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Keyshia Cole's race problem

From I am not so much in the loop with pop culture these days as I'm on a TV diet. However I listened to Power98 FM this morning and learned that Keyshia Cole is not Black. As you can see from the quote in the pic from, Keyshia didn't technically say she is not Black. She said she's biracial. Keyshia's biological mom, Frankie, said Keyshia's dad is Italian. But Keyshia has never met her father, nor is her paternity a certainty as her mom abused drugs and had multiple partners for years. Keyshia was raised by a Black family in Oakland. Some are blasting Keyshia because of her comment. Race is a touchy subject. Can a person choose the race he or she wants? Or must he/she accept what others perceive him/her as? WHY CAN'T KEYSHIA BE BIRACIAL IF SHE WANTS TO BE?

This cannot be life, Raquel and Esric need to do better

O_O I mean... whuh??? Y'all are getting out of control out here! Is it really THAT SERIOUS? So how do you explain this to the judge? I don't know what kind of relationship Raquel Gonzalez and Esric Davis had, but it surely wasn't built on love alone... She went nuts allegedly after he left her ummmm well... you see what the caption says!  What do y'all think of this foolishness?

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do

Ever wonder what happens to the money recovered in drug busts? what happens to the drugs?

Catfish on MTV

MTv's new reality show: Catfish is about online dating. I was introduced to a show called "Catfish" on MTv by my fellow blogger over at . 20 Nov Shameika Rene  ‏ @ Mofochronicles @ CM_Writer  are u watching this show on MTV called Catfish?! Expand 20 Nov Claire Huxtable  ‏ @ CM_Writer @ Mofochronicles  Catfish though?! LOL what is it about? Expand 20 Nov Shameika Rene  ‏ @ Mofochronicles @ CM_Writer  about these folks that have been dating online..never met.. and then they do..... Expand 20 Nov Claire Huxtable  ‏ @ CM_Writer @ Mofochronicles  and it's called " catfish "?! Weird! In reply to  Shameika Rene   Hide conversation   Reply     Delete     Favorit e Shameika Rene  ‏ @ Mofochronicles @ CM_Writer  cuz usually one of em is lying about who they really are.. apparently that's called catfishing Expand 20 Nov Shameika Rene  ‏ @ Mofochronicles @

NFL considers banning low blocking

Is the NFL getting too soft?  With all the rule changes in the NFL, are they taking the fun out of the game? Football is about crushing blows not ticky tack flags, right?  Do you feel like football is turning into a rinky dink sports with all the new penalties and fines? For instance, the NFL is now considering banning low blocks. Basically, players will no longer be able to block below the waist... 7 hours ago  via  mobile @NFL considering outlawing low blocks below the waist. /Via Fox #Sports radio Like  ·   ·  Share Brian Gardner   In agreement, but not as a fan but as a ref. Safety first and foremost. 6 hours ago  via  mobile  ·  Like   I wonder how this will play out. If you can't block low, doesn't that make the defender's job easier? about an hour ago  ·  Like Brian Gardner   Yes, but not to the degr

South Beach Tow: Repo man meets Jackie Chan's little brother

This dude makes 25/hr doing hands and feet?? Some of y'all need to go on 'head to cosmetology school and get up on game! That being said, why do people get all froggy when the "take back man" comes to repossess their possessions? You know you did not pay the note, so don't act brand new. LOL The lady said bump all this dojo stuff, I'm going straight hood! This was my first glimpse of South Beach Tow which airs on truTV. Hilarious!!

the Unwritten Rules

I am still not watching TV...but I'm cheating on TV with web series. This one, I stumbled upon yesterday. LMBO It is so hilarious and somewhat speaks to my experience as "the only one" in different scenarios growing up. Now, the difference is, my name on a resume is very non-identifiable... LOL  This series follows Racy in her corporate life, and she gives the unwritten rules breakdown of experiences she has cross-racially at her workplace. The commentary at the end of the videos is always hilarious.  The actress Aasha Davis has appeared on Greys Anatomy and other TV dramas. You may have seen her on the news as her sister went missing in 2009, and was never found. 

Thanksgiving food contribution

Sweet potato pound cake This is my contribution to the Thanksgiving table. I usually make sweet potato pies, but this year, I decided to do something different. It looks okay...but I don't know what it is about to taste like! LOL What are you bringing to the Turkey Day table?

Erica Dixon cooks for her fiancee Scrappy...and Twitter goes in

Lil Scrappy tweeted out this photo of the meal his fiance, Erica Dixon prepared for him and their daughter. Lil Scrappy  ‏ @ reallilscrappy My Queen  @ msericadixon  cooked a big one for me n the baby   View photo Okay, before I show you the Twitter commentary, I want to say I like Erica and Scrappy together, and pray that their relationship blossoms into a beautiful marriage. Now to the matter at hand. Look... Scrappy was absolutely proud of the food his lady prepared for him. Men love it when a sista can get in the kitchen and put something on a plate, paper or otherwise, so he was thrilled. That, my folks, is a beautiful thing.  People jumped all over the picture and began tearing it apart. Some suggesting that he should leave her because "everything on that paper plate came from out of a box."  So what if it did? I guarantee you half of the folks commenting don't have a man to cook for or in reverse don't have a w