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Refuse to be a girlfriend...if you want to be a wife

Are you always on his back begging for commitment? I think boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are stupid. is cute for high school and maybe even your early twenties...but after a certain point, it just seems really silly for grown people to be in these situation-ships. Particularly for people who actually want to be married. It is one thing if you do not believe in marriage, and boyfriend-girlfriend is the highest level of commitment you intend on making, but it is a whole other ball game when your desire is to be a spouse. People are literally running around in pseudo-marriages for years on end...with all of the duties and responsibilities of marriage and none of the benefits. Let me reiterate, I am talking about people who want to be married. I do not care what anyone says, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are not "practice for marriage." There is no such thing as a test-drive for marriage. Once you exchange vows, everything changes. You cannot date som