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The blog’s name originated from my lifelong friendships with some interesting characters who happen to be men.  I actually received my pen name, CM Writer, from a gent I've been friends with for close to twenty years. I write extensively about those friendships in my book: YOUR BOYFRIEND'S BEST GIRLFRIEND: A Tomboy's Guide To Knowing, Loving And Understanding Men

Over time, the blog became a mesh of my political and social thoughts. I've decided to get back to basics. I'm taking my political and social thoughts over to my personal website and jumping back into the foundation of this blog: relationships and friendships with guys. 


CM is an unrepentant tomboy. She grew up playing in dirt, wishing for Transformers for Christmas and playing sports. She really has a synergy with guys that translates well when acting as the communication bridge between the sexes.  
üPracticing AttorneyüFreelance WriterüEntertainment WriterüColumnistüAppeared on radio showsüInterviewer of Celebrities and Every Day PeopleüPanelist/PresenterüBrand BackerüProduct PromoterüEvent Hostess 

CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS:  CM has interviewed a number of celebrities over the years, here are a few of them:


Chrisette Michele

Matt Maher
Interview for "What He Said" on YBBG
Thomas Davis 
Carolina Panthers 

Manteo Mitchell

WORK WITH BRANDS: CM has worked with a myriad of brands in the fashion, food, and entertainment industries over the years. Most of my brand work can now be seen at www.ybbgstyle.com. Some of the brands are listed below:

State Plate on INSPTV

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Charleston Sea Salt Caramel
Front Porch Ice Cream

Thomas Davis 
Defending Dreams Foundation

Kimble Beauty

InstaNatural skin care

Image result
Burt's Bees skin care

Studio Gear Cosmetics
Studio Gear Cosmetics



Radha Beauty

Thieves Boutique

Relationship advice contributor

  • Ranges in age from 17-54.  With the majority being between 25-34
  • 54% of the audience is FEMALE 46% is MALE
  • A typical visitor:
    •  holds a graduate degree
    • views from work
    •  and has children.


Anonymous said…
Thank you! It's amazing how many women don't realize these simple things. Men are visual creatures. If you're not giving them something to look at, they are going to look elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
Oops! This comment was meant for the You Made Him Cheat Post.

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