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#15 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

Southern man with a lot to say  Today's Guy: Shanard Smith, licensed family and marriage counselor Twitter name: @DaBestDressed How I know him:    We met doing relationship panels (Real Talk) Today's Topic:    The chase.  What causes the chase, who chases and who controls relationships? It all started at the last Real Talk panel we had.  The topic was dating a professional athlete.  I mentioned that I had gone out with a guy who played in the NFL, but initially I didn't know he did. When I found out, it put a damper on things, and needless to say that was the beginning of the end. Shanard made a comment about the situation...thus this interview.

Do you REALLY know the person you're dating?

 This is who she really is    This is who you meet...      Ok so I'm a little disturbed by some of the answers I received when I asked : How long should you take to get to know someone before you make a physical, financial, and/or emotional commitment to him/her? But the answers revealed to me that the crux of a lot of relationship issues come from people not knowing who they are with.  I mean come on people! I know, I know... It was love at first sight.  We just had a connection...blah blah blah... Well heck you could have just connected with the next Lorena Bobbitt or Ted Bundy.  Apparently that will be just fine for a lot of long as her loving is good and he's paying for all the dates. *side-eye*

BET's The Game: Episode 3 Recap

THE WING KING Barry Bloyd, TeeTee on BET's The Game Malik and Tasha Mack: The show starts out with Malik in his playroom with a bunch of strippers, Drinking.  Tasha comes in asking why he did not come to the meeting with her and Derwin about the Ford campaign. She told him that he needs an assistant. And he needs to call TeeTee back and make up.  She said they've been friends since they were babies taking baths together, laughing at each other's weewees. Malik said he isn't calling TeeTee. Tasha says, fine, I'll call him! Malik:   He's with his teammates, Javon and Bibs. (If you remember from two years ago, Javon proposed to a groupie and gave her a bigger ring than Derwin gave Mel).  Javon's wife has a line-up of girls and asks how many of them know her husband, one girl speaks up and she kicks her out.  They are helping Malik pick a new assistant. They pick a light skinned chick with big curly hair who Malik threw a football to, and she caught it

Relationship Guru, Steve Harvey's ex-wife speaks out!

Mary Harvey, the second wife of famed Comedian, radio personality, game show host, and relationship guru, Steve Harvey is spilling the tea! Mr. Harvey has been on Oprah telling women how to find a good man and become a keeper fish. Apparently he didn't share this information with his prior wives. Many of you heard about the ugly divorce he went through with his ex-wife Mary Harvey, whereby she was left with nothing. Well, the former-Mrs. Harvey is speaking out about her ex and his alleged shenanighans. See videos below:

#14 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

Photo from:  Today's guy: BB (stands for Bitter Black man... You'll understand why as you read this...) How I know him:   He followed me on Twitter Today's topic:  The confessions of a bitter Black man.

Wendy Raquel Robinson speaks on Tasha Mack's love life.

Photo from Everyone has been buzzing about the return of Tasha Mack and The Game! It's been two years, and if you're anything like me and my girls, you were just waiting to see what was about to pop off with Med School and Derwin, what's going on with Kelly and Jason, is Malik still being his fly and flashy self... If you missed the premiere and episode 2 of The Game on BET, you can catch up here . Wendy Raquel Robinson with husband Marco Perkins at the 40th annual NAACP Image Awards in 2009. Wendy Raquel Robinson aka Tasha Mack from BET's The Game, called into the No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse Show on Power 98 Fm in Charlotte, NC today.  Wendy Raquel has been married to her husband for seven years.  But what about her character, Tasha Mack?  Is she going to find love? YBBG was there to ask her a couple of questions.  Is Tasha Mack a cougar?  Are things over with Tasha Mack and Rick Fox? And things went a funny way! YB

On the radio: Money Talk with Atiya Harris

Today's Thought:   Start daydreaming. Plant your desires in your heart, mind, and spirit.  Then awaken to make them happen. Today:  On air via Money Talk with Atiya Harris Topic:  Chasing Dreams and having them pay off. Listen:   Live online   Charlotte, NC 103.3 FM  1370AM 1490AM Guests: Michael Thompson, Director of Corporate Communications-Charlotte Bobcats, NBA               CM Writer, creator of Your Boyfriend's Best Girlfriend blog

BET's The Game Episode 2: RECAP

"The Confession" Tia Mowry plays Melanie on BET's The Game Tasha Mack and Kelly :   The show starts out with Tasha Mack and Kelly on a dark street.  Kelly is dressed all street chic.  Tasha hears someone say "Hey" and she looks back and it is Kelly.  Tasha has the fear of the Lord in her eyes, and tries to get in her car, but can't.  She sprays Kelly with pepper spray and Kelly says "I'm on a Pepper spray diet". Then punches Tasha in the face! Then Tasha wakes up on her couch! Saying "This ain't no way to live!!" She was only dreaming. (this is so not realistic to me! LOL)  

A control freak's guide to a fabulous birthday celebration!

 Birthday cake provided by The Ballantyne Hotel!  Hello... My name is Connie... And I am a control freak...

If I could interview Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today...

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 1929-1968 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 Maybe he shouldn't have done it.  I mean his life was already going well.  He was born to a prestigious family of pastors, well educated and living a middle class lifestyle.  Yes, there were struggles faced by many of his/our people that plagued his heart, but his family was okay.  Why worry about other people?

#13 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

T.W. age 26, attorney Today's Guy:  T.W. How long I've known him:   About a year. Today's topic:   Being a young northern transplant, dating in the south. So T.W. and I work together and we used to have very funny and interesting conversations.  To me he was every bit of a northerner living in a southern city, based on my own stereotypes and preconcceived notions. Beyond that, he's a runner, and one day he told me an interesting story about some older ladies who prey on the younger guys in the running circle.  These women are like the real life versions of Desperate Housewives.  I sat down to talk to T.W. about dating in the south.

Tips for the Diva who shops on a budget

   RHONY's Kelly Bensimone is a confessed budget shopper. Read about it here .  Do you ever find yourself sashaying down the runways of life (the sidewalks, the hallways, the know...where ever) and hear comments like "Oh girl!! Give me those boots!"  Or "You look so cute today!"  And "I love that dress! Your style is so funky! Love it!" Gucci Luggage $699.00 compare at $1,999.00 Then you think to yourself 'Self, if they only knew how much I DIDN'T pay for this ensemble'.  But over to your left is that chick who has on the flyest Loubous aka Red Bottoms and she's dripping in labels and price tags, but NO ONE pays her any compliments. SM Ollie Bootie Retail price $90.00/ $39.94 Now I used to be one of those label hungry chicks.  Ohhhh man! I worked at the mall and I went IN! I left owing money to this one mall store where I worked in college.  I was consumed by

You wouldn't have baby mama drama if...

Ok... this topic gets talked about a lot... Babymama-Babbydaddy drama.  Drama Drama Drama.  Of course last night's episode of The Game on BET brought the conversation back up. 

BET's The Game premiere RECAP

Malik-  He's getting it on with a crazy chick played by Megan Goode.  Looking rather NICE with a mohawk...Apparently he was hurt by a bad hit. He's arguing with the owner of the team.  And apparently the Meagan Goode character is the owner's WIFE!!! Tasha Mack--just as spicy as she was two years ago.  She's managing Derwin.  And throwing jabs at Derwin's babymama Janay. Said the baby boy is too yella and has silky hair when both Derwin and Janay come from a long line of naps!!

I love being me!

 The cast of season two of Vh1's Basketball Wives  Can you say that? And MEAN it? If not, it is time to get yourself together.  People may often try to make you feel bad about who you are, where you're from, or what you have not yet accomplished in life.  If you've ever watched Basketball Wives on Vh1, you will see the "clique" that consists of Shaunie , Jennifer, Royce , Evelyn, formerly Suzie and Gloria, and now Tami Roman.  Evelyn and Jennifer are the "bffs" (and apparently nudists...) of the group and the gatekeepers for the "clique" apparently.  (I mean we have to hear about how everyone wants to get into the group and what they need to do and not do, this season...womp womp.) I called into Power 98 FM this morning to speak about the Tami Roman vs Jennifer Williams  debacle from this past Sunday's episode of Basketball Wives Season 2 on Vh1. Check it out below:

#12 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

Michael Thompson always dreamed of working in the NBA. It was the support, love and understanding of his wife, Tara, that helped him finally achieve that dream. Today's Guy:   Michael Thompson How I know him: He's the Communications Director for the Charlotte Bobcats Topic:   The importance of having a supportive spouse. I met with Mr. Thompson about about a month ago to talk about his career in public relations.  I've been learning about branding and marketing, as well as different methods of achieving your dreams through unconventional measures.  But as is always the case, I somehow manage to talk about my main focus, healthy relationships, whenever I talk about anything.  This time it was Mr. Thompson who brought up his wife, Tara, and how instrumental she was in his rise to his NBA dream job.

Part II: Chilli explains what happened with Bill and why women should have higher standards

Chilli and Floyd in a photoshoot from Season 1 of What Chilli Wants When I wrote "The trouble with having guy friends" a few weeks ago, I delved into how having male friends sometimes limits my ability or even desire to find a suitable mate.  I spoke about how they provide me with almost every thing I would get from a boyfriend (except the romantic part).  So it makes me lazy in even attempting to find someone because for the most part, my needs are being met.  When we left off in Part I, I asked Chilli if Floyd is her security blanket , or a distraction as Tionna Smalls exclaims on the show.

Hey Atlanta Tweeters! What TLC's Chilli wants is to meet you!

Yep! You've pretty much grown up with Chilli, as 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of TLC's debut!  You've seen her on VH1's Behind the Music and now on What Chilli Wants season 1, and season 2 just premiered last Sunday.  Soif you're in Atlanta and on Twitter, you will have a chance to meet her one on one! Here are snippets from the Press Release!

Battle of the Sexes on Power 98: Automatics in a relationship

Image from: In about two hours, we're going head to head.  Men versus Women!  It happens every Thursday on Power 98 Fm in Charlotte (97.9 on your radio, listen live online).  So at 7:45 a.m., you will hear the back and forth.  I'm honored to have been invited to participate again.  I think this is my third or fourth one. So today's topic is:  Automatics in a relationship. Yesterday, I asked some of my readers via Facebook and Text to fill in the blank of this sentence:  Fill in the blank of this Sentence. "If a person wants to get with me he/she must __________ offgate/from the jump!" Some people said:   be honest have manners treat me with respect have a positive attitude make time for me communicate Now you know...those were the polite answers and it is going to go down this morning! LOL!  Don't forget to tune in. Also...fill in the blank and leave it in the comments section here :)

"What Chilli Wants 2" Part I: Chilli speaks on her relationship with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and THE LIST

Guess what, y'all?! I got an early birthday present.  I grew up listening to TLC in middle school (Oooooooh on the TLC Tip) and high school (CrazySexyCool), wearing my clothes baggy, and still being cute at the same time!  ( y'all know I wasn't allowed to listen to secular this is one of the groups I'd hide under the covers and listen to...) To this day I still find myself singing Damaged from Fanmail and What About Your Friends (I actually used that one in one of the blogs here) from their first album!  So yeah, y'all know I was extra hype when my pal, Tam , clued me in on an opportunity to interview Rozonda Chilli Thomas!  When Chilli's publicist gave the okay, I almost fell out! :) LOL Check out Part I of my interview below:

#11 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend.

M. Medley, host The Reading Circle, WP 88.7 , also heard online Today's Guy:   Marc Medley, radio host, blogger, and educator. How I know him:   We follow each other on Twitter Today's topic:    Why Men Sometimes will Not Say Anything or Lie to A Woman If He Thinks She Will Be Angry, Her Feelings Will Be Hurt, or  There will be Negative Consequences One day I typed on Twitter that men sometimes lie, not to deceive, but out of fear of the reaction a woman would have to the truth.  Of course this was met with ire.  No one should lie.  But just because no one should, it doesn't mean no one will.  My point was that in order to get the truth more often than not, you may want to check your reactions to it.  Again, it was met with rebuttals and at some points anger...from women.  There was one brave soul who spoke up to affirm what I said.  A man who goes by the Twitter name: @readingcircle01 Here's what he had to say abo