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NAACP honors Donald Sterling

NAACP Los Angeles Chapter Something people have never quite understood from me is my take on race relations. I'm a Black woman growing up in the South. I would rather someone call me N-word to my face and "friend" behind my back than to call me "friend" to my face and N-word behind my back. See...what you call me to my face won't hurt me...after all it isn't what YOU call me, but what I answer to that matters. However...if you are the architect of deception and cutting a shine in my face while working my demise behind my back...WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I believe everyone holds biases and prejudices. That being said I give a special kind of side-eye to people who claim to be post-racial or colorblind. Child PLEASE ! This is especially true when it comes to the issue of interracial-dating. Usually the colorblindness is subjective and it only applies to the person the colorblind person is sleeping with on a regular basis. Take Clippers owner, Donald

Why do you stand with Porsha?

I'm an admitted reality TV junkie. I have watched Real Housewives of Atlanta since DeShawn and Lisa were in the cast. So of course I watched the RHOA Reunion last night and witnessed the Porsha vs Kenya debacle. Today, I was on Twitter and saw a hashtag that seemed so stupid to me: #ISTANDWITHPORSHA. Really? Why do you stand with Porsha? These people were claiming that Porsha merely stood up to a bully when she dragged Kenya down by her hair. I call BS. Porsha lost her cool and resorted to a five-year-old's tactics. What exactly makes Kenya a bully? She does exactly the same things that the other women on the show do. And I mean EXACTLY THE SAME. It only gets labeled bullying because people don't like Kenya for what ever reason. Porsha is a grown woman who behaves very childishly on the show. I clearly have no earthly idea what she's like outside of the cameras...but anyway...onto my point... The Housewives Reunions shows are like battle raps. You go in

Bloggers Feast at Tupelo Honey Cafe in Charlotte

Bloggers Feast provides social media reviews for restaurants, businesses and events. Let me tell you...I am still full from Friday night! is Tuesday morning. One night, I stopped by this restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe that opened in Charlotte in December of 2013. After visiting and thoroughly enjoying the food, I tweeted about it and was contacted by someone in their social media department.  I was invited back to review with Bloggers Feast TM , a collective of invited bloggers who review businesses, events, and restaurants. It is the brainchild of myself and a fellow blogger. YBBG_Blog  ‏ @ YBBG_Blog     Mar 19 Tried @ tupelohoneycafe in # Charlotte ...I was very pleased. Expand   Reply     Delete     Favorite     More Tupelo Honey Cafe  ‏ @ tupelohoneycafe     Mar 20 @ YBBG_Blog Glad to hear it!! Will you be writing a post on it?? Expand   Reply     Retweet     Favorite     More YBBG_Blog  ‏ @ YBBG_Blog

Starving student athletes

Congratulations to the UCONN Huskies Shabazz Napier said he's gone to bed hungry while playing ball in Connecticut...his team the UConn Huskies just won the NCAA B-ball championship. I'm blogging this because I happened to have graduated from a D1 school...and two of my best guy friends played D1 sports. One played at UNC where I was and the other played at one of our rival schools. Now the UNC friend and I always argued about athletes getting paid. He called me a hater...because I said NOooooooooooo way! I went to college on academic scholarships and qualified for a Pell Grant, but because my scholarship covered well over my tuition and everything else, I think I only got to use the Pell Grant one semester. Let me get to this hungry athletes thing. Are there really starving student athletes? I don't recall any of the dudes I knew on athletic scholarships scrounging around for food. They had meal plans, stipends, and training table. And to be honest... I got q