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Taking the show on the road! You haven't heard from me in a few days on here.  I know, I know.  I've been working on a some things.  One thing is my official page: .  This blog is the vehicle for a book I'm still working on.  Pray for me! :) But my new page is for a number of ventures I am undertaking.  Taking the show on the road, so to speak. Check out the site, share with your friends, churches, community groups, etc.  I've also been knee deep in work for my legal clients (yes I do still practice law! lol).

Mildred Patricia Baena IS the mother of Arnold's "love" child.

50 year old Patty Baena So this week's scandal (was it really a scandal though?) hit the air! Arnold  Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of he and Maria Shriver's house staff. TEN YEARS AGO! Everybody has been waiting to learn the identity of the "other woman".  Well here she is, live and in color...and by the looks of things with a few enhancements... (Do you see what I see? I wonder if the Governator paid for those...) The first thing people keep saying is "Oh she has nothing on Maria..." LOL... REALLY? That's what you think? What about how could Maria not know her husband was bangin' the maid?  How could Arnold betray his wife of 25 years and his FAMILY? Affairs destroy not just a marriage, but the fiber of a family.  The very core of the people in the family.  The betrayal, the pain, the damage is far reaching.  But surely I digress. By the way...ABC News alleges that the son is actually 14 not 10! So did Arnold just find ou

Jumping the Broom, good friends, family secrets and keeping the cookie!

This was the weekend for wedding movies.  And why not? It is wedding season.  Again, I won't do a complete review of this movie here, I'll do it for my column.   But the movie just brought me to the ideas of how your friends are there for you through troubling times as well as celebrations. That is how you know you have a friend.  Friends are thrilled for you when you are happy. And cry with you when you are sad.  That goes for guys and gals in your life.  And the biggest benefit of good friends is that they can be a buffer for family.  Let's be real, sometimes blood might be thicker than water, but you can also drown in it!  As much as we love our families they can sometimes take liberties when it comes to our sanity.  Most times they mean no harm and do things thinking (albeit wrongly) that it will save us pain and heartache in the long run.  But truthfully those ugly things are best shared when we can shoulder the burden of it.  The craz

Bridesmaids, the movie and being one!

I went to see Bridesmaids last night with a couple of gal pals.  Prior to the movie we had an interesting dinner conversation about biological clocks, dating taboos, family pressures and marriage... I mean what else would we talk about? I have been a maid of honor twice.  A bridesmaid once.  And I'll participate in another wedding this summer.  This movie hit the nail on the head in so many ways.     Bridal parties seem to always have conflict between old friends and new friends.  There are always mishaps.  And a fallout typically happens when you have more than a couple friends in the wedding party.  And the show Bridezilla shows that the bride can sometimes lose her mind or become so self absorbed that it is difficult to deal with her.  I'm not going to give a complete review of the movie here, I'll do that in my examiner column.  But I must say I loved the maid of honor in the movie.  She was hilarious and her role was near and dear to my heart! Ha ha!   I&#

Off limits: When is "taken" not really "taken"?

I've had a few people ask me how do they deal with situations where the person they like is in a "complicated" relationship.  Sometimes the other person has a significant other who is hundreds of miles away.  Other times they have an on again off again relationship with someone who they just can't let go. When relationship statuses change with the wind, how do you really know who you should deal with and who you shouldn't? One of my homeboys has a "graduated" system: I classify it on different levels and this is from minor to major...{just having sex} (self explanatory), dating(fair game), engaged(give or take, depending on morals). And Marriage (off limits) This is why things are so confusing.  You don't know what situation a person is in.  If they are giving you a lot of attention, you often justify it by saying "well if he/she were happy at home, then I wouldn't get all of this attention..."  Eh...not necessarily the case. I

Crazy pet stories...

As you should know by now, I am an avid radio listener. I listen to music of all genres, I listen to talk radio, I love NPR and I have some staples that I tune into every day.   Well today, while listening to a particular show, I heard some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a minute. So this lady calls in to the complaint segment on this one show.  She wants to complain about her mother.  Her mom always calls her with annoying tasks.  Well this time she called saying that her dog died at 2 a.m.  So the lady commissions her husband to go help her mother bury the dog. At the point they are putting the dog in the ground, he begins to growl. The mom forgot to tell them that the dog was stung by a bee and the vet told her to give the dog a benadryl.  She gave the dog two benadryls and the dog went into a deep sleep! bwahahahahahahaha (wait...did you know you could give dogs human medicine? bwahahahahahaaa). Kungfu kitty!! Then to keep the pet motif going... They read a s

Waitress puts bad tippers on blast.

I tip everywhere I go. I tip my stylist, cabbies, homeless people and at restuarants whether I dine in or carry out. However, I must say something about this foolishness right here. As someone who has been the victim of both poor service AND Identity theft, if ever I ran across this heiffa and she did this to me... THERE WOULD BE SOME FURNITURE MOVING!!! You know what the job is when you take it. Your wage is $2.13 an hour. If you don't like it, go flip burgers. They pay minimum wage. Or you could ask your boss to include gratuity in the cost of the meal, but they don't do that do they? Why? Because no one owes your arse a tip! I know people will disagree with me here...ah...nothing new. But I can't stand people who feel entitled to something. No one owes you anything more than to not do something to you. I have been to dinner with friends who tipped only to have the waiter or waitress take a little extra from their cards. So with this chick here...Megan Humph

Lakers swept, dumped, and chumped.

I lifted this from my homeboy Tony lol So when Andrew Bynum said the Lakers had "trust issues", everyone tried to sweep it under the rug.  But you had to have sensed the truth in it, based on the way they played the series with the Mavs.  Gossip blogs are alleging that the strife is very personal.  Media Take Out and Bleacher Report claim that Kobe Bryant or his wife, Vanessa , is at the center of the mess.  They allege that Kobe has some hand in Pau Gasol's fiance leaving him. Gasol and ex Silvia Lopez Castro Now didn't Kobe learn anything about snitchin' and carryin' on when he threw Shaq under the bus? Apparently not.  Don't he and Vanessa have enough going on in their own lives to not meddle in the lives of others?  SMH! But anyway, this little diddy goes to show that messiness is not gender specific.  Further that men can be extremely affected by heartache and heartbreak.   If this is true.  Now what I want to know is...What made Lamar Od

What do women consider a "good" man?

I love this song and video.  I think I should have been living my adult life in the 70s! But anyway, that isn't the purpose of thie blog... The song is the purpose though. A guy recently asked me: "What do women consider a 'good' man?"  So I put it to the ladies.  My opinion is and always has been I don't believe in such a thing.  I believe any man has the potential to treat you well or poorly.  So I try not to label people.  But, I don't mind sharing your opinions! Besides...he REALLY WANTS TO KNOW!!! LOL Here are some responses: M. G. Hale Honest, hard working, God fearing, and kind J.Ellis attentive, motivated, educated(informal counts) honest, communicative, strong T. Wright a good man doesnt play games. He respects himself & his woman. He knows how to listen, talk, and provide (not just financially). So come on ladies! Tell this good fella what you condier a good man! Leave it in the comments, he'll read them.

OSAMA bin Laden is DEAD...

Several sources are stating that President Barack Obama will announce in a few minutes that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind September 11, 2001, ten years ago IS DEAD! Sources including CNN are alleging that the U.S. is in possession of the body.  Ten years after the tragedies that took over 3,000 lives.  Years after 2 misguided wars.  President Obama who stood against the War in Iraq, will announce that Osama bin Laden is dead!  Wow!  I remember where I was when the planes hit.  I was at work as a technical writer in my hometown.  I had taken a year off between undergrad and law school.  I had NPR on, and all of the engineers came into my office.  We listened astonished! *UPDATE* @politico- "President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight and that American forces took possession of his body" CNN- It was last week that President Obama authorized the misson, and today it was carried out, deep in Pakistan. knilxino

#20 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

I bumped into "Frames Bond" at For Sisters Only on Saturday. He called me "Miss Controversy".  I asked him why he called me that, and he said I talk about the things people try to keep on the hush.  I told him I don't want to be seen as controversial.  He told me that the truth is controversial, so don't stop telling it. Anyway, I captured him giving his quote, in the video above.  So he will kick off my vlogging for What He Said.