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Ladies, Ruben Studdard is single

Ruben was at FSO in Charlotte on Saturday as well. When he took the stage, the ladies were screaming... no... I'm not kiddin'.  THEY WERE SCREAMING... You would have thought Lutha had risen... And let me tell you...Ruben can SANG! Ain't no questions about it.  His voice is amazing. He released his latest album in March of this year.  The single above had the ladies screaming "pick me Ruben"... #iDIED Now...maybe y'all don't know... I have a big boy bias...not my type of But when the Velvet Teddy Bear started to croonin'... I almost forgot! Ha! Ruben said that his mama told him he'd start writing better songs after he had lived life a little.  He said..."Well...I guess I've lived...because I'm writing better songs." Yeah...because that other stuff? Ummm not so bueno. Ruben's divorce from Zuri McCants was recently finalized.

Hot earrings...The Body Bakery...and more

See those pink earrings? They are FAB... and they belong to me!  So I went to For Sisters Only in Charlotte this weekend.  Vender booths are some of the greatest things at FSO.  You know by day, I am an I have to dress somewhat conservatively. However, on my own time, I host panels and discussions , blog, write a column and appear on radio programs.  So I can do whatever I like.  And those pink feather earrings up top, ARE WHAT I LIKE! I purchased them from the Designs by G booth, I think.  OMG...I cannot remember...and one of my readers is going to kill me.  Whoever it was had other cute items, but these spoke to me.  Of course you will not see me casually wearing these...but hey... There were so many creative people at FSO. I ran into artists, jewelry designers, an overabundance of natural hair stylists...even a lady who has her own line of weave (natural and otherwise). And I love sweet keep reading...

Nasir Jones releases very personal song: Daughters

A little while ago, the internet was abuzz about Hip Hop icon Nasir "Nas" Jones's daughter, Destiny, tweeting inappropriate pictures.  Have you ever done anything that would completely embarrass your parents?  I think I have...then again, I don't know how embarrassed they would be.  Who knows? Nas is working on new music and leaked this song Daughters, that reveals the mistakes he has made as a father, and how those mistakes negatively impacted his daughter. Nas is not the only daddy who has struggled in parenting.  An article making its way around the web, speaks to the impact dads have on their daughters' lives: The Father Factor: How Absentee Fathers Affect The Relationships Of Young Women By  Rashana   |  May 4, 2011   |  Lifestyle ,  Sex & Relationships   |  105 Comments Every so often the root of failed or dysfunctional relationships, poor decision making in men or self esteem issues plants itself as “Daddy issues” amongst w

Mama Jones getting her own show?

Emily B from Love & Hip Hop was on hand for FSO. She's on air with V101.9 here. This year, FSO had Reality Row.  On the "row" were Love & Hip Hop personalities, Emily B and Mama Jones; Marcus Canty from X-Factor; Nene Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Tyreese. Mama Jones was on hand to greet her fans. Check out her shirt! Yep! "Psychotic" is spelled correctly! LOL Yesterday Mama Jones spoke with the No Limit Larry and The Morning Maddhouse Show about her appearance at For Sisters Only, and her upcoming projects. Did you know Mama Jones is married, though she and her husband are currently separated? Mama Jones let the Charlotte radio audience know that Love & Hip Hop may be the beginning of a franchise, with a new spin-off called "Jim and the Family Jones" and then a show all her own. Keep your ears to the ground for Mama Jones's show... Wait...didn't Frankie and Neffie have a show? Ummm...

Nene Leakes and ex-husband Greg back together?

Nene's booth at FSO-Charlotte Nene's book "Never Make the Same Mistake Twice". Real Housewives of Atlanta season 4 wrapped up about this month and the Reunion Show was so big it was shown in three parts. Or course there was a lot of bickering and carrying on... One point of contention was an issue between Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield. Remember when the season started and Sheree accused NeNe of stabbing her in the back over some club appearance money? Nene told Sheree she didn't have to steal from her, and I swear I don't believe she did.  Sheree just seemed a bit bitter, to be honest. During that taping, Nene said to Sheree "I'm very rich".  Welp, now it's a t-shirt! LOL Nene was in Charlotte for For Sisters Only, an annual event that brings motivational speakers, musical performances, vendors and celebrities together to uplift and educate women. She said a few words from the Literary Cafe, and then stopped to sig

YBBG on Think Like A Man

I read the book...and saw the movie... But I'll get to my thoughts later.  What do other people have to say about Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man? SS has some strong views about the whole notion of Steve Harvey giving advice on love and relationships.  After all he doesn't have the best track record according to most, as he's on wife number three.  Wife number two came out last year to lament the poor treatment she received from him. SS is not alone in her views, as a guy  I spoke with via Twitter critiqued WENT ALL THE WAY IN ON Harvey, his movie, his book and his adulterous past. ( hey @Jus_ryan3! )  He pointed me to this article, that I had read earlier in the day titled F Steve Harvey ...and the writer MEANT that. Not everyone has harsh criticisms: Have you seen Think Like A Man? What did you think of it?  Wanna   ‏     Hilarious! Loved the movie, but ladies need to pray about finding a man. RT  @ CM_Writer : Have you (cont)