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Kenya Moore shops at TJ Maxx

I frequent gossip blogs when I'm bored or trying to kill time. Yesterday, I saw a headline about former Miss USA/current reality star on RHOA and Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore. Apparently someone saw her shopping the  clearance racks at TJ Maxx, and quipped to a blog that she thought Moore was supposed to be rich. LOL. The proposition that rich people throw away money on clothing is what keeps regular folks like myself in financial despair. As I told Moore, I had a college professor who inherited millions of dollars and he and his wife shopped at Goodwill. Not just perusing the racks...but actually doing dollar grab bags. He would itemize his attire like, "This shirt cost a nickel and I think we splurged on the pants because they were at least a quarter." It's sadly funny that people feel that spending less money on items is shameful. My favorite stores are discount stores, like Ross and Marshalls, and I haven't shopped at

Rest well, Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott from Winston Salem, North Carolina, by way of Chicago, left today. He fought hard to defeat cancer, and in his own way he did. Father, sportscaster and one of the most famous Tar Heels, Scott was a shining example of tackling life through your challenges. He battled cancer for a long time, but he didn't do it from a hospital bed. I followed him on Twitter as he would go on adventures with his daughters, get up every day through chemotherapy to do p90x, and appear at events to speak. Sometimes even chat a little with me on a sports topic...yeah, I felt kinda special, but he would chat a little with everyone who tweeted him. Scott inspired me, even in my younger days when I watched him "Booyah" his way on Sports Center, he had an exuberant personality and was just himself doing a job his way. I was so thrilled when we selected him as our commencement speaker for graduation from UNC. Some people fought against it, claiming we should have someone more steeped in

YBBG has been busy

Last year in a nutshell Hey y'all! I have not kept up with this blog like I've wanted to...not in a while anyway. I've been busy...and I dip in and out of here every once in a while to post about something or other... This blog's intended purpose will return soon. So some stuff is going to shift and change around here. I think... lawd...let me not make any promises I cannot keep. Anyway...Did I say Happy New Year? I probably didn't... If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you've received my "New Year" well wishes.  If not...check me out over there... Let me explain the pic above...last year was a whirlwind for me. I started writing for a , it's an entertainment site from AEG the worldwide promoters. (You know the folks who were doing the MJ concert before he passed away.)  So I interviewed a few famous folks, like Thomas Davis from the Carolina Panthers, Tracey Lee (entertainment lawyer/hip hop artist), and