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BET's The Game: Season Finale RECAP

Mel and Derwin from Melanie:   Show starts with Melanie looking in the bathroom mirror.  Derwin comes in to join her. Mel is concerned that she may have fried her ovaries by standing in front of the microwave too much. She's still stressing over not being pregnant yet, after all they've been getting it on like bunnies.  Derwin tries to alleviate her concerns by saying it is probably him because he's taken so many crotch shots on the field.  He tells her that they can go get checked out to make sure everything is okay. (commercial)

Nordstrom Rack's new North Carolina and Colorado locations

Hey now!  Guess what?! Charlotte will be the latest home to Nordstrom Rack.  Nordstrom, the ever budding department store is blooming in Charlotte.   The latest version of their discount store will open at Carolina Pavillion on South Blvd, Thursday at 9 a.m.  The first 1,000 shoppers receive a free Nordstrom tote.  And one lucky person who registers by 8:45 a.m. will win a 90 second $2,000.00 shopping spree!  Click here for the entry form. Now you know you'd better beat me there.  I love a good deal.  And as I always say, why spend more money than you have to?  The first Nordstrom Rack in NC, opened in Durham last September.  Other Nordstrom Racks opening or opened this year: Fremont, CA Pacific Commons Shopping Center March 24, 2011 Lakewood, CO Belmar April 28, 2011 Boulder, CO (relocation) Twenty Ninth Street April 28, 2011

BET's The Game: Episode 12 RECAP

I'm sorry you guys. I have been soooo slack blogging this month.  I've just tried to catch up on some rest, which means not much blogging.  When Tasha finds out her new man has a terminal illness, they spend his final days tackling their bucket lists. Season 4, Episode 412

Basketball wives, Uncle Toms, busted brackets...Week In Review

Oooooweee!! This past week has been something else!  Full of controversy, slick talk, and basketball!  Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm!!! You know I was lovin' it! So I'll run through this stuff and give my Shut Yo' Mouth Award to the person who got straight out of pocket for the week. (Y'all know I'm just coming up with this stuff as I rhyme nor reason...)

I know you don't like rejection, but...

 Image from So last night, I made a post about how women can seem unavailable.  One of my homeboys made the comment about how we treat every guy like a hardened criminal.  Well let's address that point.  Whereas I agree, we really could work on the approachability quotient...I have to say something in our defense.  Guys, I know you don't like rejection, but do you really have to call a chick out of her name or talk about her mama if and when it happens?

You look like you're already taken...

Ladies, have you hit a dry spell in the romance department? Do you wonder why guys don't approach you, even though you're pretty darn attractive? You're well dressed, well groomed, you have all your teeth, and you comb your hair every day, and dangit, your breath is fresh!

Should women propose to men?

Engaged couple Chrissy and Jim Jones So the chick in the picture is the star of VH1's new reality show Love and Hip Hop.  I think it was supposed to be called Jim and the Family Jones, but it was redone to include other hip-hop couples. If you saw the season premiere, you already know what it is...Yep...and of course you'll tune in to see much much more of Anywhooo...On one of the upcoming shows (not sure if it aired already), Chrissy gets down on one knee and proposes to Jim Jones (you know dude who made that one song...and then did a remix and I don't think much more...who knows...) Now..y'all know me.  I believe in equality in relationships.  I believe women should be bold in getting who they want and what they want.  But screeeeeeeeechhhhh...slow down...smooth pump them brakes and tell me... Why would you propose to a man?  Is that kosher?  I mean I'm in the South, so you know we do things a bit differently down here...Like a man goes gets a

Burt's Bees skin care

Makeup masking the flawed skin Underneath that amazing makeup job by Ikeya, lies the one thing that has challenged me since I was a teenager.  My skin.  I have extremely sensitive skin. And it is prone to breakouts from almost anything.  Food allergies, contact with bacteria producing surfaces, facial cleansers and acne name it! In the summer it clears up. In the winter it flares up.  I've become so used to it, that I don't really care until I have a major flare up like I did recently.  After eating something I was allergic to, my face exploded.  And unfortunately I had scheduled a photo shoot to have some professional pictures taken. Thankfully the makeup artist was beyond fabulous! I have tried almost everything known to man...Proactiv-FAIL...Noxzema-Breaks me out...Clearasil-Works for a while then stops...Nutrogena-Not so bad...Clinique-Didn't work at all...Melaleuca Natural Acne product-Burned my skin (I was so distraught when this happened. My

BET's The Game: Episode 11 RECAP

Meagan Good plays Parker on BET's The Game Malik and TeeTee : In Malik's strip club. TeeTee says I can't believe you're shutting this down.  Malik says he has too because his rehab doc said people and things in your life are like trees. Some are leaves, some are branches, some are roots.  To get better you get rid of the leaves and branches. You hold onto your roots. Malik told TeeTee he's his roots. Then Malik notices TeeTee crying. And he's like man's why are you crying? He's like maaan I can't believe you're shutting this down, you have in house T&A. Malik says he doesn't really need that, he has the woman he loves, Jena and his life is back on track, besides they've been living like pigs. TeeTee says speak for yourself, and then throws some wadded up cash at Lasagna (the stripper on stage) and says this time i want my change back.  Malik says nah boy. See Jena is like my Jada, and Parker is making my life hell. TeeTee say

Natural hair shopping

 This is an old pic of me after washing my hair. LOL Hey people! I'm back! Yes, I took a week off from blogging.  But I decided to come back with some new things.  You know I have a bad shopping habit, but I've become wise in my old age.  I shop consciously now, and I budget wisely.

BET's The Game: Episode 10 Recap

WHIP IT, WHIP IT GOOD! Jason and Malik:   At a restuarant having lunch. Malik asks Jason how Britt-Bratt is doing.  Jason says she had to stay home today because she's having her period.  Malik says must be hard on her with the cramps, bloating, and uncontrollable giggles.  Then he points Brittany out at lunch with her friends. Malik is like oh snap!! It's about to be on.  Brittany tells Jason some foolish lie about having cramps and that having lunch with her friends with his credit card is the only thing that would make her feel better.  Malik is like Ooooh Snap...anticipating Jason going all ummm well parent on her...But much to Malik's surprise, Jason says it's cool after asking if she'd purchased bottled water or the house flat (tap water), and she said the house flat. So he walks away from the table.  Malik says man, you are crazy, my mama would have killed me over something like that.  Jason says that's because your mom is the killing kind.  Kelly is t

BET's The Game: Episode 9 RECAP

Malik on the Monique Show:  Malik is sitting on Mo's couch.  Spilling it about his stint in rehab.  Mo asked what the 80 million dollar man is going to do now.  He said no no no, that's not me, I'm just Mr. Extremely Wealthy.  I'm doing what it takes to stay in line with my probation.  That he's in talks with Alphonso Ribero to play him in a movie about his life.  Then Mo asks what's it like to be dating a that he's dating Jena (oh that's her name? I  couldn't remember last week...) Rice.  Malik says he's in love.  And Jena peeks out.. Then Malik jumps up and down on Mo's couch saying he's in love.  Mo is like boy! Get down off my couch.  I ain't Oprah and you for d*m* sure ain't no Tom Cruise, don't you hop up on my d*m* couch no more!  (bwahahahaha) (commercial)