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Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

I am one of those people who say "Happy Turkey Day". Cynical? Yes. Ungrateful? No. My list of gratefulness is long. Though I struggle with the celebration that is Thanksgiving Day. (And this is why .)  Anyway. On a positive is my GRATEFUL List on today: God . I'm grateful that we have a good relationship on good terms...though we sometimes appear distant to the untrained eye. We talk daily, though sometimes there is struggle. I'm working on my control issues. :) (He keeps me stable.) Myself. Yes, you may question why I put myself second on the list...But I am grateful for my life for many reasons. Putting myself first has been one of my struggles. So yeah. Me first, right after God. :) Family.   And I'm not just talking about folks related to me by blood. I have a mama and a daddy. Siblings and nieces and nephews. Cousins and god children. And amazing friends. I am grateful for having a family I was born into as well as one that chose m

Hornets inspired

Hornets inspired by ybbg-blog featuring a netted shirt Check the  +Fashion  story out on .

80 year engagement?

When I saw this on Lonnie Hunter's site, I didn't know whether to be happy for them or sad for other folks who wait on a ring and meet their maker before they saunter down the aisle. This lady was engaged to her man for eighty years!! 80!! ( Technically 49 years...apparently they had a "civil union" thirty-one years ago... ) According to the DailyMailUK: Love's (not so young) dream: Paraguayan groom, 103, marries his 99-year-old bride after 80 years together The Paraguayan couple fell in love and moved in together in 1933 Jose Manuel Riella, 103, vowed to give himself to Martina Lopez, 99 They have eight children, 50 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren Read more: Follow us:  @MailOnline on Twitter  |  DailyMail on Facebook HOW LONG IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR MARRIAGE WHILE BEING ENGAGED?  MEN: WOULD YO

Refs got it right in Patriots vs Panthers game

This Video is not authorized for playback on this device. Steve Young is my favorite QB of all time. Seriously he just is. I fell in love with the QB as a kid and he will always have that title in my sports' heart. However, he does not know the rules for pass interference. Nor do a multitude of people who are complaining about the final play of the New England vs Carolina game on Monday Night Football. The rules required the refs to pick up the flag thrown when Panthers'  Luke Kuechly  bear hugged  Patriots tightend  Rob Gronkowski  on the final play of the game with one play left to determine the game. The play involved Gronskowski running a route to the center back of the endzone and possibly running back to the middle. The pass from Brady was about three yards shy of where Gronk had run. Yes he was wrapped up by Kuechly, but he was running to where he wanted to go. The back judge threw the flag, but after consultation pi

The Best Man Holiday is a 'race-themed film'?

" #BREAKING : 'Holiday' nearly beats 'Thor' as race-themed films soar — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) November 17, 2013 " USA TODAY  ‏ @ USATODAY 3h # BREAKING : 'Holiday' nearly beats 'Thor' as race-themed films soar http://     Reply     Retweet     Favorite     More   View summary I could have sworn the movie I watched was about old college friends coming together to rekindle friendships and hold each other together during rough times. But according to USA Today it was akin to the Nordic mythology of Thor. So are all films that do not include Black or other ethnic groups also race-themed? I would imagine a theme is something the movie sets out to focus on? I mean...I'm trying to understand. I thought The Best Man Holiday was just a romantic comedy with Black actors... You know...kinda like When Harry Met Sally. I feel like a lot of folks just don't know what fol

The Best Man Holiday will shake all of your emotions

Flyer for #BestManHoliday Thanks to my blogging pal at Blitz And Glam , I had an opportunity to catch an advanced screening of The Best Man Holiday  with Tam, Nikki Panache and an old colleague who is friends with Tam. My plan was to arrive early to the Regal at Stonecrest theater, but I got caught in traffic. It was raining and snowing here in Charlotte, and some people don't know how to drive!! But luckily they held the screening due to the conditions and I did not miss a thing! I remember when The Best Man originally debuted some years ago. I was still in college and had an opportunity to meet Morris Chestnut as he promoted the film. I had to flirt with a security guard so as not to pay the $5.00 per head shot to get an autograph LOL. I think I ended up with about four head shots and a hug from Morris. Ha! Anyway...back to The Best Man Holiday. I promised my lawyer friend KJ that I would not reveal a lot of what happened in the movie, so there will be no spoilers.

Dorm life: What was college like?

UNC Chapel Hill's campus I went back to UNC for our homecoming game vs UVA this weekend. There is something so calming about being on that campus. It is eerily peaceful at times. I remember a number of occasions walking back from the library alone at 2 a.m. (I do not suggest doing that, no matter how "safe" a campus seems.) I think the serenity of my campus is due to the landscape. There are so many trees and beautiful walkways on campus. We used to walk everywhere...which explains why staying in shape was not that hard. The walkways on campus make travel easy. But you have to watch out for "brick monsters".  There are some really old buildings on campus, some dating back over two hundred years. There has also been a lot of fancy renovations that I did not experience as a coed. When I was in college, I lived in a dorm on Carolina's south campus. It now looks like a public housing facility in comparison to the new dorms built r

Homecoming weekend 2013 at UNC

My graduation pics from UNC Chapel Hill. Happy Homecoming fellow Tar Heels! It is that time again! Since I've moved from the Triangle, it has been difficult at times to make it back for homecoming in Chapel Hill, although I am only a couple hours away. Homecomings at UNC have at times been legendary. The football games, step shows, and, in the past tremendous concerts took place at the Dean Dome. The concerts were less amazing when I matriculated, but I know people who kept their ticket stubs from way back. Several weeks ago, I read a blog post by a lady named Toya Corbett, who attended UNC Charlotte . She wrote about her pride being a Black student who graduated from a White school. Quite honestly, I was disturbed by it. I imagine she meant it as an uplifting piece for people who also attended "predominantly White universities" ("PWI" or "PWU")  in response to those who attended "historically Black colleges and universities" ("HBC

The heart wants what it wants

The video treatment by Matthew Cherry for this song was perfect. In Love With Another Man by Jazmine Sullivan sparked a debate with a couple of people yesterday. Have you ever found yourself caught between your love with one person and passion for another? It can be a gut-wrenching existence. Passion is usually the driving force in these messed up situations. All too often people confuse passion for love. Passion is important in any good relationship, no doubt. However, passion cannot be the only thing you have. Passion can have you lonely and looking stupid when you share it with someone who does not LOVE YOU. Someone who loves you treats you well, or someone who uses love as an action and not just a feeling does anyway. In the song Jasmine says, "You treat me so much better than him, and if I was sane there would be no competition, but I'm in love with someone else." See...passion can drive you out of your mind and jack up your good thing! I call it passi