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Dear Clint Eastwood: Have a seat

I have been working like crazy lately. But I managed to stay up long enough to watch the Republican National Convention's final night.

And wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww weeeeeeee am I glad I tuned in... O_D

Please watch this video of Clint Eastwood after the jump:

YBBG's day off

Most people sleep in on their days off, or find something completely frivolous and entertaining to do. Not me! Ha!

So...How did MsYBBG spend her day?

6:20-- Alarm goes off

6:25-- Alarm shut off

6:30-- Other alarm goes off...

Okay, yeah...I'm not REALLY going to take you through my day minute by minute. But.. I started the day visiting some of my favorite people.

While there, a young lady spoke about voting rights and the BET protect my vote forum moderated by Noleezy at Charlotte School of Law at 2pm on Sunday.  Then Noleezy and I had a battle of the sexes about who pays for dates and the air, that was taken to Twitter. HA!

Welp  in here with a ? Women would u go half on a room?! Collapse
ReplyRetweetFavorite 9:28 AM - 29 Aug 12 · Details
Fussing with  about financing dates...  said "once I've spent $100.00..we together" LMBO Collapse

Bourgeoisie is as bourgeoisie does

People are really quick to call something or someone "ghetto"...but call those same people bourgeoisie and they will find a million and one reasons to not accept said label.

But let's be truthful...some of y'all are bourgeoisie or BOUGIE or BOUZHIE or siddity or uppity or whatever you would like to call it. This all started when I went to brunch with my friend for her birthday. We go all the way back to the sixth grade.  So we've seen each other grow into adulthood...with several funny stories along the way. 
Anywho...while at brunch, she noticed that the environment seemed to draw a certain type of people. I said yeah...bourgeoisie. She said, "I don't think the people are bourgeoisie...just not ghetto."  I said, "Nah... they are bourgeoisie.  Take a look at them...The natural hair chicks are all bohemian chic...the permed chicks are all Uptown fancy.  They are bourgeoisie. LOL"
I mean, who other than bourgeoisie folks would eat at a plac…

Black Enterprise 20/20 Vision forum sponsored by Walmart

Black Enterprise hosted the 20/20 Vision Minority Women in Business forum at the Hilton Center City, Charlotte on Wednesday. Walmart, one of the leading corporations utilizing diverse suppliers, sponsored the program. The invite-only event boasted women in every aspect of business from start-up to financing to major corporation.

Attendees covered the forum on Twitter though the hashtag #besuppdiv, allowing those unable to attend a glimpse at the tremendous information received.

Speakers included Sylvia Brewer, Dawn Fitch of Pookalita, Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter and author of Success Never Smelled So Sweet, Valerie Daniels-Carter of V&J Holdings, Brenda Anderson of The Galilee Agency Group, Audra Bohanna, Kesha Cash, Dr. Twyla Garrett, and Marissa Lee. 
Ms. Cash, Dr. Garrett, and Ms. Lee tackled a huge issue that many upstarts face: financing. Where do you get the money to finance your dream? Topics from angel investors to SBA financing and sustainable community grants wer…

YBBG and her natural hair

So I have had natural hair for some time now. I still hate blow drying it. This is probably the longest it has been since I was in the 8th grade. I always kept my hair cut in a bob or some similar cut.

I actually thought about taking the flat iron to it but changed my mind. Instead I'll twist it and do a textured look for this week. 
It's been a couple of years and I still haven't considered getting a relaxer, but I have considered cutting it all off and going to a short cut. I actually think about that quite often, since my major attitude toward styling is simple is better. 
My styling routine consists of co-washing and leave-in conditioner. I do wash-n-goes all the time. I just don't like anything that is time consuming. 
I probably will stick with what I'm doing...who knows? If you have any quick styling ideas leave me a comment!

YBBG shopping: Ross haul

Y'all know I love a good shopping trip. I saved about 60% on these items when I went to Ross Dress for Less. I learned a long time ago that you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good.

As a matter of fact people are going thrifting crazy these days. I still cannot bring myself to do it. My mama tries to encourage me, but I just can't. LOL

So, I go to discount clothing stores instead like Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall's. One steal I got from Ross yesterday was a tote by Charles David. Apparently he's into vegan leather. Can someone tell me what that is exactly?

Quite frankly, I don't care about any vegan anything, I just liked the bag. It is simple and makes a statement at the same time.

Are you label hungry? Do you spend full price or are you willing to dive in the racks at thrift stores? 

#30 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: Anonymous
How long I've known him: A while
Status: Single and looking

Today's Topic: Online dating

So anonymous and I have had discussions throughout his online dating experience, which has been brief but very eventful. In this blog, I cover three scenarios that colored his online dating experience. This will not be in an interview format, as we talked over a period of time from joining the site to now. There are slight changes to the scenarios so as to protect the innocent. 


Anonymous joined a popular site that matches participants with potential mates based on similar interests, wants and desires of a mate, and physical attributes. The first night he was cool about trying it out. Then once his profile was up and the hits kept coming he was geeked!

What he said: Man! If I was like I used to be, this online thing would be open season. I would be a dog. My profile hasn't been up for five minutes, and I already have a lot of women hitting me up. A…

YBBG on Men's Fashion: How to tie Bowties

So I went to a networking event at Kalu the other night. Kalu is a fusion restaurant and lounge in Charlotte. The decor is fabulous.

WGIV hosts an event in conjunction with the director of Big Brothers Big Sisters each year called the Big Business Exchange. I invited D. N. Gregory of Nikki Pinanche to come with me this year. She brought her BoldTies with her.

I have never tied a bowtie on a guy before. I have helped a guy with his regular tie a time or two. I learned how to tie regular ties from my daddy. He always had several ties in his closet to go with his suits, as did my grandpa. Neither of them ever wore bowties, however.

My "brother" Shel used to wear them though. He says every grown man should know how to tie a bowtie. Let me tell you, that mess is complicated. HA!

When I spoke to William Wilson last weekend, he said most of his clients only wear bowties with their tuxes. But bowties are major in fashion these days. So why not learn how to tie one?

How to tie a bowt…

Chad Johnson allegedly lumped up Evelyn Lozada


Chad Johnson has been released from the Dolphins.

Jay Glazer