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Loving sports like a lady

Laila Ali is my sports super shero. So this weekend is the Final Four and all.  My Tar Heels went out in the Elite 8, and sadly I discovered that three of our top players are leaving for the NBA Draft. ( Marshall, Barnes, Henson declare for draft .) Spring is somewhat of a downtime for the sports I like, namely football and basketball.  But there is another sport that I really dig and always wanted to participate in: boxing. I'm sure I have spoken about this before on here. As much as I love the idea of boxing, the reality sits in.  The one thing I always wondered was: How in the world could I box and protect my face?  You see boxers running around with missing teeth, lumped up heads, cauliflower ears, and all kinds of foolishness.  Uh, yeah, not moi! Somehow Laila Ali managed to have a fabulous boxing career and keep her pretty face. As much of a fighter I once was, I don't know if I could have ever been a pro boxer.  Boxing takes a lot of work.  I know bec

Joe Oliver: An opportunist or a friend?

Joe Oliver is the self appointed spokesperson for George Zimmerman. Joe Oliver came out as George Zimmerman's good friend.  He talked about how Zimmerman cried uncontrollably, showed tremendous remorse, and was all cut up in the face.  Oliver said George wouldn't have done anything with racial animus because he's not a racist.  He said he's known George for six years. But...there's a strange thing about how time shines the light on truth.  Not only has this man not seen George Zimmerman, now he says he's not a close friend of George, but more like an "uncle".  Oliver also says he is going off of a gut-feeling, more than actual knowledge.  Well...that was when he appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.  Now, he says he's something like an acquaintance, but he has known George long enough to know he would risk his life for him.  (I don't know about you, but I'm not risking my life for a "play uncle-acquaintance&q

Tweet responsibly

I am a reckless Tweeter.  Well...I was... Sometimes I would go on these Twitter rants about something I saw or read or witnessed that made my blood boil.  If you saw just one of my tweets out of context, you would have thought I was crazy. There is something about social media that gives people a level of comfort to do and say certain things, that I am quite certain will soon turn into a mental illness.  The perception and tweets remain in cyberspace, and may harm you in the long run. Take for instance the Twitter rants of people talking about The Hunger Games.  Apparently people got in an uproar over the casting of Black actors for some of the parts, even though the books detail the characters as having dark brown skin.  Read more about it at .  Racism is not dead.  This generation is no more immune from harboring hatred in their hearts than the generations before them. Then there were all of the party for Trayvon party promos being transported across the interw

UNC Tar Heels are ELITE!

Okay. I don't even want to talk about the game.  We started out well...leading by as much as fifteen points at one time. Then the bottom fell out.  And by bottom, I mean the bottoms of the nets as the Ohio Bobcats started reigning threes... And my dear Tar Heels started turning the ball over. It then became a seesaw battle at the end.  And that darn Bobcats player had the audacity to loft a three at the end of regulation that could have given them the win. I was on the floor.  No seriously on the floor! But thank goodness it clanged off the right side of the rim! Whew! Let's just say...Stillman White didn't do a poor job playing in Kendall Marshall's stead, who is out with a cracked right wrist bone.  White had ZERO turnovers.  Tyler Zeller played well with 20-20 effort. Harrison Barnes was not himself.  He was quite flat, and seemed a bit distracted...bless his heart, but he showed a little moxie in the end.   But above all else...REGGIE BULLOCK showed up a

Penny pinching vs gold digging

If a lady cares a lot about your balance sheets, would you cash out or cash in on an opportunity to date her? ARE YOU A CHEAP DATE? On Monday night, I facilitated another discussion about relationships.  This time, the key focus was men and their money. I asked the crowd an age old question: WHO PAYS FOR DATES? One might think this was an easy enough question, with simple answers.  But that would be too much like right. Somehow this simple question turned into a test of wills.  Discussions of McDonald's versus five star treatment. If a man doesn't want to come out of his pockets, will you keep it moving or give him a chance? One lady said her time is valuable, so she will not go to a fast food restaurant for a date. And a man better make for darn sure, that the date is worth it and paid for in full by him, or there will be no second chances. A gentleman said he gave women the "are you worth it" test.  He and his wife both attended the event.  T

Geraldo Rivera says: Quit dressing like a thug!

This is a hoodie...I guess that makes me a thug? THUGS ROB PEOPLE OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY... Bernie Madoff stole billions. AND DO HARD TIME IN THE PEN. THUGS COMMIT HORRIBLE CRIMES LIKE RAPE Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster, raped three women. AND THEY KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE Phil Spector shot a woman in his home.  AND HURT CHILDREN Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl. Jerry Sandusky molested and raped several little boys. Geraldo Rivera said that dressing like a Thug got Trayvon Martin killed... Tweets   58m Geraldo Rivera   ‏   @ GeraldoRivera   Reply     Retweet     Favorite   ·   Open Its sad that I have to be the one reminding minority parents of the risk that comes with being a kid of color in America--channel the rage 1h Geraldo Rivera   ‏   @ GeraldoRivera   Reply     Retweet     Favorite   ·   Open Its not blaming the victim Its common sense-look like a g