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Tamia Exclusive Interview for Examiner

I was granted the privilege of an exclusive interview with Tamia during her "Beautiful Surprise" tour stop in my city. Tamia's PR rep, Michelle, helped coordinate the interview, and I thank her very much.

Tamia's manager, Ray Hammond, does not play! Let me tell you! Mr. Hammond said, "You've got five minutes." And...he meant it. As Tamia and I approached the five minute mark, Mr. Hammond gave me the "wrap this thing on up so we can go" sign and I did as I was told.

I forgot to tell Tamia that she stole my husband. I mean, when I was 13 I decided I would marry Grant Hill. LOL Tamia beat me to him! I guess he was my "Almost" that never was! Just jokes...

Speaking of Tamia and Grant, their marriage has stood the test of time. It has literally been through sickness and in health, for better and for worse. As Tamia alluded to, each of them have had their own struggles through being in the spotlight, upward and downward careers, only to g…

Cityblis launches a pressroom for fashion writers

YBBG teamed up with Cityblis some time ago for exclusive fashion news and access to new designers from across the world. Now Cityblis is opening up their fashion info to bloggers, writers, and journalists covering fashion.

Check out the info from the press release below:

San Francisco, CA. – June 26, 2013 – Today  launched the Cityblis Media Center - an online pressroom combining ecommerce and digital publishing.  This first-of-its kind online service gives reporters and journalists front row access to thousands of the world's best independent designers. Consolidating all digital content from high-resolution images to press releases into one central hub, the Media Center expands the international fashion platform to a whole new sector.
The idea is a combination of Reuters and Glam Media specifically developed for the fashion industry. "Cityblis is not just a fashion platform anymore.  With the launch of the Cityblis Media Center it is now also a full featured digi…

Men stick to a physical type

If men have a physical type, they usually stick to it. That's according to quite a few fellas who responded to a question a lady posed. 
Men know what they like physically. It's the personality that they usually have an issue finding. If a woman isn't physically appealing they won't even pay her any attention on a romantic level. That being said, looks won't seal the commitment deal. 
Take for instance this guy I know. He was once engaged to a blond who was rather unremarkable looking named Jenny. Jenny was just your average looking girl down the block (no pun intended). Nothing about her stood out specifically. 
Well they broke up. Now all of a sudden Jenny's look is very remarkable. Why? Because the guy's current girlfriend looks EXACTLY like her... and to make it even more weird...her name is Jenny too! LOL (I wish I were making this up...but I'm not.) 
It all comes down to personality. Could that explain why Reggie Bush ended up creating a family w…

Let your light shine

Often I stop to think a lot about what I'm doing. What messages am I sending? Am I fulfilling my purpose? How can I improve myself?
Am I really helping anybody? Have I once again become caught up in the rat race? What is pushing me these days? 
Yeah... A lot of questions. 
So I pause. Then I pray. I talk to God about everything. People who don't know what that's like won't understand, but that's okay. I feel like any relationship thrives off of communication. 
I may be able to go for long periods of time without talking to people but I've realized that I miss out on a lot when I do so. It is a selfish thing to move around daily without connecting to the people you love.
Anyway... I realize I don't want to be selfish anymore. I know that I've often held back in doing certain things because of my selfish desire to remain aloof, disconnected and in the background. That's when the song and message hit me today.
The song "This little light of mine" h…

#35 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend, PJ Morton

#35 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend, PJ Morton looks at the male psyche of a Grammy winning entertainer and how he navigates love, marriage and life on the road.

Today's Guy: Paul Morton Jr better known as PJ Morton
Claim to fame: Husband, father, son; Stellar, Dove and Grammy Award winner; Independent Artist turned Young Money Entertainment Signee; Creator of "New Orleans" the album; all around dope musician
How I know him: Interviewed him at Double Door Inn and reviewed his show for

Today's Topic: Maintaining relationships while on the road

I talked to PJ Morton about his career and life outside of music. He's the son of Bishop Paul S. Morton, a songwriter and performer. His concert was out of this world in that he somehow managed to keep the crowd engaged even when the sound went out on his mic.

PJ has been married for four years and has three children. He has a very deep perspective on love, as his parents have been married for over th…

Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and NKOTB in Charlotte

The Package Tour came to Charlotte this week. It features Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and headliners New Kids On The Block.  I did a review for I also chatted with a soldier whose husband went to the concert for her after losing a bet. She's currently stationed in Afghanistan. Check out her story.

My seat was fantastic, thanks to the marketing director for Time Warner Cable Arena. But the funny thing is, I sat in the wrong seat initially... After BIIM performed, a couple came up to me saying I was in the wrong seat. Mind you, I was directed to the seat by the staff.

I asked, are you sure? Ask security, they sent me here. Not thinking to look overhead and see where I actually was sitting. The guy asked an usher and the usher directed me and another lady to the appropriate section... Yep...I was slightly embarrassed, but it wasn't my fault.

Anyway...the show. I was susrprised that Boyz II Men was the opening act, and could not remember any 98 Degrees songs except Una …

Lebron James MVP speech channels Riley Freeman

LeBron James is a two time MVP-Champion. He is on the same level of Michael Jordan and Bill Russell in that respect. It was Russell who handed him the Championship-MVP trophy last night. James shut his critics down on June 20, 2013.

Then Doris Burke asked him a very important question...his answer was classic. Check it out:

Basically what he said was...well watch this speech by Riley Freeman on Boondocks:

LeBron James is a two time champion. Has been to the NBA Finals all three years he's played with the Heat. Falls only behind Magic Johnson in the number of triple doubles he's had in the playoffs and is a beast on offense and defense. 
You do not have to like him, but you will respect his dominance! Last night, he had five three pointers, 37 points, 12 rebounds and for the second game, shut Tony Parker down. Wade dropped 23 and Battier 18. It was definitely a team effort, and no matter what anyone says...LeBron is a team player. 
Congratulations Miami Heat on your second …

Miami Heat fans left Game 6 early and missed everything

Game 6: Miami 103 Spurs 101 OT
Dear Miami fans:
If you leave the game early, this is what you will miss. 
Mike Miller playing like Shoeless Joe

The Kid version of Birdman Birdman

Jesus Shutterworth's three pointer

Lebron getting a triple double without his headband

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs had a Game 6 of the NBA Finals that people will remember for a long time. 
It looked like the Spurs had locked up another championship when they were up with 38 seconds to go. David Stern even called down his championship crowning crew! And Miami Heat fans started leaving the building.
Oh...but the game isn't over until the clock shows all zeros! The Heat stormed back and sent the game into overtime.  Miami fans bange

YBBG partners with Photo2Book App

YBBG is excited to announce a new partnership. Photo2Book is a neat app that turns your phone pics into vibrant photo books. 
P2P is a new concept utilizing today’s smart phone technology to capture images and instantly produce personalized miniature key chain photo albums via a free App available for downloading at the Apple Store.

This unique keepsake comes in two sizes: Micro Album (1.375” W x 1.5” H) 18 pages - $9.95 and Mini Album (2.25” W x 3” H) 12 pages - $15.95.  The Photo albums are printed in high-resolution and ready to ship within 2 business days. 

For YBBG readers use discount code:  CM for your purchase.
I know I take a lot of pics with my phone. I'm heading to a wedding next month and will most likely use this app to send a book of candid shots to the bride and groom afterwards. 
I think it's a cool app for bloggers to use as well. I have tons of pics I've taken at different events that I would like to have as a keepsake.
I recently interviewed PJ Morton and Tam…

Who is PJ Morton?

I have a new partnership with a photographer, G Will, who takes photos for this blog and my column. Last month, she told me that a guy named PJ Morton was set to perform in Charlotte. I had never heard of him.

G Will goes on and on about how I should interview this guy because he makes dope music and has an interesting background. By the way, he's from New Orleans...she was biased...her people are from New Orleans! 
PJ Morton plays keyboards for Maroon 5, you know that group headed by Adam Levine? -G Will
Morton just released his first label album, New Orleans. He was signed by Young Money Entertainment (YMCMB) at the end of 2011.

Young Money? Umm...okay. I'm not much a fan of other Young Money artists, but my photographer pal was persistent.

So I decided to check this PJ Morton guy out. Little did I know, I already knew him. Well, not him, but his music. Not only did I know PJ Morton through his music, but I knew his dad too!

Well...get out of here. PJ is the so…