reading of the Qur'an, thus giving themselves over fully and completely to their husbands.  Some view it as a step backwards.  I'm not Muslim so I cannot speak on their premises or belief system.  I cannot agree or disagree.  If that is their belief system, who am I to deny it? I say go for it.

Michael Kors bag from Ross

I love a good bag.  But I also don't like to spend a  lot of money.  I stopped shopping at malls a few years ago, because they would always lure me in with the shiny lights and what not! hahaha I carry a lot of stuff in my bags...from allergy medicine to client files and the regular stuff like keys, phones, lip gloss and such.  So I need a big bag. Totes are my go to bags of choice.  I carry a small purse inside of a tote sometimes.  I recently found this Michael Kors bag at Ross, and the shininess caught my eye! (I don't know what it is with me and shiny This bag was over 50% off the retail price and has a sleek nickel finish. I love the contrast with the wheat colored strap.  He makes a similar bag in red...If y'all want to get me a late birthday gift...have at it :)                                                                   

Selfish single parents

So you've got kids, and you're looking for love.  Do you ever stop to think what your position as a parent says to potential mates? Or are you one of those people who scream, "accept me, accept my kid(s)," without considering the impact on the other person? Some people take the stance that everyone deserves to have someone in their lives romantically.  Meh... I don't take that stance.  You are either granted "good things" through grace and mercy or hard work, in my opinion. So when I hear people come down on childless people who choose not to date single parents, I have to give them the side eye. No, your child is not a "con", but you being a parent definitely is a "con" when it comes to dating. And to think otherwise is unrealistic, to say the least.  And downright selfish and foolhardy to say the most. CON: You may be irresponsible Think about it this way.  A person who has no children has apparently taken some precaut

President Obama and Governor Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, meets President Obama on the tarmac There's a picture floating around the internet that has a lot of tongues wagging and accusations of disrespect flying.  It is not this innocuous photo of a smiling Jan Brewer greeting President Obama.  Oh this is pleasant. What has the "I wish a heiffa would" statements flying is this picture: Brewer points her finger in President Obama's face. Photo from  Well maybe it was just me who said, "I wish a heiffa would."  The hand in the face thing is, at the least, an invasion of personal space, at the most a blatant sign of disrespect.  How one perceives it depends on a number of things: upbringing, experiences, cultural norms, etc.   Tami Roman in a scene from Basketball Wives Season 4 I looked at this and immediately saw disrespect.  Governor Brewer claims it was nothing of the sort and that she " respects the office of the President. "  I

"College really isn't necessary"

So one of my pals posted this (well actually the red lined version at the end of this post) on Facebook, so I had to go snooping ( to see if it was legit.  I didn't find anything on Snopes, but I found interesting posts around the web. Like this post from some guy claiming he messaged the writer on Myspace.

BET's The Game Season 5 Episode 4

Starts with Jazz and Tasha Mack. Jazz says girl you are living large up in here.  Tasha said she had to move out of her big house because she had to maintain too many people from the gardener and other folks.  Jazz asked if she was sure it wasn't because the house was haunted with the ghosts of Dante and Rick Fox.  Tasha asked Jazz if she had got her kids back from the state.  Jazz said she had gone too far.

#27 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: Matthew Maher How I know him:  Someone associated with him found me on Twitter Today's Topic:  Matt's relationship with God and how his decisions changed his life It was sometime last year that someone contacted me on Twitter about Matthew Maher's story.  Matt was a professional indoor soccer player in Pennsylvania.  After blowing out his knee in a game, he ended up partying one night with his friends.  He then decided to drink and drive.  That decision cost the life of Hort Kap, a Cambodian immigrant and factory worker, who was the father of six children. To read more about what happened, go here .  I found Matthew's story interesting for several reasons. He and I had similar religious upbringing, I also blew out my knee playing a sport I loved (albeit I was far from a happened in high school), I have a relative I have visited in prison who I love dearly, and I have a friend who lost someone she loved due to the actions of a

SOPA and PIPA explained

I woke up to a tweet from one of my blog readers asking that I talk about SOPA and PIPA in laymen's terms.  Seeing as I was still half asleep, I thought he was talking about Kate Middleton's sister. Ha! So I'm like okay, I know Pippa...but who the heck is Sopa? Terrible, right? But he was not talking about the Royals or anything of the sort. What he wanted me to discuss were the new anti-piracy laws floating through Congress.

BET's The Game Season 5 Episode 3

Some eggs are frying in a pan, Malik walks up and asks his bodyguard why he didn't get the eggs.  The dude says he's a bodyguard not a cook, plus he didn't wash his hands.  Tasha comes in and asks what's going on with the topiary (fancy words for hedges/bushes)...the one that looks like her is jacked up...her hair hasn't been that nappy since the 70s.  Malik says she hasn't worn her hair since the 70s.  Tasha says JJ Abrams is having a party for his son and requested Malik show for 100,000.00.. .he just has to toss a ball around.  He says he's in... Tasha is surprised... Then tells Malik he needs to stop letting his employees run him.

BET's The Game Season 5 Episode 1 and 2

Starts with Melanie yelling at Derwin to do whatever he has to do to come to terms with the fact that she has had an abortion.  Then goes to Malik, his bodyguard, Tasha Mack and TeeTee standing over Jena who is laid out on the ground unconscious.  Tasha says she's dead.  Then goes to Jason Pitts in a hotel room with what looks like a Corona bottle and something else in his hand, speaking in a bad Spanish accent, poised ready to fight whoever is in the bathroom of the hotel room.  Then he looks down at his hand and there is a wedding band on it. 

Realist vs Idealist

I'm just using the terms "realist" and "idealist" as labels...not actual scientific/clinical definitions.  Besides...those terms are less judgmental than the ones I wanted to as to not come off offensive...I changed the introductory language...ha!! People are different.  If you find yourself dealing with someone the opposite of you, how do you deal with it? What happens when you're a "Realist" and you run into someone who is an "Idealist"? Let me tell you, it can be a tough situation. Realists seem pessimistic to Idealists.  Idealists seem silly to Realists.  Realists are practical, logic driven strategic type people.  Idealists tend to be sensitive, emotionally driven, fanciful type people. Realists like to be left to their own thoughts and devices.  Idealists like attention and inclusion. Why am I talking about this? Well...I am a Realist.  Which can bug the heck out of Idealists.  I will withdraw into my own worl

Martin Luther King, Jr., "Believe in yourself"

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here's the thing.  When I was younger it used to irritate me when my elders would whisper about "White people," as though they were afraid.  As I grew up and learned more about our history here, I realized that it wasn't the type of fear I knew to be fear, but it was a deeply rooted thing.

#26 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Divorce is a touchy subject in religious circles Today's Guy:  I'll call him "DC" for divorcing Christian, as he requested to remain anonymous. How long I've known him:  Going on fifteen years.   Topic:  Divorcing as a Christian.

Birthday Diaries

LoveScopes   @ LoveScopes 4h   Reply     Retweeted     Favorite   ·   Open Happy Birthday  # Capricorn  ♑ Born 1/14=Romantic idealist~Sociable~Self-sufficient~Mystery~Independent~High standards~Affectionate  # LoveScopes Great morning beautiful people!  Yes, it is 7 ish in the am...and I am wide open! LOL

What giving relationship advice has taught me about relationships

I have written a relationship column for going on three years now.  I have given relationship and dating advice for years before that, but I do not consider myself a relationship expert.  Nope. I just like to say I'm a logical thinker with common sense.  I'm also an experienced dater and family law practitioner.  I do not feel people can be experts at relationships because all relationships are different.

Can you stand the rain?

Ok...maybe I never paid attention to the lyrics of this song... Maybe is not it. I definitely never paid attention to the lyrics of this song. Ha! I'm just going to focus on a few of the lyrics:

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus by Jefferson Bethke

The sentiments shared by Jefferson Bethke have been expressed quite often lately.  But he is not the first to talk about the captivity that religious rituals hold people in.


One of my new logos courtesy of The Elite Graphics .  The owner follows me on Twitter .  I gave her rambling concepts and she came up with something terrific, I think.  What do you guys think?

She got her man

Brandy and Monica are set to do a new duet soon! So the guy from the other day, JB, had another little gem he dropped.  He tells the following story about a couple he knows and how they got together:

Adventurous couple

Sooooo I go into my favorite baked goods spot to pick up a salad. As I'm standing waiting for my cranberry orange walks this couple. I see weird stuff all of the time here.  But I must say this kinda took the cake.  They sauntered in, him dressed liked a comic strip super ninja and her like some type of dominatrix trapeze artist.  I was stunned, as were the rest of the patrons of this fine establishment. 

New Hampshire debate: Newt Gingrich the chicken hawk

I majored in political science, focusing my studies on political psychology, African-American political theory and comparative international politics.  I've been into politics since watching the McNeil Lehrer hour on PBS as a youngin, and my parents taking me with them to vote in local and national elections.

UNC Tunic from Meesh and Mia

Front of Tunic. I'm loving the fit. Back of Tunic. I like that it has the tie in the back, where you can cinch the fit. I told you guys about Meesh and Mia a little while ago, as they prepared for their Belle of the Bow l Sweepstakes and had a Twitter Party, hosted by my colleague at BlitzAndGlam . Well as promised, I'm going to tell you about a piece from their UNC line that they gifted me, right in time for my birthday!!! Nothing is better than getting gifts...and getting them early! :) (My bday is on the 14th)

What you say, what he hears

This is just a small example.... I LOVE WHEN WOMEN SAY I'M DOING ME, CUZ THAT MEANS THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM F**ING JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT, AND I HAVE A GOOD 4 MONTHS BEFORE I GET ASKED WHERE IS THIS GOING?-- JB Now this may seem harsh, but I posted this for a few reasons:

Résumé Lovers

If you ask a person what makes him/her a good catch and it is followed by: A resume Basically they tell you about all of their accomplishments, what they have, how much they make, and nothing about who they are... I call them Résumé Lovers. 

Savannah's ring

Savannah at the Heat vs Bobcats game. I know everyone wanted to know what kind of outlandish multi-million dollar rock Lebron gave Savannah.  Well...guess what?! He gave her a gorgeous modest (by baller status...not us regular folks), pear (or heart..I can't tell from the pic) shaped diamond. (Don't get it twisted...that is a MAJOR rock! And I'm sure he didn't have to put it on his credit to pay for it!) I actually dig the fact that Savannah is an RBG.  I saw someone tweet calling her assorted negative names.   I also saw tweets from a so called "relationship expert" who thinks she knows what folks want...talking about how the marriage would not work. (Jealous much?) Savannah just isn't nipped and tucked.  And quite frankly she's a doll!  She has gorgeous skin, a pretty face...and a good shape...and she has no problem dressing it up or dressing it down, and looking great while doing it.  And I said all of that, knowing nothing about it even mat

ENGAGED: Lebron James and Savannah Brinson

He popped the question!  At an NYE party last night, Lebron James asked his long time girlfriend and mother of his two children to become his wife! He just turned 27, and they have been together eight years.  People have spoken about him making an honest woman out of Savannah for a long time. I guess now the time was right.  No one else gets to decide that for you.  Find good people who will support your union and do the work to keep it tight. No matter what the masses say, you can have a sustained and loving relationship even when you are rich, famous, and well...a baller. Don't listen to what negative people say...they don't care anything about you anyway. Savannah's reaction to the proposal caught on camera.

#25 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Noa Today's Guy: Noa How long I've known him: Over twelve years Claim to fame: He's an actor making his way out in Cali-forn-i-a This post is a little different than the normal What He Said , as it isn't an interview.  Noa and I met when we were both in college back in the day.  He attended one of my alma mater's rival schools and his brother went to school with me.  Over the years we have remained tight like glue and talk pretty much every day. Noa actually introduced me to Voxer ...that's where today's topic comes from.  It was a message he left me last night. Pure hilarity! Noa and I, have the most ridiculous conversations sometimes.  If you ever listened to the way we speak, you would think we hate each other.  It is more like siblings going at it than anything else LOL. But all in all we have each other's back.  We push each other in a number of ways...from career to love life.  I joke him about liking street walkers... LMBO...and he clo