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Royal Wedding, NFL Draft, and other things guys talk about.

The nuptials of Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge From Phil Noble/Reuters thought it was only women who were glued to the HD at 4 a.m. EST watching the festivities, pomp and circumstance, horse and carriage and such across the pond?! Oh contraire! From Ladies! Some fellas were all into this Royal Wedding!  Nooooo...not the Anderson Cooper types...(love them!).  But the guys waiting and fantasizing about marrying their princesses!  Most wouldn't admit to it, if you called them out, but they felt butterflies rise inside...may have even become a little misty-eyed.  Some guys dream about the day they will marry, as much as you do.  They don't tell their boys.  But they do tend to tell me! LOL I think it is sweet. Don't you? Day 1 of the NFL Draft Jason Decrow/Associated Press  And with the Number 1 pick in the NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers se

Birthers, Birth Certificates and Bull...

I'm going to try to write this in a calm manner, whilst I'm not very calm. President and First Lady Obama on Oprah from As you can clearly see I am Black, African American if you will...even Negro...but don't call me Colored... As a matter of fact some folks better not call me anything, but my name or I'll be ready to go off. LOL Why is that? Because I harbor some prejudices.  Yep! I do.  Oh Lord, now don't go running off thinking I am part of some secret Angry Black Woman society ready to overthrow the country and join the NWO... NO...not even close. But let's get to it. I fervently believe everyone has prejudices.  Most are afraid to admit it.  People are in denial and will probably discredit me because I am a Black woman saying what I am about to say.  I'm just pulling the race card.  To them I say... I could give two flying rats butts what you think... As Whoopi G said today... welp...I'm pulling the RACE CARD!  Now wh

Missing NC honor student Phylicia Barnes found dead Heart breaking news coming out of Maryland today. The body of missing honor student, Phylicia Barnes was found in a river. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this bright and shining young lady. She was set to graduate early and went missing on a trip to visit her sister in Maryland in December.  The pain her family must feel is tremendous.  Please keep them in your prayers.  knilxino

Tyler Perry and Spike Lee could just work together.

Back in 2009 this is what Spike Lee had to say That was a year and a half ago.  I don't know if there have been recent things stated or if people just continue to stir the pot.  The Huffington post contends that this post, titled "They are trying to kill Madea!", made on Tyler Perry's website was a veiled comment about Spike: You know I don't dwell in negativity. I try and stay above it, but I wanted to say this to you. You and I both know that there are folks out there that work overtime trying to keep people from seeing my movies. Even though I don't say anything, it doesn't mean that I'm not aware of it. They say all kinds of things about the films, Madea and me. They call me everything, but a child of God. I even had someone tell me in a press conference that I don't have a "white" following. We all know that is not true. Had they been on tour with me they would know White folks, Black folks, Asian folks, Latin folks, Navajo f

#19 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Photo from Today's Guy:  JC How long I've known him:   Since my freshman year in college, but he claims he doesn't remember me from then...mmmhmmm lol Topic:  Going dutch on a first date.  Or a guy being unwilling to pay for a date period LOL... So JC and I bumped heads awhile ago on a mutual pal's fb status.  And when it dawned on me that we had gone to college together, I told him.  He couldn't forward and here comes another fb status debate... I can't honestly remember what the initial status was.  However it led to discussion of paying for dates and who will or won't pay.  Boy he and I went back and forth...and this conversation is a snippet of it.

Wedding invitations, money problems, and other foolishness

I'm going to start backward... First up the foolishness. Why do people always want to tell me stupid stuff? LOL I'm minding my own business walking to lunch in my building.  A coworker comes up to me and says "Did you hear about the new lady?"  Now the last time someone asked me about a new person, the poor sap had kirked out (One of my favorite terms that no one gets...basically meaning he lost his marbles...)... Hey it is rough in the legal profession... :) Well today it was a woman who decided that her keyboard was a little too dirty, so she borrowed one from another computer.  She commences to using it and much to her chagrin it isn't working.  She calls aforementioned coworker over to tell him it isn't working.  He tries it out...sure enough. Not working. hmm.. then he looks... Ummm the lady didn't bother to detach said keyboard from the computer and attach it to hers?! (see this is the darn foolishness I'm talking about...what's going

Snooping is a natural part of a relationship...

I mean, that's what two guys told me when I asked what place snooping has in a relationship. Funny thing is, two ladies said snooping has absolutely no place in a relationship. If you have to snoop, you may as well ask, and deal with the answer you receive was the sentiment of @ NrdySuthnCharms  on Twitter. So do you snoop?  Go through medicine cabinets, check phones, peep in email accounts? What's the point?  What do you gain from it?  Have you ever got caught?

Dying for straight hair?

photo from Just read this on California Warns Against Brazilian Blowouts Apr 13, 2011 @ 2:21 pm West Coast fans of the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment are about to find out exactly what goes into their favorite salon service. A recent investigation by the state of California found that Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Professional Smoothing Solution contains around eight percent formaldehyde, the same percentage found in the embalming fluid used by funeral homes. Read the rest here .  Lawd hammercy! Y'all better go back to the good ol' pressing comb! SMH...

The Clean Up Woman and The Maintenance Man

I guess I have a theme today. But it is to make a solid point. Everyone points fingers when it comes to this thing called cheating. Cheating takes many forms (emotional, financial, sexual) and to be quite frank, both men and women do it. But contrary to popular belief, not all men and women do it. But this question is more for the 'Clean up Woman' and 'Mantenance Man'. What exactly do you get out of it? I heard a chick on the radio today spout off about getting the hummer and credit card... Ummm... why not just be a regular call girl? Shoot you can get some appreciable assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate. Side dudes, what's your gain? I mean, you're not even being kept. And she has you doing the things her man won't do like taking out the trash, washing her car, and giving her money... Sooo you're basically getting pimped by a chick who is doing her man up and kissing you in the mouth? Nasty! LOL

Woman to Woman: Talking to the side-piece

This was inspired by the convo on Power98 FM this morning.  The topic was, what type of advice would the other woman or man have for the main boo?   Well I wrote an article that briefly touched on this topic titled: How to become a mistress in 10 easy steps Is it possible that you could push your mate toward temptation?  I wrote about that in " You made him cheat ".  How many of you have ever approached the side-piece? Or have you been approached by the main boo? What was the conversation like?

A word of Thanks

I had a moment today.  I listen to the radio as I sit at my desk and this song came on.  People don't understand why I say I have compassion, but no sympathy.  My thing is, I don't feel sorry for people, because we all go through on some level or another. I feel compassion because  I want suffering for no one.  I understand some things are visited upon you through no fault of your own.  At some point we need to learn how to have thicker skin and resilience.  Shoot... living is not for the faint of heart. For every thing you have to complain about, there are hundreds that you've never had to experience.  So yes I want to say stop all your whining and say Thank You sometimes. 

Rough, Raw, and Real

"Rough, Raw, and Real" are the terms used to describe the Morning Maddhouse when it comes on in the monrings on WPEG Power 98 FM.  Ironically, those terms describe my personality.  I didn't win any crowns, but pageants are fun. I make every attempt to warn people about my personality prior to getting to know me. LOL.  But some people either don't pay attention, or think I'm playing. In this blog, I detail my upbringing.   And a person's upbringing weighs heavily on his/her personality.  That's why I pay such close attention to the stories people tell about their past, home life, and the way they were as kids.  Those things etch certain personality traits into the being of a person. I do own pink boxing gloves. For me, as you know I grew up around guys.  Trash talking, competition, and basic rough and raw talk was etched into me.  Quite personally I don't think it's a bad thing.  On the flip, I also modeled, took etiquette training th

Ben & Jerry's FREE CONE DAY

I don't know about you.  But this is my favorite icecream shop! I love love love it! :) I haven't been in a while, but you may catch me in line at my local Ben & Jerry's getting a cone of some delectable treat! They have new flavors that you can try! See above! Do you have a Ben & Jerry's in your area? Check here !

What part of the game is this? Steve Nash's former teammate knocked up his wife?

So back in November, Steve Nash announced the birth of his son Matteo Nash , and the end of his marriage.  All of this happened at the same time. Jason Richardson The folks over at The Jersey Chaser are claiming that the reason for the quicky divorce is that Jason Richardson fathered the above mentioned son. And you all thought the ball players were the only ones getting around?  Apparently you should cry no tears for the women. Think back to Evelyn of Basketball wives hittin' off a few players. Apparently in any given league, it ain't no fun if the homeys can't have none. (R.I.P. Nate Dogg). Remember the Parker-Barry drama? Come on people.  Can we show at least a modicum of respect for marriage?  I mean I know some people marry for some jacked up reasons, but good grief!!! As many groupies there are hanging around locker rooms...Can't you mess with one of them instead of getting married or getting with someone who is married? Anywho...word is Nash isn'

Unemployed and dating?

Photo from The economy is starting to get better.  The unemployment rate has dropped under 9%.  I think it is something like 8.8% or 8.5%.  Hiring is picking up. BUT there are still people who are unemployed or underemployed. Which means some pockets are empty and some purse strings are tight.  You even have separated couples moving back in together to save money. (Which tells me they probably don't have issues so detrimental as to not work things out...but surely I digress...) Anywhoo.  That leads me to the questions:  1. Should dating be out of the question when you're unemployed? 2. Would you date someone who is unemployed? 3. If you were unemployed would dating still be on the agenda? 4. Should employment status even matter while dating? Ever heard this song? LOL.  S/O to @A_E_M from Twitter for reminding me of it! LMBO (Ain't nothin' goin on but the rent!)

When did dating become war?

Photo from That's it! I give up! I'm throwing in the towel.  This whole notion of bridging the game between men and women has been all for 'naught! It's just not going to happen. I'm going to shut this blog down.  I've come to the conclusion that we just hate each other. Yep! There's nothing left to see here. Men talk about women in terms of protecting their pockets.  Women talk about men in terms of protecting their goodies. Men think women are conniving seductresses.  Women think men are scheming philanderers.  Dating is a dang battlefield.  And I'm waving the white flag! This convo I had sums it up: Me: It's a shame...people strategize about dating like going into war...LOL homeboy L.S.:  You're right. It shouldn't be that way. Me: But sadly it is. homeboy L.S.:  Definitely.  Everyone's either a war vet (baggage) or double agent (liar/player) in most minds.  Hard to find a solid loyal soldier.  I think

Funny stuff that only happens to me...

 photo from  Today was an interesting day. I got up before the buttcrack of dawn to volunteer feeding 140 people breakfast at the local Rescue Mission. I love doing volunteer work because I genuinely like helping people. Fearing I'd be late I went to bed early. Subsequently I wake up at midnight, 2 am, and 4 am. LOL. So basically I didn't really sleep. The day before we had to go through an orientation. It was supposed to last 30 minutes...but just my luck I got the dang female version of Ben Stein's character in Ferris Beuller's Day Off.