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'I do not trust you'

PLAY VIDEO AT THE 6:58 MARK RoomieLoverFriends is my favorite web series from Black&SexyTv. The concept is that these two roommates start creepin...and then fall for each other.

CMPD: Good cops

I try to be evenhanded in my critiques and my praise. Sometimes I become entrenched in social injustices and come up short on hi-lighting the good things that are going on in the world. With all of the unarmed shootings and other police violations, I have overlooked hi-lighting  good officers. There really are people who go to the police academy with the intention of doing well and helping people. They are often lost in the madness of reports of police brutality and shenanigans. I can understand, as I happened to work in another hated profession as an attorney. I know that I, and many of my colleagues, chose this profession to help people...but we are outshone by our colleagues who are not so self-less or charitable... So we all get painted with the same brush. (I don't know if good attorneys outnumber bad or bad the good...who knows?  Don't let a title fools you...or change you for the worse.) Last night,  I was pulled over for a traffic violation by the nicest,