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'But the ladies, they're supposed to be silent...'

'But the ladies, they're supposed to be silent...' Controversies tend to abound when Jameis Winston's around. Mainly because of situations he's placed himself in coupled with positive and negative expectations people have placed on him based on his status as a big personality in the game of football. Yesterday, Winston made a grand statement to elementary school children that was supposed to be about self-esteem and empowerment. It went left.

Cheating rehab

Can you heal from a broken heart and stay with the heartbreaker? He cheated. Your heart is in a thousand pieces, but he swears he will never do it again. Do you take him at his word, when he literally just told you how he screwed you over? I do not have personal experience being in the position of taking a cheater back. I know just as many people who have been cheated on as I do cheaters. Plenty of folks have stayed together after infidelity. Some of the relationships are healthy...the others are hellacious.  I never felt that the reason behind cheating was that complex. People cheat because they want to. Many reasons exist that make people want to cheat. People want to cheat when: They want commitment benefits, but don't want commitment responsibilities.  They struggle addressing their relationship issues. They are not having their desires and/or needs met in their relationship and choose to step outside of it instead of communicating effectively. They'd ra

Hurt Bae and conversations with exes

What would a conversation with your ex look like? (Check the update at the end.) So there is a viral video posted by The Scene of college sweethearts having a heart to heart conversation. People are upset about how the guy in the video behaved and are calling the young lady "Hurt Bae." According to  Essence , Hurt Bae was only 22 or 23 when the video was shot, last November. She claims, in their exclusive interview, that she is now over the relationship and has learned a lot about forgiveness.  Frome Essence: In a now-viral video shot for  The Scene , we met ex best friends and lovers Kourtney Jorge and Leonard Long III, who parted ways after he cheated numerous time during their relationship and showed no remorse for his actions. Viewers watched in agony as Jorge confronted Long after their breakup and her heartbreaking emotional response to their painful conversation has spawned memes, timeline debates over who's to blame after infidelity and endle