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Black like me: Ancestry by DNA

I've always loved the study of genetics. For years, I would argue with people that African DNA produces all kinds of (phenotype) skin colors, eye colors and hair the light skin vs dark skin debate never made sense to me. I would argue that having light skin and even light eye color did not mean that a person contained an abundance of European DNA. 
I never really knew all of my racial or ethnic background. My maternal grandmother was chocolate with slanted eyes. I had a light skinned grandma and a dark skinned grandma with slanted eyes. I had at least one grandpa who appeared Native American to me, but who said his father was actually White. So it has been somewhat of a mystery. 

People have always assumed things about my heritage that I never thought were true. I just didn't know to be quite honest. I have been teased about my eyes (that change colors) and skin color for years. People have even asked me "What are you mixed with?" (My sister gets this quest…