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Man shoots woman after she says she gave him AIDS

This isn't the actual gun...just an example. A DC man says he shot a woman after she told him she gave him AIDS.  According to NBC4 Washington, D.C., Lloyd Wilkins went to his bedroom and grabbed his shot gun, after his female companion joked with him about giving him AIDS.  The only thing is, she was the only one who thought it was a joke.  According to the report, the two hung out one night and went back to Wilkins's place for a nightcap.  The two slept together, and immediately after, she told Wilkins she had just given him AIDS.   He immediately got up, grabbed his gun and blasted!  Amazingly, the woman survived the shooting! I bet she will not play with anyone else like that!  Hopefully he also learned that randomly passing out your goods could get you in a permanent predicament that could potentially cost you your life.   Seriously people...some stuff you just do not do or joke about! (In this day and time why are you still randomly sleeping with people all willy

I love my Mr. Wrong

I don't know if this is common place, but I will imagine that it is.  There is that one (hopefully just one), ain't no good for you, can't cause you nothing but heartache and pain, make you cry in your ice cream person out there.

Herman Cain and Ms. White

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain: Oh goodness! This is bordering on the ridiculous.  Herman Cain is about to give Tiger Woods a run for his money.  All of these women popping up out of the wood-works claiming they had relations or were in some  way harassed and/or sexually abused by Herman Cain. This new lady, Ginger White, says she carried on an illicit affair with Cain for thirteen years (only ending 8 months before he started running for office) knowing he was married.  How messed up is that?! Then she wants to get all sanctimonious and come spreading her whorish ways all over national tv? For what? (Trick, did you see Waiting to Exhale?! Bernadette!)  I don't know why mistresses feel so comfortable being brazen these days.  What happened to the days when they were secreted away in little apartments with weekly visits? As to Mr. Cain... assuming these accusations are true. You are a dirty bastard.  To push your wife o

Fitness can be fun and fab

I saw this vid on They always have some interesting stuff on there! But this right here?! Amazing! First of all, cheers to the lady for getting in the gym... Getting started is one of my biggest hurdles.  But to not only get it poppin' but to do it with ferocious fabulous-ness is beyond anything I have ever seen before! I struggle to run on the treadmill as it My coordination is a bit off.  I need this lady to teach me a thing or two! LOL How do you make your workouts fun?

Living young and wild and free

Ummm... This right here is the problem I have with rap/hip-hop.  "High School man.  Hey Wiz Imma get with you in third period tomor'.  I'll holla atcha"-Snoop at the end of this song. Calvin Broadus is forty years old!  Now, I look at music as entertainment only.  For one, because I was secured from secular music growing up...therefore it was never a lifestyle for me... At all.  All it could ever be was entertainment.  I didn't understand this growing up, as all of my friends would listen to secular music, and I had no idea who most of the people were.  But NOW? I'm kinda grateful LOL.  My parents never really cared what other folks were doing anyway... So that argument fell on deaf ears. Back to my point.  At 40 Calvin aka Snoop is on this track with Wiz Khalifa...I think he's in his 20s? I don't know.  But that being said.  At what point do you stop being young, wild and free? I mean good grief when will you grow the heck up?!!!! This does n

Who made the potato salad?

Why is potato salad always the dish greeted with the most suspicion? LOL Tell me you have never heard this at a holiday/family gathering?! LOL It does not matter what the occasion is down south... potato salad will show up on the table. picnics...and every single holiday known to draw a crowd!! Now  I know y'all have gone by a potato salad on the table and looked at it like WHAT THE CUSS WORD IS THAT?! All potato salads are not good potato salad. Now it never fails that someone will make potato salad who you know has no business making the potato salad.  Either they are "nasty" (don't keep a clean home), inept (leave the potato salad out making it toxic) or just plain don't know what they are doing... Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Who anticipates the potato salad debacle going down in your home? Besides the potato salad question... what are some other things that are always said or done at holiday gatherings? The good? The bad? The h

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a child smile

The smile of a child should never be taken away. Yesterday, I had court.  The outcome was a great one, especially since children were involved.  I try to focus my practice on family issues because I really care about kids. The best part of yesterday was the huge smiles on the children's faces. It seriously made my heart soar out of my chest!  This is why I do what I do!  I want to see the little ones feeling safe and secure. Have you ever seen a child's face just light up?  It is the best thing in the world. But the worst thing in the world is seeing a child tormented.  I can never understand how anyone could want to harm a child or not act in the child's best interest. It takes a coldblooded person to not put a child's needs at the top of his/her list of priorities.  Children do not ask to come here.  They are not pets or belongings.  They are gifts given to the world THROUGH you that are to be protected, cared for, loved, and inspired into greatness. To

HBCU basketball and poetry in motion

Johnson C. Smith University You all know I went to a PWI for undergrad and an HBCU for law school.  You also know that I am a sports junky.   So this weekend I went to JCSU for a basketball tournament.   A couple of guys I know are assistant coaches there... (Lord that is a story within to one of them...but that's neither here nor there LOL) I have never gone to a regular bball game at an HBCU.  I've gone to some CIAA games, but they are usually in a very large venue.   This was different because I was really close to the court.  I got a little nostalgic watching the games, and felt a tremendous urge to throw on some sneakers and hit the hardwood! LOL Grover Now the funny part was when this guy got up to leave and he had on a blue furry coat... why did the entire side of the gym he left from get up, point at him and laugh!!! Then another dude ran down out of the stands and rubbed the coat... That coat seriously looked like he skinned Grover from Sesame

Down home with YBBG

Butterflied pork chop marinating. One of my favorite shows is Down Home with the Neelys on Food Network.  I love the camaraderie between Pat and Gina Neely.  They always have such fun and romance in the kitchen. And they each get down with the get down when it comes to cooking.  He cooks well and so does she. They are from barbecue aristocracy in Memphis.  I thought about them as I prepared dinner tonight. I'm trying to do better by eating at home more than I eat out.  I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of eating pork... but whatever! LOL The chops are cooking in Smart Balance olive oil and butter stick. See...healthy! :) lol Tonight I got it in with my favorite cooking utensil.  A cast iron skillet. My grandma on my dad's side always cooked in one of these badboys.  As a matter of fact, my granny on my mama's side did too. I now recall getting burned on the bottom of my chin, because I nosily peeked in a cast iron skillet one time to see w

YBBG: How to date like a dude

What happens when you date like a dute? One thing is you never have to worry about when the guy is going to call... So my post the other day, "You date like a dude", was about the differences in how men and women date.  The answers came from various guys and gals. Many folks in that post said that women tend to put every egg into one basket by dating one man instead of multiple.  The one I agreed with most came from a guy who said that men go into dating with the potential for it to be upgraded to relationship vs going into it seeking a relationship off-gate. Anyway this all sprung forth from my friend Noa saying I date like a dude.  This is not necessarily a good thing. (This is not based on how all men date...just well...dudes lol) So how does one date like a dude:

Syracuse sex abuse scandal: Who should you believe?

Jim Boheim, Syracuse head coach and Bernie Fine, associate head coach. (l-r) from First there was the travesty of Penn State, a college football super there is the storied Syracuse University basketball program.  Bobby Davis and his step brother Mike Lang, claim that an associate head coach for Syracuse sexually molested them for over a decade, with Bobby suffering the most.

Oklahoma State loses...what does this mean for the BCS?

So I was on the phone with one of my favorite people.  He was watching the Oklahoma State- Iowa State football game.  Sadly Oklahoma's athletic family lost the women's basketball head coach and assistant in a plane crash yesterday.

You date like a dude

What does it mean to date like a dude?  "You date like a dude," is something one of my best friends used to tell me.  So I asked people: How do men and women date differently? BG   Men tend to date SEVERAL ladies at the same time. When one appears to be the  "leader", we devote more of our attention to her and then eventually all of it. MY  experience is that women tend to date one guy at a time and give him 100% from day  one. Jury is still out as to if that's a wise tactic putting all her eggs in one basket. 3 hours ago  ·  Unlike  ·   5 CM Writer   A lot of women are averse to dating multiple men. Why is that ladies? 3 hours ago  ·  Like MM   women tend to focus it can be difficult for them to focus on multiple dudes,  especially when feelings could become involved. most women I know would rather just  have that one person they can hang with 2 hours ago  ·  Like  ·   1

Am I ready to pray with him?

This guy asked a group of people: " In your opinion, what's the most intimate thing 2 people can do together?" My answer was: PRAY Most of the time when we're in trouble, we pray...long...hard...and earnestly.  Often we do it in secret...only telling God what we're really going through. Sometimes the prayers open up the tear ducts allowing all of you to flow out in those salty water drops. Prayer blows your cover.  That armor that you use to hide behind when dealing with people melts away.  The fences you've put up to guard against hurt, harm and danger, come down. You are revealed.  And everything is out in the open.  At that very moment you are completely naked and cannot disguise anything. I've never prayed with a guy before.  Sure I've said grace over a shared meal.  But I've never PRAYED with one...that kind of prayer where we are so intimately connected. What about you? Have you prayed with your significant other?

It's not's your family

Ok one of my guy pals/readers of my blog reached out to me with a really good question.  Can a person's family be a deal breaker? His specific question was: Is not having a "normal" family a deal breaker? (e.g., siblings with a prison record that can never be around your children unsupervised...alcoholic parent...that type of stuff) Some folks answered with the following: DC   yep its possible 23 hours ago  ·  Like Cm Writer   i think they can be too. But what about a person's family would cause you to think...oh heck nah... 14 hours ago  ·  Like AT   Yes. Lawd... Yes. Lol 14 hours ago  via  mobile  ·  Like MK   I mean it could be but I wouldn't wanna end my relationship becuz of his family. 14 hours ago  via  mobile  ·  Like  ·   1 BG   Hell yeah, it can be! I had a friend who's mother-in-law was so meddling, she won't date any man who's mother is "on THIS side of the dirt!" For me, it wouldn't be her family that wou