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Do not blow the dating budget

You meet this really dope guy and hit it off. Unbeknownst to you, he has a secret. That secret will impact your dating life.  No, he is not married with five children. He doesn't have a criminal record. There are no salacious shenanighans in his dating portfolio.  The secret is... He has a dating budget.  Yep. A dating budget and that budget is a whopping one-hunnid-and-fiddy-dollars. A buck fifty. 150.00. He doesn't mind paying for dates, but the number of dates you two will go on depends on how much you spend.  The one hundred and fifty dollars is the amount of money he will spend on you. It does not include what he will spend on himself on these dates. How many times would you be able to go out with this guy without blowing the budget? What kind of dates would you go on? If you had to craft a serious of dates with a budget of $150.00 total, what would you do?  I know a guy who dates this way, and I think it's actually wise. Dating to find l

A Sense of Safety (Guest Post)

A Sense of Safety: Protection for Survivors of Domestic Violence February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month . Many young adult DV relationships begin during the teen years. When involved in a DV relationship, a person's safety is very often in peril. Nora Hood guest blogs for YBBG in this post. A Sense of Safety: Protection or Survivors of Domestic Violence. Approximately 20,000 calls are made to the National Census of Domestic Violence Services every day. It’s a fact of life for domestic violence survivors who live in fear that a former partner will show up without warning, seeking revenge. Unfortunately, the vast majority of victims haven’t prepared a plan of action, or had security or monitoring devices installed. Protection is a major concern in light of the fact that three women are killed by a partner every day. Providing for your safety and that of your children can seem an overwhelming objective for domestic violence victims who are just trying