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#MLKDay: What if we never had to overcome?

What if the US actually treated all persons equally from the beginning? Where would we be?  Have you ever stopped and wondered where this country might be had, at the end of slavery, former slaves were granted full citizenship rights and privileges...separate but (un)equal never existed...the Black Codes, Jim Crow, lynchings, and firebombs never happened? What if all citizens were treated equally? What if redlinging, restrictive covenants and gerrymandering were never implemented, and therefore neighborhoods weren't cut off from building and fully enjoying the benefits of economic prosperity? Black men fighting for the Union in Civil War. Where might this country have been, had these human beings been treated as human beings...finally free to determine their own fate in life without facing the terrorism visited upon them within the bounds of this country? How far ahead of the competition might this country be, had it implemented fully the ideals it espouses so boldly

Friendships: Choose wisely

Real Housewives of Atlanta costars Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks' friendship implodes.  2017 Friendship Tips by HK Choosing good friends is like walking through a maze filled with explosives and determining who's there with you at the end and whether you helped each other get through or just happened to arrive at the same place at the same time. People toss the word "friend" around too freely and then wonder how they end up falling apart, realizing that they had the kind of "friend" who was never an actual friend but just ended up in the same place at the same time. Friendship, for me, is that we both actually care that the other makes it through and sometimes we may even make sacrifices for  each other to see that our friend is good. It isn't necessarily about where that friend can take you or you him/her, it's the concern that no matter where you end up, the friend has your back and you his/hers. FIRST RULE OF FRIENDSHIP:  Do yo

Blogging 2017: Growth, engagement and planning

Blogging is more than just writing. Blogging for me began in the Fall of 2010. I had no plan, no direction, and no real end game. My sole purpose in blogging was writing. Over the course of the six plus years that I have been blogging, I have learned that it takes more than great writing skills to blog successfully. Year after year, I promised myself, and my readers, that I would blog more professionally. Blogging as a business was low on my radar, and honestly still is. However, blogging often brings a number of opportunities that require good business sense. I have had so many doors open for me through blogging, most occurring within the first two years of starting. Brands have reached out to me to help with promoting their products, I have hosted events and appeared as a reoccurring guest on a local morning radio show. I've written two books, interviewed celebrities and attended and/or been invited to numerous events and concerts. What I have not done, but sh