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CHARLOTTE: 'What's Going on'

Protester in Charlotte allegedly shot by a CMPD officer. *Update, the young man in this image, Justin Carr, has passed away. I edited his image in respect to his family.  (Authorities  arrested a citizen for the shooting.)  (photo by  Brian Blanco for Getty Images used under the Fair Use doctrine.) They say Charlotte is burning... but...

Allen Iverson's Hall of Fame Speech

Allen Iverson gave an emotional Hall of Fame induction speech.  Allen Iverson has a story that is similar to so many young men and women who find their way to success through sports. For many, playing sports is more than a competition, it is a saving grace. There is something about building both strength of body and strength of character through building with other people. Anyone who has ever played organized sports (not just a pick up game or street ball) will tell you that in your heart and mind you will always be an athlete, no matter how old you get. But there's more to it than that...Through sport you sharpen so many aspects of your personality. For instance, confidence and assertiveness flourish through competition.

Everything I did wrong in my relationships

Sometimes you are the reason your relationships go nowhere. Image by Mr. James Ackerley ( cc license ) Everything I did wrong in my 20s , is a web series by Kim Williams, that I have fanned out over for a couple of years. It follows the travails of the main character, Stephanie Rogers, with a series of flash backs to advice she should have given her younger self. Rogers is depressed after a series of losses and journals her pain as she fights to reclaim her life. Check out this episode: Now to the subject of this blog post. I swear, I talk about relationships in some capacity every day. Relationships are deeply important to me, as they are the foundation of a great society. That being said. Let me tell you everything I did wrong in my relationships. And by "wrong," I mean doing things that were counter to maintaining a healthy relationship. BELIEVING IN NON-COMMITTED COMMITMENTS The meme says 'Dating in 2016,' but this was my attitude most