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Single, successful, doggy lover

It's okay for FLOTUS to spend time in Target, she already has a man and family. Had breakfast with a certain gent today, and the conversation was hilariously intellectual and hilariously crazy at the same time.  Part of the conversation turned to the phenomena of a certain class of women, who behave in a certain way. Kalu in Charlotte He's working on something, so I won't use his terminology. But I'll get into it on this level.  I know too many ladies (heck...I may even fit a couple of these I hope they don't get mad about this...) who substitute healthy relationships with hot yoga, trips to Target, sushi, girls night at a martini bar, and a darn little dog. Will the "dog lady" replace the "cat lady"? This woman saved her dog from a bear. Is there some hidden book with rules on being single, successful and.... well... bourgeois?! LOL I mean really...where do y'all keep getting these dogs from?!  I no

Annette Larkins has me ready to give up ribs

Annette Larkins is seventy years old, but looks forty! This lady looks absolutely amazing! I'm teetering on the edge of this whole raw foods thing. I don't think  I could do it. Though, I love fruits and veggies...and am a juice fiend.  I cannot do I'd have to find another source of protein... Umm...I'm just talking. I do not see a way that an occasional rib will leave my life.  I could honestly go without most meat and carbs... But not sure I have the cajones to go raw...

Good Oscars fashion

This is another selection from Romeo & Juliet black liquid sequined tunic I just saw a dress on the red carpet that was so fly! It was black sequined with a sweetheart neckline and long train.  What was so dope about it was, it looked wet! Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood (Getty Images) The fabric was seriously close to this tunic from I cannot find who wore the dress, but there was another similar one worn by the lady from Bridesmaids. I don't really care for this one. I wish I could find whomever had the other one on.  But here it is... I'm looking for other gowns and such that I like. I haven't seen any yet. Until Emma Stone stepped up just now with Ryan Seacrest (who had ashes poured on him by Sasha Baren Cohen aka Borat aka the Dictator). Emma, a redhead, has an interesting red  gown on (similar to one Nicole Kidman once wore), with a gigantic bow at the neck by Giambattista Valli.  I LIKE IT! From N

#28 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy:  Mike B, age 26 How I know him:  We met at the New Year New U event where I was a vendor. Claim to fame:  He's an aspiring educator and hip hop artist, and graduate of Winston Salem State University. Check out his music here: Today's Topic: Relationships and the music industry Mike B I sat down with Mike B at the Panera in our neighborhood. So you will hear a lot of clanging in the background.  Also, I used my iPhone 4s to record the interview instead of my Kodak Playsport.  So when the sound fades in and out...that's the reason.  New equipment...user errors...I guess. Mike has a new mixtape called The Honesty Project, where he talks about his life in the QC and relationships and such.  There's one song on there that I REALLY like called "Lil Black Boy" featuring Yusha Aassad. Mike and I spoke for over an hour, but for the technical difficulties, it was an interesting conversation.  He spok

Greatest NBA All star dunk contest of all time

Now... tonight's Sprite Slam dunk contest left a lot to be desired. Some dude named Evans won...after he had  THE WORST dunk of the night... But whatever. Above is the last great dunk contest...and probably the greatest of all time featuring Vince Carter.

Three boos for The Help

I have bit my tongue about this movie for quite a while. I know everyone is thrilled by the accolades and awards received by the African American actresses in the movie.  Kudos to them for stellar performances.  My beef is not with the please don't take it that way. My beef is with the film.  I absolutely refuse to watch it.  I absolutely refuse to read the book it is based on. how am I going to boo something I haven't even read or seen? Seems a bit hypocritical or off base or something, right?  Sure.  But it isn't going to stop me from saying what I have to say.                       (This video is from when the movie first came out)                        Visit for breaking news , world news ,  and news about the economy I had family members who worked for White people.  ( Hey...that's the way they phrased it...I mean no disrespect... ).  So hearing their tales and actually seeing it with my own eyes once, I did n

Creativity in the kitchen

My sister's first attempt at a creative candy apple.  I'm a creative cooker.  I make up recipes, and they usually turn out pretty well. Loving art and food, I am gung-ho about my sister making candy apples ...even though I cannot eat them. I remember losing my first tooth in a candy apple. Seriously.  We had gone to the fair with my kindergarten class. I had a nice shiny, candy coated, juicy delicious candy apple...and a loose tooth.  I bit into the candy apple...and drew back a gap! HA!  Anyway...since I'm now allergic to apples ( I know...that is THE strangest allergy to have...don't ask me how that happened. I don't know. ) sister promises to make me candied pears. Bunny candy apple

Men and their (bad) fashions

A picture of Jaheim, allegedly heading to Whitney Houston's funeral. Cam Newton receiving a rookie of the year award at the NFL Honors banquet. Story here . Okay, a couple of weeks or so ago, I saw a picture of Cam Newton in a bluish tux at the NFL Honors receiving a rookie award.  I hated the tux, and the toddler bow-tie.  (Thought maybe my pal over at could offer suggestions for a better ensemble...). Today I saw this picture of R&B artist Jaheim in the tux with tails that he wore to Whitney Houston's funeral. Let's just say...Cam's ensemble no longer looked all! I don't know who the lady is with Jaheim, but I question her care and concern for him! LOL Bless his heart...but that was just wrong...on soooooo many levels. :( Even more wrong, is this picture from @FunnyPics , as seen on Twitter!

Rethinking football

I am a football fan... you all should know this by now. Today, I read an article about a former Chicago Bears football player, whose family is suing the NFL.  From WLSAM: The family of late Bears Super Bowl champ Dave Duerson has filed a wrongful death suit against the NFL, claiming it concealed the harmful effects of concussions from Duerson, leading to brain damage. The former Bears safety died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest in February 2011 at his Florida home. He was 50. A post-mortem study of his brain revealed he was suffering from progressive, advanced brain damage, referred to as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which caused or contributed to Duerson’s death, according to the lawsuit. Honestly, it made me think more about why I enjoy football so much, and how playing the sport could cause irreparable damage.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to play football. My dad said girls couldn't play, which just made me want to play even more.

BBS Confessions 2/20/2012: Going in Circles Part I

Jameka over by the delectable spread before the conversation got underway. Explaining his "type" right before things got spicy! On Monday night, I facilitated a conversation between men and women of all ages and relationship statuses.  In attendance were at least two married couples, some divorcees, and singles who have never been married. More participants after Part I. The topic of discussion Monday night was: Why do we keep going in circles?  Oooow weeee...this was a great topic! I had just discussed certain things that came up during the evening with friends earlier in the week.  My vantage point. To start the discussion off, the rules were outlined by Jessica, the lady with the super dope mo-hawk that she could not remember the color of... :) (Yes...there are rules.  No...this was not a free for all...even though things ALMOST went there...)  I started the discussion by asking the participants if they had a "type".  Th

Blogging and CLEs

Today, I spent 6.75 hours in Continuing Legal Education classes.  Those hours were extremely valuable, not just for the sake of keeping my law license, but also for the sake of blogging. Yep! That's right, for the sake of blogging. You would not believe how much law you need to know in order to blog.  No seriously.  From copyrights and trademarks, to defamation and the like. I mean how many of you blog and "borrow" content?  Have you created a logo for your blog? Do you know who owns it? What can you actually do when someone "borrows" your stuff? Mmmhmmm all those things are necessary when you decide to step into the social media spotlight. I almost "borrowed" the picture for the CLE I attended today...but then thought better of it!

Silk Falsetto, color block and mesh

Dress from Last night I attended the birthday event, cannot call it a party, of my pal and radio personality Yasmin Young of  the No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse Show on CBS radio station Power 98 FM.   Unfortunately, I was plagued by a nagging cold :(... So I didn't get to mix and mingle with the folks, like I wanted.  ( Y'all weren't going to talk about me spreading germs! :) LOL ) I'm feeling much better today, so I can talk about what I witnessed last night.  The event was held Uptown and included a fashion show, with fashions from designer  Silk Falsetto . Silk Falsetto also designed dresses for the birthday girl and the event hostess, Dani the Poet .   I loved the dresses. What made me love them were the futuristic funkiness of them all.  Can something be futuristic and retro at the same time? I think so. Color block is such an 80s thing, but it is back now.  Mesh is also making a comeback. ( Has it ever completely lef

Jeremy Lin and the Lin-sanity craze

My pal, Noa posted this pic. Hilarious Let me first say, I hate the NY Knicks.  Blah. It may be the northern vs southern thing. could be that Patrick Ewing used to hurt my stomach with the way he sweated out those uniforms...Or that John Starks used to irritate me with his cockiness.  But whatever the case may be, I hate the Knicks. That being said...I love a good craze... I wait each year for something fantastic to happen in basketball.  Like, last year when Miami was supposed to start a dynasty.  Ummm...yeah... I'm still waiting... Or when my classmate, Vince Carter came in dunking on everybody, and he was dubbed Half-man Half-amazing...or Vin-sanity... (Hey...he did graduate with me...although he started school a couple years ahead of me...)...but Vince eventually fizzled. Greg Oden was supposed to be super dope in the league.  That didn't happen.  Fast forward to now... In walks this Jeremy Lin kid... He's an Ivy League grad...Harvard no le

Barber Shop and Beauty Salon Confessions

There are so many things that men and women talk to their homeboys and girlfriends about, that never cross the gender boundaries.  But usually these things are of grave concern to the folks on the other side of the line. What do men like? Why do women always put guys in the friend zone?  Inquiring minds want to know, but no one is talking. people are talking! Join the creator of YBBG as she moderates this relationship talk panel.  Get your tickets here:

Kobe and Vanessa, together despite divorce?

Kobe and Vanessa kiss after game on Valentine's Day. You remember that song where, Johnny Gill sang, Put on your red dress...and slide on your high heels...?  Well Vanessa Bryant did just that and went to the Lakers game to watch her ex-hubby play ball.  This all happened on Valentine's Day.  Kobe and Vanessa recently reached a settlement on their property separation, where Vanessa gets something like 75 million dollars and three homes worth 18 million dollars.  I don't think the actual divorce is final yet, just the property settlement.  I'm a champion of marriage.  So I am all for the two canoodling.  Maybe the divorce threat gave Kobe a wake-up call.  Maybe it didn't.  Either way, he is her husband, so who is anyone to judge?  What are your thoughts? Can marriage survive a potential divorce?  Is it possible for estranged spouses to get back on track? One reader, BB, suggests that it may be that the two being together had a lot to do with thi

Phone politics in relationships

My pal, A.B. posted this webisode on Facebook.  I watched it, and started thinking about the politics of phone calls, phone numbers, and phone access in relationships. Let's start with the beginning: Guy Meets Girl Guy musters up the courage to ask for the number.  OR...guy offers girl his number.  For some strange reason this becomes a point of contention off-gate.  Don't ask me why, but the jockeying for position begins.  Should he ask... If he doesn't ask, and gives his number, should she take it and call him?  But is that not too forward? Shouldn't THE MAN pursue the woman.  I mean whose responsibility is it to call anyway?  (No...seriously these are the questions people ask...) I did something really second nature to me the other day.  I was on my way into a birthday party.  A guy stops me to speak for a second, and asks for my number.  My instinct ( old college habit ) was to give him an alias name ( Look...if anything...I tell y'all the truth...of

Be my Valentine

How might someone capture your heart and become your Valentine? The perfect Valentine's Day dress? FLOTUS in J. Mendel for BET Honors. Had a discussion with a friend the other day about Valentine's Day and it's importance.  My pal felt like the absence of a Valentine's gift from the guy she's been getting to know, would make her feel some kinda way. I didn't understand that at all.  I it an automatic that if you've been on a couple dates with someone, that if he/she is still around during holidays, a gift is expected? I'on know about all of that. LOL.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate good gift giving just like anyone else. Also, I like the unexpected. So to be my Valentine, do something unexpected... Like secretly get my car detailed, and leave it smelling like (Now, I don't know how it would happen without my alarm going off...but hey...make it happen!) Anyway... here's my question for you: What would

Whitney Houston: A soul given, a soul lost, a soul freed

I found out, what I've been missing...always on the run... I told someone this was the story of my life.  I have found a way to run from a lot of things.  But when you always run out of instinct you lose a lot of protection that comes from moving with sober thought and spiritual guidance. On Saturday, I had a very busy day. From running to get my hair done, to meet a client, to meet a friend for lunch, to basketball games, then to a birthday gathering.  I barely had time to breathe LOL. While at the basketball game, one of my besties (he hates when I say that...too girly for him) sent me a message saying Whitney Houston died.  I did not believe him. It did not dawn on me until Sunday, I think. It was sad for so many reasons. Whitney, of course, was an iconic singer. Her rendition of the National Anthem became an actual hit! Can you believe that? I mean everyone sings the Star Spangled banner...but she made it a chart topper. No one can deny Ms. Houston's phenomenal

Be your own Valentine...uh uhn... don't do that

He's being his own Valentine. Does he look happy?  Tomorrow is Valentine's (or Valentimes depending on where you are...) Day.  In the past weeks or so, people have scurried to find a Valentine...OR scurried away from the people they were seeing to not have a Valentine. Last week a lady asked if it was wrong for a woman to send herself Valentine's Day gifts. I found it highly ridiculous to even contemplate doing such.  Who does that? So I went on the web to see if this foolishness actually existed.  Low and behold all types of "Be Your Own Valentine" madness popped up.  The picture above is from a posting that gives you 8 Steps to being your own Valentine.  Now what that man being in a bubble bath with a rubber ducky on his head has to do with Valentine's Day, I don't know. Really??? For what? I remember being in middle and high school on Valentine's Day. It was a HUGE deal. Someone would come hand you a little ticket to go down to the fi

Blue Ivy Carter on Tumblr

Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy are on Tumblr.  Go check out the rest of the pictures . She looks like them both to me. What do you think? 

Parenting in the social media age

Tommy Jordan's daughter did not expect dear ol' dad to get a glimpse of the scathing letter she wrote about her parents on Facebook.  (Check out the story here ) Now, let's be serious here...and as impartial as possible.  I used to make similar complaints about my parents (under my breath...without the curse words...LOL). As a kid, you get a little frustrated with going to the kitchen to get someone water, whilst they luxuriate on the couch.  Or being called all the way from the other side of the house, while you try to sleep, to get the remote control that is two steps away from the caller. was annoying as heck... (I'm sorry mama...and please don't tell pop, because I know you're reading this LOL) But as you get older, you tend to understand more.  At 15 you most certainly will not.  But give it a decade, and you'll finally get it. Check out what Mr. Jordan has to say to his

YBBG Guilty pleasures: Reality TV

Get More: Basketball Wives (Season 4) , Evelyn , More Video At this point you guys know that REALITY TV is one of my guilty pleasures.  The above clip is from the next season of VH 1's Basketball Wives, the original version.  I've told you before, I grew up watching soaps.  It started with General Hospital and All My Children.  Then it rolled over to CBS Soaps...all of them. Reality TV, somewhat took the place of those soaps for me.  Reality TV offered everything I am not: Confrontational, Ridiculous, Materialistic, Whorish, Childish, Crazy (okay well some may say I can be a lil brash and potentially hot headed...but I'm just saying...). Now it seems like all that I loved about Reality TV has become everything I hate. (I know some of my readers are cheering this as they feel that Reality TV makes "us" look bad...I still don't agree with just makes the chicks on there look bad, as well as whomever chooses to emulate them...). This cli

UNC VS DUKE the rivalry continues tonight're going down today boy! The trash talking started already! And I love it! Tonight is the first game of the rivalry for this season.  It goes down in Blue Heaven aka Chapel Hill! (I soooo miss being there!)  Of course I reminisce about the good ol' days. So tune in tonight at 9 pm! ESPN has the came in 3D (Crazy, right?!) Anyway... Gooooooooooooo HEELS!!! Actually got this pic from the FB page of a guy who was in the Upward Bound program when I was a tutor-mentor back in the day :) Thanks JO Get your trash talk on in the WATCH THESE TWO VIDEOS AND I'LL LET YOU DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS A DOOK TRIBUTE VIDEO A UNC TRIBUTE VIDEO

New England Patriots' Brandon Spikes and hometown love

Brandon Spikes has not turned his back on his hometown. He has just turned a spotlight on what many there have been turning their backs on. So someone hit me up about an interview Brandon Spikes gave to the Boston Herald , where he said our hometown is "like a jungle".  Apparently people were upset with some of the things he said about the state of the youth and ability for success in our town.  Most of the people lodging complaints did so on the Facebook page of our hometown paper . I don't know Brandon, but I do know his older brother ( not younger, as the Herald reported ). We grew up playing basketball, first in elementary school for the Rams, then middle school for the Dragons.  I was on the girls team a year ahead of him, and he on the boys.  He was my little buddy, but at some point in time, between middle and high school we lost touch. It was not until I was in college or law school, that I learned what happened with him.  He wasn't a bad dude, so I w

Komen Foundation sees the money..erh light

One of my pals posted this pic on Facebook, just as I was typing this blog. What a coinkydink. The issue arose when the Susan G. Komen Foundation changed its grant funding criteria.  Any group under investigation could no longer receive funding.  Planned Parenthood is currently under attack investigation by several anti-abortion groups and legislators.  Don't get me wrong, I understand the people who are anti-abortion and their plight. They want to protect the unborn.  But I cannot, in the same, breath call these folks Pro-life.  They had no problem supporting the Susan G. Komen foundation when they cut off funding for breast cancer screenings to Planned Parenthood. How can you be pro-life when you champion cutting off some 170,000 screenings that help save lives? I have lost family members to struggles with cancer.  So I know how important health screenings are. When the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to no longer fund Planned Parenthood, I decided I would transfer any

Faith and Fear guest blog at

I recently guest blogged on the site  . Thanks to the "Dating Diva" for inviting me over.  I have dealt with this topic repeatedly.  Based on my own battle with fears in different aspects of my life. So I know how difficult it is to contend with fear.  But, what I've also learned is that in order to eradicate fear, you have to apply faith.  As the saying goes, faith and fear cannot dwell in the same place. Anyway.  I'll let you all check out the blog when you get a chance.  If you'd like me to guest blog at your spot, let me know! Hit my contact page.  As you can see from my own blog, I talk about everything. :) lol

King Eddie L. Long?

Ummm... I don't know the purpose behind this demonstration.  I have no problem with demonstrative expressions of religion.  What I take issue with is foolishness. The natural part of me wants to say some ill stuff about this demonstration.   But I will say this...a man who anoints you spiritually a king...has no authority to do so.  It is taking a lot for me to fight back what I actually want to say about this...but it is not for me to say. I ain't nobody. Wait...who am I fooling? What does this particular man being Jewish have to do with anything? So if an Imam came through would it be cool? Hmmm what about a monk? Is there a hierarchy? So now we're crowning folks kings in the church?  Seriously?! I cannot with all this craziness.  I will tell you this, please if you are a believer in Christ as God as father... please get a relationship of YOUR OWN with God.  Because if you start worshiping common men, you will surely be lost...and the devil will make

Mitt Romney does not care about poor people

The number of people receiving welfare benefits increased 68% under President Bush, 40% under President Obama.  Often we hear that Republicans cut funding from programs that help disadvantaged people (and they do...I'm just saying, the TRIO programs were depleted under the Bush administration, for example.) That does not mean they are as game for taking people off the government teat as they claim. From t estimony to the House Ways and Means Committee given by Robert Rector : This charge was remarkable given that total annual means-tested spending actually increased by 68 percent under President Bush. Not only did total spending increase, but virtually every category of welfare aid increased dramatically: Cash spending grew by 67 percent, medical spending by 72 percent, food spending by 89 percent, housing by 34 percent, energy by 76 percent, targeted education by 50 percent, child development by 52 percent, and community development by 50 percent. Is this the face of the p

BET's The Game Season 5 Episode 5

Chardonnay and Jason at the theater. Chardonnay says she has her own food. Jason has his own too...potato skins with sour cream in his underwear. Chardonnay starts yelling at the screen,saying she hates when movies start out with a footrace. One of the patrons shh'shes her. Chardonnay tells the patron not to shhh her because they paid for their tickets. Jason is giddy about it and started yelling at the screen too. He then tells her he likes her. He likes hanging out with her...even though she still has a ridiculous name. Jason says after the annulment he thinks maybe they should continue seeing each other. Chardonnay says she doesn't think so. They agreed that after the annulment they would both go their separate ways. Chardonnay says "Your ghetto fantasy is over at the stroke of midnight. So you best to get it in."