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Substance abuse and domestic violence (Guest Post)

When looking to the core of domestic violence, what role does substance abuse play? If you have been a long time reader, you know that I post Domestic Violence Awareness posts every October. In my non-blogger life, I have appeared on radio as a DV Awareness expert. My younger sister is a Teen Dating Violence Prevention coordinator and has appeared as an expert in local media in her city. Part of my sister's platform discusses the role of substance abuse in teen dating violence. I was thrilled when I received a message from Michelle Peterson, of Revovery Pride in Anaheim, California, asking to submit an article for YBBG readers on this topic. Peterson's post appears below. The Link Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence by Michelle Peterson The United States  Department of Justice  found that 61% of domestic violence offenders have  substance abuse  problems. Alcohol use is reported in nearly half of all domestic violence cases. Even when an alcohol

Dating games...when every player loses

Has dating become so complicated that coupling is becoming impossible? Has dating become so complicated that coupling is becoming impossible? Between Netflix and Chill and Baller Alerts... how do people even manage to get together these days? Far too much strategizing and game playing goes is hard for people to get through the hazy maze and get to know each other. Yesterday, a lady sent me the screenshot below, that she retrieved from Instagram, and asked my thoughts on the exchange in the texts.