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'Fix me a sandwich'

The look on my face when I heard the "outrage" over Cam Newton's comments to Jourdan Rodrigue.  "Fix me a sandwich," is something I've heard from some rude behind menfolk when they feel they are the authority on a particular subject where women need not speak. I feel it is said to not only dismiss your opinion but to put you in your place. You know.. like the only thing women are good for is catering to a man and making sandwiches. Some dudes, who have never had women as peers, tend to see this as no big deal. Why? Because they have only been around other like-minded clowns with little exposure to women as anything other than sexual objects or romantic partners. That's just how I see it. Over time their views may change, but they hold onto nasty little habits when it comes to interacting with women. Bad habits are hard to break. I have a bad habit of checking Facebook when I wake up each morning. That bad habit sometimes takes me down a rabbit