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Gabby Union defends her engagement on Twitter

The look on Dwyane Wade's face when Dena (DNA) gave him the good news. So... Dwyane Wade got a new son for Christmas? This news broke after the news of his engagement to Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union . Gabby has a tendency to address her relationship issues on Twitter...just as she did around the time the child was allegedly conceived and she and Wade were on a break. (See Gabrielle Union checks Dwyane Wade's alleged jumpoff  in February of this year.) Tonight, she took to Twitter again: As unfortunate as this situation is for the new son and Wade's two other children(not the grown people), Gabby is right. Most people go through mess in their relationships...especially messy people. When you work on being a better person and treating people with dignity and respect, you tend to receive the same in return. You know the saying, what you sow, so shall you reap? It tends to be true.  When you sow bad seeds, you tend to reap a sour harvest. 

Birthday Countdown: Day 16

My first car...a 1991 Geo Prizm I think I was sixteen when my folks decided to buy my first car. We went to a used car lot near my high school. All I wanted was a red car. It didn't matter what make or just had to be red. On our way home, my mama rode with me...she was terrified. She should have been because I turned in front of an 18 wheeler with its signal on and almost got us killed. Who knew a signal light didn't mean the vehicle was actually turning? (Thank you, God, for keeping us) Today is Day 16 At 16 years old... I was a second semester sophomore in high school and a basketball player.  My best friend : A PK who I had known since we were three, and my bball teammate. My crew:  Athletes. Basketball, track and football folks. I was dating:  Dating is a strong word... back then it was more like "talking to" as I  wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. But boys liked me...and I liked them. I dressed:  In my daddy's clo

New Year YBBG Style

New Year YBBG Style by ybbg-blog featuring a gold leather handbag Check the  +Fashion  story out  on

Birthday Countdown: Day 17

Okay, so I missed Day 18 because I fell asleep and did not blog... I'll give you a lil info about  what I did at 18. When I turned 18, I was a senior in high school. I was co-editor of my school paper, worked, was president and/or vice president of some clubs...had already quit  playing basketball. Was sifting through college scholarship offers from Ivy League schools, with my only college choice being UNC Chapel Hill. I literally had offers for half tuition or more scholarships from Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Duke, and MIT. Sometimes I do wonder if my life would have been different had I chosen one of those schools. But I'm happy with the choice I made and would not have wanted to go anywhere else.'s Day 17 Today is Day 17 At 17 years old... I was a second semester junior in high school. I never really celebrated my birthday a lot. Maybe a cake and a card. That was about it. Shortly after I turned 17, I flew to DC for a week to partici

Birthday Countdown: Day 19

Shortly after turning 19, love smacked me in the face...but I karate chopped it in the throat. So this is day three of me blogging the birthday countdown and I'm wondering why I started this LOL Today is Day 19 At 19 years old... I was a second semester freshman in college at UNC Chapel Hill. I think someone took me to dinner for my birthday, but I cannot remember who it was... My roommate : Was also from NC. We were actually from the same high school sports conference...Northwestern 4A or something like that. My crew:  I didn't really have a crew. It takes me awhile to warm up to people. I hung out with my roommate's friends a lot...and some other people who I met here and there...but didn't have a set group of folks I was always with. Back then, I just didn't like too many people. I was standoffish and probably homesick. I had a boyfriend back home before I left for school, who I never saw again. We said our goodbyes before I left for

Evelyn Lozada's engagement proves men and women are not so different

Evelyn Lozada has been engaged at least three times, maybe more. She has been married once and it lasted less than two months. Men want to marry her. Evelyn Lozada, publicly, is everything men tell women they shouldn't be if they want to ever get a ring. She's loud and combative, she wears tons of makeup and weave, she's money motivated (read: gold digger ), she's a single mother, and she is promiscuous...but men still want to marry her... How is that possible? Oh...I will tell you how... Men are not as different from women as they would like you to believe, when it comes to love and relationships at the base. Oh, people say men are from  Mars and women from Venus, but the truth is we just live right down the block from each other and take different turns to get to the same street. Evelyn has figured that out, apparently.  Here's a secret: men are vulnerable...and a woman who taps into that vulnerability will snag that dude. Evelyn has great ba

Birthday countdown: Day 20

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ. Hey Merry Christmas! So lets keep the birthday countdown going!  Today is Day 20 At 20 years old... I was a second semester sophomore in college at UNC Chapel Hill on my 20th birthday. My pals threw me a surprise Winnie The Pooh themed birthday party. I was obsessed with Pooh Bear. I still have the watch and snow globe I received that year. My roommate : My roommate was from Philly. We had mutual friends and were friendly. She invited me to her church and that's how we ended  up hanging out. We were almost polar opposites. My crew:   I had met a lot of different people through work, school and having a social life. This is the school year that I met my future best buds. I didn't have a particular crew I rolled with at all. Sometimes I went out with the Charlotte crew. Other times it was the out of state crew. Then there was my home girl from Concord, NC and her crew... And my old roommate and h

Birthday countdown: Day 21

This pic is from the Fall of my 21st year. Why am I dressed like a flight attendant?  Randomly, I decided to blog the countdown to my birthday. I am a true Capricorn. Today is Day 21 At 21 years old... I was a second semester junior in college at UNC Chapel Hill. My two best buds were : A Jamaican immigrant and soccer fan from Miami and a Texan free safety on our football team. gal and one guy. My crew: Of course we rolled in a somewhat disjointed clique. Everyone had their own friends outside of the crew. We were always on the yard or out and about sweating our hair out. Two of us were non drinkers, so we were almost always the drivers. Except I would refuse to drive all the time on the principle that just because I don't drink didn't mean I should be a babysitter... LOL  I was dating: Free meals. I'm not going to this particular point in time, a boyfriend was the last thing on my mind. I was focused on preparing for law s

Guy Moments aka confusion and misunderstandings

A lady I know posted this on Facebook and I chuckled hard. Even though I hang out with guys, was raised with guys, and talk with guys frequently...even I...YES I, have had exchanges like this. It's passive aggressive confusion. Buddy (Mark) started this whole confusion when he phrased his response as, "Oh I ain't trippin', you can do that..." Funny seeing this as a cartoon. What the "female" really wants is for him to say "Oh wow, I really would love to see you." But this dude didn't even know who she was...out of sight out of mind. At least, that's the tone that was set. She could have easily said, "Hey, I would really like to see you." Instead, she put it all on him. Jackie could have avoided this by just being real and upfront...but noooooo... It could have easily been true that he really wanted her to come over and was playing it cool. Instead of ending up enjoying each other's company they tick each other

Dwayne Wade makes Gabby Union an honest woman

Dwayne Wade proposed to his long time girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, this weekend. He took to Instagram to make the announcement. They've been together for six or so years. Union stars in the upcoming series, "Being Mary Jane", on BET. This will be both DWade and Gabby's second marriage. Wade had a very public and nasty divorce from his sons' mother and high school sweetheart, Sioh vaughn Funches. Union was married to short term NFLer Chris Howard from 2001-2006.  Did you know that Union was also an athlete? She was a star point guard for her high school team... Good Luck to the celebrity couple! 

Protect grown men from underage seductresses

R. Kelly promo pic tweeted out by RCA records... I was 12, I was about 5'7" tall. I was athletic, having played basketball for a while, and probably physically looked older than I was. Only because I was tall. I'm sure I still had a baby-face. There was this boy who would ride up on his bike when I would go visit my relatives. Usually he would just chit chat. Then one day he asked for my phone number. I told him I wasn't allowed to talk to boys on the phone. He asked how old I was and I told him I was 12, then asked his age. He said he was 16. Oooh I couldn't wait to get back home and to my middle school the next day to brag about how this high school boy tried to talk to me. Another visit to my relatives came and like clockwork he road up on his bike. It just so happened that one of my uncles was walking down the street. He came over to where we were standing and went off. The dude who said he was sixteen was actually 21 or 22 and my uncle was hot! He ran

'Yellow': Documenting colorism

Light skin problems... Do they even exist? Who really believes light skin folks face colorism issues? Have you ever noticed that some of the most militant Black folks are high yella? Elijah Muhammad, W.E.B. DuBois, Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, etc... I attribute it to the fear of being unaccepted. You know...not being black enough.. People assume that Dark Girls tells the whole story about colorism issues in this country, but a new docu series called Yellow tells the other side of the story.  Yellow documents the life and trials of actor Austen Jaye . YBBG interviewed Jaye earlier this year. Jaye is yella (as we say down south). Being a yella man in society can draw insults like being labeled soft, corny, or unmanly, and that's just within the black community. Personally, I can see how being called names based on skin tone can piss people off. I was a pale baby and quite high yella myself at times. I tend to tan more easily than most yella folks.

Tanner's Bistro brings new flavor

Often when new businesses pop up where similar ones existed, people assume there has just been a name change. Tanner's Bistro and Lounge occupies a space once called the home of Kalu and then 505 East, but it is a brand new place and experience.  A chat with Val, pictured above, proved that Tanner's is handling the restaurant business in a fresh new way. They're focused on becoming part of their neighborhood in the swank Uptown Charlotte area where they reside.  I was invited to attend the grand opening and experience the menu.  Whew child!!! Sample I did! I am a food lover and can tell you what I like and don't like quick fast and in a hurry! My first taste was a passed bite that was quite spicy. It was spicy red pepper, crab and edamame purée atop a crispy wanton. Delicious to me, but hot! LOL it's funny because I usually don't eat spicy foods but strangely when I do, peppers typically don't bother me. I also tried a shrim

Passed down

Sweet potato pie before it hits the oven. I think the first thing I ever cooked for real was pork chops.My mama took me to the kitchen and showed me how to do it. I was fourteen or fifteen. I don't remember how old I was when I tried to figure out how to make sweet potato pies, but I do remember going to the sources of my sweet potato pies: My Granny (mama's mama) and Grandma (daddy's mama). When I originally wanted to make the pies I asked my parents about their mothers' recipes. They didn't know. "Call and ask 'em," is what I was told. So I did. And went to see them about it. See, cooking in the south is an experience, not a task. My Granny would smile when I asked her about her sweet potato pies and my Grandma chuckled when I asked her about a recipe. "Baby, I don't use no recipe," she said and giggled. Now, truth be told, I liked My Granny's sweet potato pies better than My Grandma's, but they were both delicious. M

Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving

I am one of those people who say "Happy Turkey Day". Cynical? Yes. Ungrateful? No. My list of gratefulness is long. Though I struggle with the celebration that is Thanksgiving Day. (And this is why .)  Anyway. On a positive is my GRATEFUL List on today: God . I'm grateful that we have a good relationship on good terms...though we sometimes appear distant to the untrained eye. We talk daily, though sometimes there is struggle. I'm working on my control issues. :) (He keeps me stable.) Myself. Yes, you may question why I put myself second on the list...But I am grateful for my life for many reasons. Putting myself first has been one of my struggles. So yeah. Me first, right after God. :) Family.   And I'm not just talking about folks related to me by blood. I have a mama and a daddy. Siblings and nieces and nephews. Cousins and god children. And amazing friends. I am grateful for having a family I was born into as well as one that chose m