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Dumb it down

Last year, writer Bene Vierda wrote a piece for titled " Do I have to dumb it down to date?" In it, she laments about how all her accomplishments force her to either have to play back all of who she is and go along to get along, or find a new crop of equally "accomplished" men to date.  It's funny because "Dumb it down" is one of my favorite Lupe Fiasco songs.  Anyway, one of my brothers from a another mother (and father) aka my homeboy accused me of dumbing down my sports knowledge in the past.  Now in the particular instance he references, I did kinda do that.  Not on purpose though.

Presidential campaign 2012: Cain vs Able

CAIN     VS     ABLE  Herman Cain (left) former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and President Barack Obama (right) So I stole the "Cain vs Able" thing from an attorney here by the name of Ken Harris.  His show Perspectives on 103.3 FM WGIV ( ) is part of my radio listening that gets me through my work day. The subject of Herman Cain becoming the GOP Nominee for the 2012 presidential election came up on the show earlier this week.  I actually thought about this when I saw him enter the race.

Shaking the fear of rejection

Had a conversation with someone a couple of days ago about "putting yourself out there".  You know placing yourself in a position of vulnerability.  Basically, opening your heart to someone or showing your interest in the person, without knowing what response you would receive.

Bridezillas, the early years

That little girl has a future in television.  I disagree with the title of the video.  That little girl is a tyrant.  I think the little boy has some good sense. Whoever the lady is filming this should have come to the poor boy's rescue. LOL.

George Junius Stinney, Jr., the youngest victim of the death penalty

He was tried and convicted with little to no record of any investigation, for the murder of two White girls. The trial and sentence of death all happened in a day. The execution of Troy Davis this past week has everyone buzzing about the Death Penalty.  Situations like the case of 14 year old 95 lb George Junius Stinney, Jr., are the reasons why I am anti death penalty.  Yes, I am a lawyer.  Yes, I believe in punishing crime.  Yes I am a Christian. No, I do not believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth...ESPECIALLY when you don't know who put the eye out to begin with.

Guys, why are you not courting ladies anymore?

I thought this picture was funny! So, I wrote an article today: Courting vs Dating , afterwards I asked ladies if they had ever been courted. The resounding answer I received was: Not in a VERY VERY VERY long time...

25 items in the 20 items or less line...

So I went to Wal-mart today to only pick up a couple of necessities. But it IS Wal-mart, so of course I picked up more than I went in there for... Well I NEEDED conditioner... So I went to my staple, Burts Bees.  Then I saw a woman with natural hair standing in the regular hair care aisle...and wondered what she was looking at over there.  Don't you always get distracted at Wal-mart?! I swear it is like being hypnotized or something...

Do Republicans in Congress pledge allegiance to the flag or the wealthy?

Warren Buffett, the billionaire who has a lower tax rate than his secretary. And who invested 5 billion in Bank of America. After President Obama released his deficit reduction plan, it became the new-new for political pundits everywhere.  And introduced us to the "Buffett Rule". (Source: NPR ). As I listened to NPR today, I heard a caller say that 47% of people do not pay taxes in this country.  His voice seething with contempt when he made that claim. The guest on the show clarified where that 47% originated.  According to him that number represents the percentage of people who do not pay FEDERAL income taxes.  However, they do pay payroll taxes, which means they contribute to things like medicare and social security.  They also pay state taxes, and the less affluent a person is, the more state taxes they pay. (See: Tax Winners and Losers Under Obama Plan ) So perception vs reality. The caller felt like HE was being asked to cover more than his fair share. Beyond t

Traditional men and women vs Modern men and women

I love to cook, but not EVERY day... My pal over at hit me on Twitter yesterday saying I had missed a great debate about chivalry and courting.  It seems these days that guys really wish women would take on some more traditional roles.  Meaning cooking, taking care of home and nurturing them. The funny thing is, often those guys want women to take on non-traditional roles too, like paying for dates, being enraptured by sports and hopping on stripper poles.  So if women are bringing home the bacon, keeping house, dancing on poles, staying in shape, as well as creating fantasy football leagues...what are men doing? How often do you meet guys these days who know how to fix a flat tire let alone change the oil in a car?  How many open doors and come to your door to pick you up for dates?  How many have you met who do not attempt to sleep with you within a week or two of knowing you?  How many can come by your house and fix a leaky pipe?  They can't cut gras

Protect yourself at all times: Mayweather knocks out Ortiz in the 4th

In what will be considered one of the most controversial boxing matches in the last decade, Floyd Prettyboy Money Mayweather took the fight to Victor Ortiz. The first round went to Mayweather, who was more accurate in his punches. After two rounds, Ortiz was only 4 for 14 in power punches.  Ortiz started coming on a little stronger in the third round, repeatedly backing Mayweather up, but Floyd came out of that round seemingly on top.  At one point Ortiz landed a few punches, at which time, Mayweather looked at him coldly and shook his head no no. In the fourth round, things got a little hectic.  Ortiz had Mayweather backed into the corner and Mayweather was leaning over the ropes, with his arms separating the two.  At that point Ortiz lowered his head, jumped up and rammed Mayweather with a head butt. The referee came over to separate the two.  Then they met in the middle of the ring. Touched gloves.  Ortiz attempted to hug Mayweather to apologize... Then the ref said FIGHT ON..

The ACC is expanding with Syracuse, Pitt and possibly Texas?

So my homeboy Noa gave me the news today.  The ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) just received applications for entry from Syracuse and Pitt.  He and I both attended ACC schools, but only he was an athlete at one. I won't mention the name of his alma mater because pffft don't like them! LOL Word on the street is that Texas is also looking to gain acceptance into the ACC. The NCAA has been investigation happy lately... So Noa thinks it is a great idea.  Especially for ACC basketball...I don't know why since his school SUCKS at that particular sport! (bwahahahaha). According to a couple of guys I chatted with about the change, this may be college sports attempt at getting rid of the NCAA as the governing body. (Thanks for the analysis, Dre!)  Could a tourney be on the way for college football instead of that BS that is the BCS? Hmmmm... The SEC (South Eastern Conference) is allegedly entertaining the interests of Florida State and Clemson for entrance into their fo

Do players owe you more than the truth?

 Noa, actor Do players have a duty to protect you from their playing?  When I was dating for fun, I used to say, as long as I'm honest, you shouldn't have a problem with anything I say or do.  I operated on a full disclosure basis.  So everything should have been cool, right?  WRONG!! I later found out that I had caused some hurt feelings and heartache, when all I was doing was having fun. Later, as I watched some of my friends in their dating situations, I often found myself saying "well he told you what it was from the beginning, didn't he? What's the problem?" or "You knew he didn't want a relationship. Why did you set yourself up?" Even still, I could not help but have compassion for those friends who really felt they could change the guys.  Even in my particular case with the guys I dated, I finally realized how some could hold such ill feelings about my non-commitment thing.  I was not like the other women they dated.  I wasn&

Sarah Palin to appear in Basketball Wives Season 4?

So back in the late 80s, Sarah "Grizzly bear pig in liptick hockey mom" Palin was a sports reporter.  And a groupie too, apparently.  There's a book coming out in November by Joe McGinnis dishing on Palin's sorted past.  It includes tales of her hittin' that Christina Aguilera aka treating her nose and carrying on an affair with her husband's business partner.   But who would have guessed Ms. "I can see Russia from my backyard" was also into tall dark basketball players?  Particularly those playing in the Great Alaska Shoot out, namely former NY Knick, Miami Heat, and Charlotte Hornet three point specialist, Glen Rice.    Now if that mess ain't funny...I don't know what is!   So yes, Mrs. Palin could get a slot on Basketball wives.  She fits the bill.  Apparently all you have to do to be considered a basketball wife is get close enough to a basketball player to decipher his scent from a football player's.  I wonder who she'd get int

Divorce rate would drop, if men could have two wives?

Would more than one wife solve the problems that lead to divorce? I received the below letter from a woman about a discussion she's had with one of her male friends:

A Black man's critique of President Obama

President Barack H. Obama His approval numbers have dropped.  Has your approval of the job he's doing in office also dropped? You all know that I am a political junkie.  I am also a registered Independent supporter of President Obama.  My political views are somewhat unique.  Not what most would expect, but quite frankly, I always walk to the beat of my own drum.  I usually agree and disagree with the same politician.  Which, I think, is healthy.  Blind allegiance is dangerous.  I received the below letter a couple of days ago, and asked the gentleman if I could share it. I will share my views and opinions of the letter after you read the letter, as I do not want to bias anyone (of course you will probably just skip to the end and see what I have to say...LOL (keep reading for the letter and my opinion...)

Labor Day deals from YBBG

I'm currently on a shopping diet, so I won't partake in any of these myself... (at least I'll try not to) You know holidays bring with them great deals, as do seasonal changes.  I got an idea to do this post after reading a blog from my colleague at Blitz and Glam (" Game Day Glam-College Game Day ").  She mused about finding a great deal at Loft over the weekend. LOFT I follow Loft and a number of other apparel retailers on Facebook.  Loft has a great promotion this week! " The $35 & under Event ", you can also take an additional 40% off sale items ! What?!!!  Sale price $39.88.  Take an additional 40% off at checkout Your price:  $23.93! From  I'm an advocate of great basics.  Items you can pair with a number of different things to create a fresh and new look. Nothing does that more than a good jacket! *Oh, yes you can wear white AFTER Labor Day! :) NORDSTROM RACK  Nordstrom Rack opened a number of new loc

Men notice what you have on

You may think this look is at your worst, but guys don't think so! Photo from Have you ever gone out in sweats and a head wrap, but couldn't go ten feet without a guy smiling and saying hi? Ever stop by the store on the way from the gym, and guys show up asking for your number? But as soon as you get all dolled up with your extra enhancements, you sashay around and cannot get more than a glance? Puzzling, right?  Well not so much.  Guys notice what you have on.  The less enhancements the more they get to see the real you.  If you cannot beat the suitors off with a stick when in sweats, then you are working with a whole lotta somethin!   Lauryn Hill back in the day. Glammed up with fab hair and shoes.  Men are simple creatures, and they tend to strip you down from all of the glitz and glam to see what you will look like au naturale.  When you're already stripped down, they don't have to do so much work. But don't

#23 What he said: A conversation with my guy friend

Today's Guy: Dre How I know him: We're from the same hometown.    Topic: Settling vs Settling Down Dre and I sat down to discuss shifting standards and "the list".  I've posted about my list some time ago, after I interviewd Chilli about her show What Chilli Wants.  Well the discussion I had with Dre was quite frank.  It started with us talking about how our lists played out in our dating lives. Then we got serious about the desire to have a family and to have a good sustainable relationship.  Often, our "shallow" lists do not bode well for our desires to be in successful relationships.  As the saying goes, what looks good to you, may not be good for you. Something that I realized while editing the video is how much college can skew your reality of available mates. I think college is like a bubble.  I went to an ACC school in an area full of colleges.  That means a large portion of the men I saw were over 6 feet tall, athletic, fairly intelligent

Is Marriage for White people, asks Black Professor married to a Black woman

 "Is Marriage for White People" by Ralph Richard Banks, explores the dynamics of the Black middle class.  He was on Tom Joyner the other morning discussing the book with Jacque Reid.  He is a law professor at Stanford married to Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, a Black associate professor of psychology at Harvard. (more after the jump...)

They are going to do it anyway

I heard this on the radio yesterday and it blew my mind. You can read the rest of the letter on The Doug Banks Show website.  (keep reading for the letter...)

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