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Temptation is a ...

There's a passage in the Bible, Genesis Chapter 39 , where Jospeh flees the grips of Pontiphar's wife. She grabs his loincloth and then the heiffa has the audacity to say that Joseph tried to lie with her. The wife told Pontiphar this lie and it landed Joseph in prison. However, it was in prison that Joseph was shown God's favor, and he was set up to be a greater man after being a slave. The message from this passage, to me anyway, is that there are blessings in fleeing temptation. Which brings me to this Tyler Perry movie, Temptation. Temptations are a *fill in the blank*... In the trailer for this movie, you can see the struggle that the wife has with the pressures of her job, coupled with the nagging small issues in her marriage. Then in he walks...tall, chocolate and bald. TEMPTATION. He's moving all the right ways, saying all the right hings. TEMPTATION. What your man isn't doing, he will. TEMPTATION. You're spending more  time with him, while your

YBBG Bargain Shopping: Jones New York Ponte Sheath

I purchased this sheath a few weeks ago. Let me just say, I am not shaped like the model in the picture, nor did I pay $129.00 for this dress! That's what it costs at Belk. But y'all know I ball on a budget. I bought this dress for $29.99 at Ross! With my cheap self, I didn't want to pay that much! LOL Back to the shape. I am shaped more hour glass with thighs and hips and such. So the dress fit me closer in the bottom half. I actually love the dress and funked it up a little bit with tights, a scarf and denim jacket when I wore it today. There is something about accessories that can add some POW!!! to an otherwise conservative piece. Anyway, have you seen or grabbed any good deals lately? Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

Blogging with style

Will Smith's Interior Motives design studio screams with my kind of style.  I tend to stand out in a crowd. Only because I top out at around six feet tall or taller when I wear heels. Most times, I would rather blend in, but I like my writings to stand out. Someone once told me she loved the randomness of my posts. My posts are very reminiscent of my style...and personality. Style is important when fashioning a blog post. When I write about law, news, or serious topics, the style is more structured and well...nerdy. When I write about sports, I morph into my tomboy self and get a little grimey. So you will read incorrect grammar, poor punctuation and slick talking colloquialisms. If the topic is relationships, my emotion and/or humor will pour onto the posts. It is just the art of marrying my personality with the wording. Writing can be as stylish as any leather pants or Air Jordan xx8s. I change up my writing as much as I change my handbags.

Balancing the negatives and the positives

Are your negatives outweighing your positives? Mine have been for the past week  month, and by golly, I'm going to do something about it! No the world is not all positive, but you can find light in any dark space. Balancing the negative and the positive is necessary for living a good life. Who wants to be buried in blahs anyway? I paused last night to look at my blog posts over the last couple of weeks. I usually write on the fly. I may be at my desk working and get inspired by something I hear on the radio, or talking to a colleague and decide to share our funny conversation. So whatever is going on around me, I write about when I get a chance. Now that I downloaded the Blogger App to my iPhone, my writing is usually instant. Writing is fun for me, but there is something that gave me pause over the last week. My posts have been overwhelmingly me anyway. I am a very deep thinker, always self-analyzing and carrying on ( errr over thinking like a mug!) . So I h

Hoops & Heels suite level thrills

Bobcats: Hoops & Heels Hoops & Heels with Bobcat's reporter Stephanie Ready.  Yesterday it was +Charlotte Bobcats   vs. +Denver Nuggets  , although the Bobcats came up short, I had a great time. I admit it, after last night, my NBA viewing is now tainted. I'm spoiled I tell ya! I went to my first Bobcats game, and had a phenomenal experience with their Hoops & Heels event. It started with a lesson on Basketball: Basketball 101 Stephanie Ready with some Bobcats execs I started playing basketball as a little girl, and played team ball until I was a teenager. Stephanie Ready gave us ladies a run down on how basketball works, from the dimensions of the court to the calls refs make. Some women walked away with NBA rule books.  And even I learned some things during the Basketball 101 session of Hoops & Heels that I attended at Bobcats/TWC Arena. For instance, did you know that Cheryl Miller was approached by several men's professional teams to pl

Tomboy Salute: Stephanie Ready

@StephanieReady in the suite at Bobcats vs Nuggets Game February 23, 2013 in Charlotte This segment is new to YBBG. Last night I had the pleasure of attending Hoops & Heels with the Charlotte Bobcats. I was inspired to start a new segment on YBBG to salute fellow tomboys like myself. The event was the brainchild of Stephanie Ready, who is more than just a sideline reporter for the NBA's Charlotte team.  Ready is a former basketball player, former basketball coach at collegiate and professional levels, current wife, mother and at some point a real estate agent. Ready has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the sport of basketball and imparted that wisdom during the vent last night in her Basketball 101 presentation. Ready even taught my know-it-all self a thing or two about the benefits of growing up as a tomboy. During her presentation, this message on one slide caught my attention:  IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT 80% OF THE FEMALE EXECUTIVES AT FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES

Filming in Charlotte

Filming in Uptown Charlotte I know they call Atlanta Black Hollywood. So what would you call Charlotte? Hollywood South? LOL. I don't know. But I always find a pleasant surprise when I walk down the streets of Uptown and see a camera crew. I don't know what they were filming this time, but I saw this on my way to Frozen Isle to get frozen yogurt. While living in Charlotte, I have seen film crews for Banshee, Homeland, and Hunger Games. It's rather cool to witness. One day a colleague and I were walking to Epicentre and saw some guy doing an action scene and he almost knocked someone over. I'm not so sure it was part of the scene. LOL Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

'My hair just burnt off'- Tutorial gone wrong

Everyone and their mama is a YouTube guru. You have natural hair gurus, makeup gurus, weight loss gurus, relationship gurus, spaghetti and meatball gurus... But 80% of these folks have no training. (Home training or I don't really have issues with gurus, I just know better than to follow instructions from folks who have nothing to back up what they are saying beyond trial and error. This poor young lady, Tori Locklear, is the reason why. She's doing a tutorial on the curling wand. I watched a similar tutorial from an actual licensed cosmetologist just last week. And as soon as this poor girl wound her hair around the wand, I saw trouble trouble trouble! I'm not saying you have to go to school to know what to do with hair or makeup or anything else, but I am saying it sure does help! You can have an "oops" on a dummy's head instead of a living breathing person's head. I learned my lesson when I was about 13. I went to a beauty sc

Party promoters need to know the law

The law touches everything. Even partying. Even my use of this picture. Free pic from If you've read my blog before, you know I'm an attorney. Practicing law encompasses a number of areas. I try to educate people on how the law can impact them in their various ventures. Not too long ago I appeared on a local radio show at least three times discussing intellectual property. These issues touch a number of areas including social media, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. But alas, people tend not to listen, or call for help until it is too late. This became readily apparent when I read an article in a local paper a couple of days ago. CIAA is less than two weeks away. The city of Charlotte is gearing up to host the tournament this year from February 28 th through March 2 nd . The event drew huge numbers in 2011, “ the   Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority   estimates attendance for official CIAA functions topped 190,000 and provided an economic i

You women need to learn to submit

How do you react when you're out of control? So I'm listening to a radio broadcast and a guy calls into the show while having an argument with his wife. He's heard yelling at her saying "That's what's wrong with you women now! They're talking about it on the radio! You women need to learn to submit! The man is the head of the house! You need to listen and do what I say!" I was listening to the program on a gospel station. It brought me to tears. Yelling does that to me period. I hate raised voices. Hearing yelling causes me a lot of anxiety. Anyway. The host of the show asked the man if he were okay. The yeller laughed it off and said yeah. The host told the yeller he wasn't okay, then asks the yeller if he'd ever hit his wife. The yeller said he had and he was ready to do it again. Yeller says "I'm ready to slap her in the face. I know it isn't right to do, but it is the best thing to do right now." Here's t

Use your head or your heart?

My guy Troy over at Ring Side LLC posed this question...or a version of it: When it comes to love and relationships, do you depend more on your head or your heart?

Alicia Keys is half time "entertainment" for NBA All Star game

NBA  ‏ @ NBA . @ aliciakeys  tears the stage down at the  half of the 2013  # NBAAllStar Game!  http://   Alicia is in great shape. This is probably the fittest I've ever seen her. And that haircut she has is amazing. She's really working it... Now the bad news That chica has no vocals. Twitter blew up, went in, and let have! * in my Funky Dineva voice * First of all, why was she singing a song about NY when she's in Houston for the NBA All Star game? And why did she perform that Girl on Fire song again? I have heard that song so much, I call 911 and ask for help to put it out every time she comes on singing that mess. No one knows what that song means, Alicia!!! And it does not sound good :(  From Twitter: Alicia Keys  ‏ @ aliciakeys I was so excited to hit the stage tonight!! Thanks for showing your love and support!  # NBAAllstar   Collapse   Reply     Retweet     Favorite