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Natural hair experience at Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar at Shops at Colony in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was recently invited to attend a media event at a unique salon opening up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Blo Blow Dry Bar offers quick chic service but no cuts, no color. It is simply a Blow Dry Bar. That means you come in, get your hair washed, blow dried and flat ironed/curled. There is a menu of styles to choose from including the Sleek Executive and Hollywood. Pink is definitely the color of choice at Blo. blo also has its own language... blo glossary with blocabulary So let me tell you about my experience. First of all, I am not a person who revels in too many new experiences. It's the Capricorn in me. We like routine things. So my go to stylist (when I have time to go) is still 33 Fingers Salon, where Tamika specializes in natural hair. However, Blo reached out to me to attend their media day and try their services. They cater to all hair types according to their a

Woman blames President Obama for welfare decrease

I am disturbed by this Facebook post. I don't know this woman's struggle. She may have fallen on hard times. She blames President Obama for the very minimal decrease in her welfare benefits.  I know food prices are going up, but I know 1100 plus dollars could go a long long way.  But I do see the pure unadulterated sense of entitlement in her post. Maybe she does not realize how big of a privilege it is to receive government assistance. She possibly can't fathom that many people in her position do not qualify or get less than half as much as she does in benefits. Maybe she doesn't know what it's like to budget to buy your children food and tell them no when they want brand names and have to go for the most affordable store brand.  I can say the post kinda ticked me off. People are so unappreciative. But what is there to appreciate? If you have dependents, it is your primary responsibility to provide for them...luckily got you, the US governme

Turning the tables: She told you what it was

I told you what it was... why you trippin'?  Said every some point in time LOL. Or some version of that anyway. Today, I asked a group of fellas this question: Men: Have you ever continued a casual relationship with a woman when you knew she wanted commitment? What made you stick around knowing she wanted more and you didn't? Do you feel like you used her? Now... I got two very different answers. I will not put the gents on blast. One version of the answer was: I ADMIT I MAY HAVE DIBBLED AND DABBLED WHILE ONLY BEING CONCERNED WITH MY FEELINGS...AND THAT WAS PROBABLY WRONG. The other version was: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE'S FEELINGS BUT MY OWN. Let me tell you why I feel the second answer is wrong, but most commonly the answer given. Firstly, the first answer is an admission of guilt. The brother was showing that he was accountable for only considering himself and acknowledging how that may have impacted other people...

Luxury dreams

One thing I am is thrifty! But even a thrifty girl can dream of luxury...can't she? Anyone who really knows me, knows my dream car is a red Bentley convertible. I mean, when I am absolutely debt free and have the cashflow, this is the major splurge I will my dreams. So as I flipped through the latest edition of Uptown Magazine (with Tyson Beckford on the cover), imagine my surprise when I saw this handbag:  It's The Barnato, designed by former Louis Vuitton designer, Vincent du Sartel, and named after Diano Barnato-Walker, the first British woman to break the sound barrier (Tomboy Salute!).  I like it because it is classically chic with not a lot of fuss on the outside.  Then the inside is reminiscent of the lux interior of a Bentley:  What do you think of the classically debonaire brand dipping into the handbag arena? For me it is a statement of masculine meeting feminine...shoot I may even nickname it The Tomboy. 

Topshop debuts at Nordstrom in Charlotte

Keep Calm, Topshop is coming October 12th at Nordstrom.  Are you ready for a British invasion of the fashionable kind? Well, you're in luck! Topshop is coming to Nordstrom at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte on Saturday, October 12th. If you like your leather with a bit of lace, floral rompers and bodycon dresses, Topshop has that and more. I was lucky to join my fellow Charlotte #blogging friends @NikkiPanache and @BlitzandGlam at Nordstrom South Park (@NordstromSP) Tuesday evening for a special Blogger event. I also peeped  a couple Twitter followers (Hey @LVJBoutique and @ArdenElizabeth), and met a few bloggers with Social Charlotte (Hey ladies!!). Nordstrom and Topshop invited bloggers in for a special pre-launch gathering with champagne and the most delicious cupcakes.  These are pants, and I think they are dope. (Topshop crops) Homage to a Letterman's jacket from Topshop We had the first look at Topshop's offerings, and I must say there was a grand

Women are not victims in relationships

This is supposed to be empowering for women? My friends will tell you, I tend to side with the guy's perspective when it comes to relationships. So take this however you will...but.. I am tired of these mopey dopey memes that I see all over social media that make women seem like helpless victims.  Maybe I just don't get it...that could be it. I cannot see this side of things. I don't see people as victims in relationships. I personally feel like you choose who you want to be with and if you choose to be with someone who is no count...well...that's on you. Begging someone to treat you right is just dumb to me. (I feel the same way about those dumb nerd vs thug memes ... get over it.) Take the meme at the top for instance:  PAY ATTENTION TO HER-  Yep. That's good. You should be paid attention to, and you should pay attention to him. You both need to be attentive and attended I agree.  WHEN A WOMAN IS TRIPPIN' SHE CARES-  Now how pra

Nordstrom Rack haul

This little black dress by  +Kenneth Cole  New York called "The Amy Dress"  has date night written all over it! About a week ago, I took a short little trip to  +Nordstrom Rack . I remember blogging about this location when it first opened back in 2011. That day it was cold and the line was longer than a country mile.  Nordstrom Rack  ‏ @ nordstrom_rack 3m @ YBBG_Blog   @ Topshop That looks like a successful style hunt to us! You can never go wrong with a LBD. Hope to see you back again soon!   View conversation This time, it was easier to get in, but extremely difficult to get out of  +Nordstrom Rack  . I was like a kid in a candy store. I saw so many things I wanted including some lovely bags from  +Marc Jacobs Intl  ...but I passed on those.  I eventually found myself in an aisle of dresses, where I came across the little black number you see at the top. I immediately thought: DATE NIGHT!  Little Black Dress Features that I know

Radio, social media and blogging

I stopped by Power 98 in Charlotte on Thursday to say hi since I've been so tied up with practicing law during the day. The host, Larry, and I had our usual back and forth clowning session, then I caught up with the co-hosts, Yasmin and Church, and producer ADot. It has been a while since I've been there. As fate would have it I ran into one of my Twitter followers and her son, who has been making headlines locally. That's Milton Dunlap and his mom, Kim Richardson. Kim has been following me almost since the beginning of my time on social media. I try to interact with folks as much as possible, so yes I keep tabs. Kim and Milton have been through quite an ordeal. Milton was wrongly accused of being a criminal and breaking into homes. A state trooper went so far as to say Milton was driving the getaway car! Yes, he swore up and down that the kid was driving the get away car. But Milton was at home minding his business playing the new Grand Theft Auto (yes..

YBBG thrifting?

I recently did something that I have never voluntarily done. I went thrifting... That's what  people with money  they call it these days when you shop at GW fashions aka +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.   .  Let me be honest...the thought of buying someone else's old clothing used to make me cringe. I'm still trying to get over the notion that someone had the blazers pictured below before I did. So my thrifting adventure started out slowly with the purchase of household nicnacks and art. I've purchased unique lamps from a thrift store before, but can't recall ever purchasing clothing. My mama is an avid "thrifter" and has often had good finds. On my trip to purchase the blazers I was with her. She found a baaaaaad red trench coat.  My photographer is also an avid thrifter. One day she showed me this really dope blazer she found and I grew a little interested in this whole thrifting idea. Then to top it off it cost less than f