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How to become a mistress in 10 easy steps

(Photo: Joslyn James Step 1: Be sexy. Sex sells, right? Exuding extreme sex appeal will draw all men unto you. Sex pours out of your lips, your hips, and even your finger tips. It calls the base side of men out when they see you. You let them know right away that sex is and always will be an option without saying a word. Step 2: Be available Commitment is for those who want to be tied down. You know that, so you free yourself from the bounds of relationships. Or you've had one failed relationship after another. Now you're always available. Your hobbies are loving men, thinking about men, being with men. So whenever one is around, you're available. Step 3: Be fun You live for fun! No burdensome responsibilities to tie you down. You're ready to try something new. "No" is rarely in your vocabulary. If it's exciting, you're down. If it's creative, you'd like to try it. Exotic is what you're all about. S

People who never marry are more fit.

My homeboy said "PSA for sistas who wish to be married..Becky is in the gym habitually...govern yourselves accordingly," as a way to spark conversation on Facebook.  It sparked a lot of heat!!! So I embarked on finding studies about fitness and marriage and health. The studies I came across showed that women who were overweight in adolescence were 20% less likely to marry than their "ideal weight" counterparts, and men who were overweight in adolscense were 11% less likely to marry.  But this study only accounted for people who were overweight in adolescence, not people who became overweight in adulthood. The study is also decades old. I wonder if it is still true, seeing as the majority of people in this country are overweight. Then another study showed that people who never marry are less likely to be overweight than people who marry.  Every other study since then has to do with people getting fat after marriage.  However, another study showed that married

How to get the man you want

Believe he wants you. Knowing you are a nice catch will make him believe it too.  Have some self-confidence.  Be self-assured and you will draw him to you. Be aggressive.  Men are just as self-conscious as we are, if not more.  So if you see a guy who catches your eye, approach him.  For many men it is a turn on.  You get points for putting him on the receiving end of a come on. Be different .  Unless you were born as part of a twin set, you shouldn't mimic anyone else.  Guys like it when a woman stands out from the crowd. Be interesting .  Have a life.  You won't have to be up under a guy 24-7 if you have your own things going on.  And men like women who are fun.  If your only passtimes are shopping and eating, you're already in a losing situation.  That means you're eventually going to get large and cost a lot of money. lol Be trustworthy .  If you creep with him, he thinks you'll creep on him.  So trust and believe it matters if you're a booty call or

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge...

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. Proverbs 1:7 People tend to love living in excess. Tell them too many calories could lead to obesity and heart disease they tell you to mind your business.  Tell them sleeping with random people could lead to STDs and unwanted pregnancies, they call you a prude.  Tell them partying all the time without caring about the future will lead to a wrecked life, they call you boring.  But soon their voices fall silent. Some passages in Proverbs speak to so many of the calamaties and maladies that plague us today.  Even if you are not a Christian or a spiritual person, you can see key points being made.  In chapter one, a warning is made to the youth: Do not fall in step with those who have no morals. Fools who chase ill-gotten gain.  Eventually their actions will lead to their own demise. How many of you know people who live their lives in the streets?  With a criminally driven profit motive?  Is it

Why didn't he call?

For those of you who are still dating, I've often been privy to convos concerning why a guy hasn't or doesn't call. Welp, what your boyfriends/dates/boos tell me: 1. You got on his nerves already. 2. The phone works both ways. 3. He doesn't know what to talk about. 4. He's busy. 5. You didn't make a good impression. 6. He couldn't read your mixed signals. 7. He thinks you didn't like him. 8. He has nothing to talk about. 9. You don't talk about anything interesting. 10. He'd rather see you in person than talk to you on the phone. The next time a guy doesn't call, try calling him. Or better yet, just make another date. Don't take it personally, he may not be a phone person. Not everyone can spend hours upon hours on the phone. Or maybe ya just didn't hit it off. Eh...if a week or two passes and you haven't heard from him... just be on to the next one.

Why you should have guy friends.

You squeeze yourself into a sausage casing and call it a dress. Your girls say : Girl, that's are rockin' that. Your boys say : You look like you should be laying on a bun. Like a fat stack of sausage links. What made you think you should put that on? You break up with your trifling boyfriend who you love so much. Your girls say : It's ok, he'll come back. You can work it out. Your boys say : You were stupid to be with him anyway. I don't understand it. If you go back to him, you'll be even dumber than you were the first time. Some guy puts his hands on you. Your girls say : You should get a restrainging order. Your boys say : Where does that #@$ !@ live? You have a flat tire. Your girls say : You can use my AAA. Your boys say : I'll be there in a minute. You find out you were passed over for a promotion. Your girls say : Was the other person more qualified? Are you sure you even wanted the position? Your boys say : SUCK IT UP! You still h

Why don't you value yourself?

What I hate seeing the most is women who will do anything to get a man. And guys who are about anything really don't want you. That's just being real. You tell a man you'll be his "bust it baby" "lil freak" or that you're "down for whatever", you drop about 50% in the "make her your wife" category for any man who will treat you right. Or you try to steamroll a man into submission. You're raising all kinds of sand and acting like a bully. So what? You're going to beat him down if he won't be with you? That means you don't think you're worth being with unless it is through force. Why ruin your "diva" by acting a fool?! LOL That's why you often find yourself wondering why he isn't acting right or why he doesn't want to be with you. Why would he? You give him everything and he gives you nothing. Therefore you have no value. Here's a little well known secret. Men like a challenge. No t

You made him CHEAT

The relationship pressure He told you he wasn't ready for a relationship...but you watched too many Spike Lee movies and had the dude feeling like "she's gotta have it" so i'll give it to her. You put the full court press on ol' boy and now you're wondering why he dipped back to an ex or two? If a guy tells you something believe him. If he says he isn't ready right now, but he may be ready in the future. He means he doesn't want to be in a relationship. Stop being hardheaded and listen to the dude. He's just that simple. Typically women make things more complicated than necessary. If he's hanging out with you, it is because he likes hanging out with you. That doesn't mean he wants to be in a relationship with you or even marry you some day. Stop filling in what you think are blanks with your hopes, wishes, and dreams. If he says he wants to be in a relationship...he may be telling the truth, or just trying to get you to STH


Hey folks. Let me warn you now. If you are afraid of biting criticisms, hysterical laughter, and deep thoughts. Do not read this blog. Seriously. I am literally the friend everyone wants in his/her corner, but unlike any other friend you have. I'm far from boring, may be a little crazy, but I speak from the heart.