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Lala's Olympic nails

Lala Anthony tweeted this pic of her nails. One of my Twitter followers ( Hey Kym! ) retweeted this instagram pic of Lala Anthony's nails. I usually don't like all the extra stuff people put on their nails, as I am very ummm simplistic, I guess. But, I actually loved this! I would have gone for all the nails with the Olympic rings, but I like the little's kinda cute. I just got a pedicure yesterday...hmm... had I seen this before... haha!! My favorite nail spot in da bull city (Durham). Nails 1st What do you think of Lala's Olympic nails?

Olympics: Bronze...Silver...Gold...Platinum?

This Olympian has a diamond encrusted platinum grill. The London Olympics have taken off in spectacular fashion. Of course I watched the opening ceremony.    It was not what I expected. I guess it was culturally spectacular. My favorite part was Mr. Bean doing Chariots of Fire...oh and of course the parade of nations. Did you know there were so many good looking French brothas? I had no idea. So far I've caught tennis matches, swimming an men's gymnastics. Oh an a bicycle race that lasted far too long. I go trapped in it.  With all that said, the one shining moment of the even thus far was when one Olympian popped up with an iced out grill. I was too done! LOL Do you know who the diamond encrusted platinum grill wearing Olympian is? Hint: He went to school in Florida and won Olympic gold. 

Instagram and YBBG

So... My pal over at Blitz and Glam had a post about Instagram today. It took me a while to figure out how to even use it lol But... I'm on it now. I Instagramed a lot today. Some motivation.... A little snacking... Some fitness to make up for the snacking... And a trip down memory lane... Are you on Instagram?

Penn State, no death penalty...but on life support

Penn State is on life support after NCAA ruling. (Original photo from Prism magazine .) THE NCAA LAID THE HAMMER DOWN!!! Word on the street is that the NCAA hit Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lion's football program with the kamakazi blast...  Alleged penalties: $60,000,000.00 in fines goes to endowment to support child abuse victims 40 lost scholarships over 5 year period 4 year bowl ban And all JoePa wins from 1998-2011 vacated 5 years of probation All athletes can transfer to another school That may not be the death penalty, but I don't see how the program can least for quite some time. What do you think of the penalty? Was it excessive, or just right?  I got most of this from my Twitter feed.... from AP, ESPN , and others... SportsCenter ‏ @ SportsCenter Following   Penn State's 4-year postseason ban is the longest in major college football since Indiana in 1960 » TJ Holmes  ‏ @ tjholmes NCAA Pres

Jarell Brooks, a hero who stepped up when a coward ran away

Watch More News Videos at ABC 2012 Presidential Election Entertainment & Celebrity News From ABCNews :  A Colorado teenager who survived the  mass shooting at a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises"  in Aurora this morning helped keep a young mother, her young child and her 4-month-old infant safe even though he was injured himself. Jarell Brooks, 19, has been released from Denver General Hospital and is now recovering at home after he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg after James Holmes, once a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado, allegedly set off smoke bombs and opened fire on the unsuspecting audience, killing 12 people and injuring at least 50 in the attack. He was quickly apprehended by authorities. Patricia Legarreta was the lady with the four month old baby... but get this... her fiance, Jamie Rohrs , was in the theater with her, holding the baby, and this COWARD, put the baby down, left Patrici

Brother B's poor man's workout plan

Brother B I spoke to my pal, Brother B, to check on him, and after we talked about the shooting in Colorado , we got into a discussion about health and wellness. He is a fitness pro. He and his wife stay in tip top form. So I told him how my homegirl went out a couple weeks ago and realized a lot of the women in our area are in poor physical condition. That led to a discussion about the excuses people use for not getting their lives together and paying attention to their health. One of my biggest excuses is lack of motivation. So Brother B says to me, "You'd better get motivated before that little man in the white coat (doctor) has to motivate you."  Then he told me a story about a guy back home who he'd told to work on getting his health right...the guy waited until the doctor told him he needed to shed some pounds before he ended up having to have someone take care of him.  Brother B was the first person he called. What are the excuses people use to not w

If Kate Upton is a cow...

Kate Upton from 2011 Sports Illustrated. The other day my homeboy hit me up saying Kate Upton might be the only blonde chick he's ever been attracted to.  I had no idea who Kate Upton was, but apparently she's a Sports Illustrated model, who got the cover either last year or this year.  Today, I was on and saw a blurb about a blogger likening Upton to a "cow", and expressing her disgust at Upton's "plus sized" body. Kate Upton is a tall chick and allegedly weighs about 150 lb.   That's how much I weighed entering college at 5'9" tall, and I looked like I was one missed meal from dying on the spot. It's crazy, but people carry weight differently. The blogger went on to say this about her own weight: " I’m about 5’7″ and try to stay around 100 lbs. It’s hard and takes a lot of self-discipline (which I’m sometimes good at.)"  When I was 5'7" I weighed about 135 lbs, and I looked like I was o

Men, where do you get your fashion sense?

Dear Daddy in this video: THANK YOU FOR IMPARTING SOME GOOD COMMON SENSE INTO THAT YOUNGIN! What happened to dressing like a man? I mean, I know people are all into the "rock star" life, ala D-Wade and his black matte toenails... Miami Heat player sent out this pic a few weeks ago. But some of the fashion choices of gents I have seen out and about scream: You had no father in your life! What I saw at the mechanic's shop. I was out getting my car serviced a short time ago, and saw a guy with pants so low they appeared to come from a toddler's wardrobe.  If you just have to have skinny jeans, or European cuts, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. For some sensible fashion tips check this site out: So what gives? Fellas, where do you get your fashion (common) sense? 

Will Chicago franchise Matt Forte?

Matt Forte is waiting on the franchise tag from da Bears Photo from Matt Forte is holding out for a big contract with the Chicago Bears ...  He's a 6'2" 218 lb running back, and the Bears are offering him 7 mil a year, whereas other similarly situated RBs get 9 mil...

Penn State deserves the death penalty

Penn State is the poster child for where the NCAA should step in and shut down a program. After the Freeh report came out, it is indisputable that the actions of those in power at Penn State, its football program and school leadership, aided and abetted a child rapist. This was all for the purpose of protecting a storied football program and university.

Freeh Report on Penn State is now available

p. 62 Freeh report on PSU     The Freeh Report on PSU is now available at:  FREEH REPORT ON THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY The independent report by Louis Freeh and his law firm, Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP, into the facts and circumstances of the actions of The Pennsylvania State University surrounding the child abuse committed by a former employee, Gerald A. Sandusky, is available by clicking on the   Download the Report  link below. Mr. Freeh’s statement is also available by clicking on the   Download the Press Release  link below. The report comes from Louis Freeh a former FBI investigator, who was hired by Penn State to do an independent study on the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.  The point was to see where the University fell short if at all.  CNN calls the report BLISTERING. P. 55 Freeh Report on Penn State From the press release : II. Findings Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for

Change my flat I know it's real

Nate teaching Raquel to change a tire on Single Ladies Photo from VH1 Blog It was the height of rush hour and my tire blew out. There is nothing more scary than being on the interstate, and feeling your car jerk out of control, as you are going over 75 MPH in the fast lane. I so happened to be driving through the city of my on again, off again love. So, I call this fool (Ha! LOL)... and tell him I had a blow out and I'm sitting in the safe lane on I-40.  He says to me, "Well I don't have my car it's in the shop.  Is there someone else you can call? If you cannot get them, I will call my AAA for you." WHAT?! Okay...we just so happened to be off at that time, BUT ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwweeeeeee this joker KNEW he should have caught a ride to come to my rescue! But he didn't. I should have known, at that moment, that he was not "the one".  That was a long time ago, but I still get a lil angry on the inside thinking about it. LOL He will probabl

Father beats down son, who called mom the B word

Picture floating around the web The story goes: Son gets into an argument with mom.  Son calls mom a B*$^@!! And dad steps in... Now...some people applaud the result. Son ends up looking like he was smacked in the face with a thousand pound baseball bat. There was talk that the young man had been in and out of trouble...that could be.  People said he had it coming... I, on the other hand, have a somewhat different perspective... I don't know if this late in the game beat down will actually cause him to not be in trouble... What gave rise to him being bold enough to step out of his body, mind, and soul to curse at his own mama? These are the questions I have. Now if mama goes around cussing him out and carrying on like a fool...then hey...she brought the B word on herself (I know this is an unpopular response...but whatever...)   Parenting comes with a heavy burden. You have to train a child up in the way he or she should go if you expect him/her to at least have s

Go frush with YBBG

YBBG had brunch with some ladies at Terrace Cafe früsh is a new fruit and yogurt drink made in North Carolina. I had the blueberry  früsh I like this tag line "Live Vividly" on the info packet from  früsh. Remember the post I had about Front Porch Ice cream? Well the people at  früsh  liked it so much, they wanted me to try out their fruit and yogurt drink. Visit them on Facebook:  and follow @gofrush on Twitter. I received some certificates and coupons for  früsh  in the mail along with two red drawstring backpacks. (I think I'll do a healthy stuff giveaway soon, and fill a backpack with some goodies for the lucky winner.) So about  früsh.   It is pitched as a healthy replacement in a healthy diet.  More of a snack than anything. So if you're going for a five meal a day plan, this  früsh  will work as a between three meals snack. This past Saturday, some of my fellow bloggers (NikkiPina

You can't be a ho' for a year...and other good daddy to daughter advice

Lawrence Fishburne should have said this to his daughter Montana. Photo from: Homeoftheurbanchamelion I was talking to a guy the other day about what advice he would give his daughters. He listed three things, but one stood out: YOU CAN'T BE A HO' FOR A YEAR I stopped laughing after a few minutes, and then listened as he explained it to me. His point was that there are double standards when it comes to men and women, and how they handle themselves in relationships.   "A man could sleep with four or five women, and he will be considered a ladies' man. Then he can say, 'oh I put that behind me, now I'm a one woman man.'  A woman can sleep with four or five dudes, and she gets labeled a ho'...She will forever be the ho' no matter what she does, once she gets that label. She can be a doctor, lawyer, CEO...and somebody somewhere will say 'Oh yeah, she's doing good for herself...but she was a ho' back in the day.' So I'