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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Marc Medley of The Reading Circle . Marc is actually a "What He Said" alum. Marc's radio program is in its 13th year, and he has interviewed some amazing writers like Nikki Giovanni, Omar Tyree, and Kimberla Lawson Roby. The interview was to promote my new book YOUR BOYFRIEND'S BEST GIRLFRIEND: A Tomboy's Guide  To Knowing, Loving And Understanding Men . Marc also gave my first book, 100 Common Sense Dating Tips, some shine. It was a little odd being the interviewee, as I'm usually the person asking questions, but the interview was light-hearted and fun. I so appreciate Marc for allowing me on  his platform. Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

'Beautiful' by Tevin Allen

I am a woman, and we are beautiful.-Dani Sometimes I get lost in myself. I don't think about the impact of my words on the esteem of others. But, for the most part I intend to uplift instead of tear down. I think this song is uplifting. Tevin Allen is a local RnB artist, and he had an idea to pair his song "Beautiful" with the images of all kinds of beauty. I've learned that you never know what goes on inside of a person. The most beautiful people could be hurt on the inside. His song is an esteem booster for sure...and he afforded me to make my video girl debut...without twerking! LOL Admittedly, I talk to guys more than don't have closer relationships with guys...I just tend to talk to them more because the conversations are brief LOL. I have realized that many messages women typically receive from men are not healthy or beneficial. When I started writing my book , it dawned on me. I had a good balance of men around me growing up. T

Domestic Violence has a starting point...and an end

PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT RAY AND JANAY RICE AS IF THEY ARE HORRID ANOMALIES WHILE IGNORING THEIR OWN TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS AND THOSE OF THE PEOPLE THEY CLAIM TO LOVE... There have been so many posts about the relationship of Ray and Janay Rice...for awhile I tried to ignore it. People feel that I should be outraged that he knocked her out. People feel I should be up in arms and use this writing thing to talk about crazy woman-beating men. Truth is...I look at both Janay and Ray as damaged people.  I've known beaters and beaten...and neither title was gender specific...and they were both lovable people...with deep rooted issues, that they often didn't see...or bother to acknowledge. I was not going to do this post. Everyone kept asking me to do it, but I wanted to refrain. I have a tendency to "go in" and the direction I go is usually hard to consume. Let me just be real. Domestic Violence makes me angry. Oftentimes people who talk about domestic violence do

'Dating Woman's Workbook' and 'Happier Hour'

"Dating Woman's Workbook" by Brenda R. Lide I attended "Happier Hour" hosted by Brenda Lide a week or so ago. Lide is the creator of "Dating Woman's Workbook", an interesting guide focused on self-awareness for single ladies in the dating world. Lide's "Happier Hour" was the debut of happy hour chats that tackle relationship matters from the perspectives of both married and single women. Lide led the discussion with candid talk about her own relationship past and how she learned to "stop playing the victim" and "get into the driver's seat" of her relationship decisions. Although Lide created her workbook for single women, she feels the emphasis on self-awareness is beneficial to all women. The workbook includes a dating journal for you to keep track of the dates you go on, giving you the ability to track your behavior patterns.  Lide hopes that her Happier Hiur events will encourage women to be

#38 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: Bettie Grind Topic: Career vs real life and family How I know him:  I met Bettie at Power 98 one year when he came by to do a community event. I think he was giving shoes away to kids for back to school. Bettie Grind (I usually use people's government names...but I met him as Bettie I'll stick with that name.) was born in Richmond, VA but grew up in Charlotte on the west side. When I met him at the radio station, he was a bit quiet but friendly. His former manager, Fresh, and I had agreed to set up a blog interview. Fresh and I kept playing text tag and I could never get my schedule together to interview Bettie. I would often see Bettie Uptown with his daughter, and wondered who he was behind the "I'm Fly" lyrics I'd once heard. When I ran into Bettie the other day, we finally got an interview scheduled...with him working around  some things to accommodate my schedule. What I learned about Bettie Grind BETT