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Three Cs of celebrity interviewing

So for a while now, I've had the opportunity to interview some people who are in the spotlight. Now these folks range from music artists to sports folks and actors and what not. I've never fancied myself a journalist or even a celeb blogger. I just like talking to people. Oh...and I don't post pictures with me and celebrities...I get why people do it...but I just keep the pics for my own photo albums. PJ I guess I am fascinated by talented people who find themselves in the public sphere. Like...what takes someone from the best alto in church to "sanging" on CDs and doing shows all over the place? I find it interesting. Then, I always wonder what these folks are really just regular people. I can't say I've been star struck yet. I have been tickled and couldn't stop laughing during an interview happened most recently when I interviewed singer, Eric Roberson . Eric We were talking about how I was introdu

What is this book about?

Get the book here: or here: If you've been with me since the inception of this blog, you will know that I have promised you a book for years.'s here. Let me tell you the truth...writing this book took more energy than I expected. When some colleagues asked, "What is this book about?" I replied, "It's about the blog." When they asked "What is the blog about?" I said... "It's about the book." HINT:  The book's main title and subtitle each have double meanings... This book is not a "How you get a man"'s not a "find your way to love" book... It's a "this is how folks screw up all of their relationships (familial, platonic, romantic, etc...) and figure out how to fix them" book. Haha Seriously...the book is about almost everything I have tackled on this a very unique way:  The life lessons of a

'Girls cannot do what boys can do'

When I was little, my dad used to always tell me , "Girls can't do what boys can do." It would infuriate me, so I would set out to prove him wrong. No matter what it was, he would challenge me...almost mockingly...with that statement. It took me a while to figure out that he was using reverse psychology. LOL What I have learned is...I can really do anything boys can do. I may not be able to do it as fast. I may not be as strong. But I can handle myself well...and do it my way. When I saw Kacy Cantazaro compete in the American Ninja competition, my belief was affirmed! Even at 5'0" this former gymnast completed the task...and she did it her way! Way to go Kacy! Follow  @YBBG_Blog on Twitter and use hashtag #YBBGTopic for more interesting discussions.  Check out YBBG on Facebook . 

5 things I learned from men about dating, love, and relationships

So I have a few new readers (maybe more...) and one in particular challenged me to update the blog more frequently. There are over 900 posts on this blog, so I know he hasn't read all of them ( sticking my tongue out at you with the wrinkled nose look that kids give...LOL ). Anyway...since I was up all butt-crack of dawn-ish, I decided to write something that I've touched on before, and touch on in my book ( Get Your Copy Now ): Almost everything I learned about dating, love, and relationships...I learned from men. I don't know if that's good or just is what it is. Here are five of the things about dating, love, and relationships that I learned from men: You control your feelings, they do not control you. Dating is supposed to be fun. You have unlimited options. Love makes you weak. (Okay...maybe I learned that from SWV?) Relationships only become serious when you decide they should be serious. Yes, I'm going to break these down. First yo

I 'body shamed' Prince Fielder...and I am not sorry

I'm seeing a couple of articles about the "body shaming" of Prince Fielder. I guess my Facebook post (on my personal page) was "body shaming" of Fielder and men who happen to share his waistline girth... This whole Prince Fielder being on the cover of ESPN the body issue is just not pleasing to my eyes lol! It ain't right I tell ya! It just ain't right. I know some women like a lil chub in the tummy but maaaan couldn't he just get an inside page? LMBO- MY FACEBOOK POST Well... I would like to say... I'm not sorry. If men can say what they find attractive and eye pleasing (and they should be able to do so without backlash) then so can I. Everybody won't like your body, smile, height, whatever... Everyone won't be attracted to me, you or any individual...that's reality...  If you put yourself out for public display...I'm sure you prepare yourself for public why not prepare yourself for public critic

Blog Tour from Mofochronicles to YBBG and beyond

I was asked by my fellow blogger/writer/online friend Meik of TheMofoChronicles to participate in a writer's process blog tour. As the writer/blogger you answer four questions about your craft and introduce your readers to three new writers. So... here we go... WHAT AM I WORKING ON : I just finished  the book that this blog is based on... YOUR BOYFRIEND'S BEST GIRLFRIEND: A Tomboy's Guide To Knowing, Loving And Understanding Men. So, I'm waiting on the proof copy, so that I can start marketing it and getting y'all to buy, buy, buy!!! This book was started waaaaaaaay before the blog even came into being. It has taken me forever...well...just because it's rather a way. It discusses all the life lessons I've learned...and share...about dating and relating to men as a chick who grew up playing with the boys. HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE : I write about so many different things, that I don't know if I fit succinctly into a