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Dear Rosemary Plorin: 'I hope you dance'

Dear Ms. Plorin: I read your letter in the Charlotte Observer, addressed to Carolina Panthers' QB Cam Newton. Initially, I found it ridiculous. Then, I looked you up and discovered you are the head of a PR firm. I then read the letter again, and I found it suspicious. Maybe your intention had nothing to do with seeking to open dialogue re: sportsmanship, as you proffered after receiving backlash from the letter. Maybe your letter was a stealthy way to get your name out there and raise the visibility of your PR firm. I don't know...I don't know you, so my suspicions may be unwarranted. I wanted to say: But that would have been rude, over the top, and unnecessary. We all have the right to voice our opinions and share our perspectives.  I still find your letter laughable. You claim to have seen pelvic thrusts that didn't actually happen, you ignored Titans player Avery Williamson's dancing after sacking Newton and then getting after Newton f