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My favorite professor became a convicted rapist

John F. Dye via WRAL He was actually a grad student when he taught my summer class in Sociology. The topic was Black-White relations. John F. Dye was  Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and Black. If I remember correctly, he was adopted. My class was really small. There may have been five or six of us in the class, of multiple ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. I don't know how it happened, but somehow there was the Jewish son of a business owner, a Southern White girl, a Latina, a future NFL player, me, and I feel like there was one other person. We would all talk openly...the discussions would get hot, but John kept them calm. He was a thought provoking mediator. I appreciated the fact that our class discussions had no boundaries. He was cool, and encouraged us to appreciate differences, while embracing similarities. That's the guy I knew as John F. Dye. I think I took the class the summer before my senior year. John was one of the instructors I kept in touch with after I

'You're biased towards men'

"You're biased towards men. You blame women for everything." "Why are you always trying to play mammy to Black men?! Why don't you stand up for women?!" "Men just aren't good people! I don't understand how you could defend them!" I started this blog a few years ago...and these are some of the negative comments I've received about it and my views when I discuss men and women.  I tell everyone the same thing. I see men and women as equal and always have. You will never catch me bashing men, nor standing closed mouthed when I hear men bash women. I don't understand the bashing and speak against it no matter who's doing it. It's stupid to me. I do understand why some women feel I am male biased. You won't catch me joining in on a "men ain't ish" session, and you will hear me say things like, "why did you choose someone who disrespects you? Choose someone else."

Dear Bobo: About your six reasons for the break up

My colleague heard about this breakup text on the radio this morning. I took a moment to check it out. Apparently, the lady's friend tweeted this screenshot out of the breakup text, allegedly.  Amy Nelmes   @amynelmes Follow My friend just sent me this break-up message she received after 7 weeks of dating. My fav reason for split is #3 Then the lady who received the breakup text spoke to an Australian media source. From: He was 30, had a job, a car and a house. Certainly not what I normally manage to attract, so I thought I was onto something. He was a bit of a nerd, perhaps a bit quiet, but a genuinely nice guy all the same. About the wedding: He’d indicated that he was upset he couldn’t attend with me, but we were only very casual as far as I was concerned and the guest list had been finalised months ago, there wasn’t necessarily an optio